Concerned citizens beg Kevin Bacon to dance away Alberta town's 'Footloose' ban

There's a campaign afoot to bring Kevin Bacon to Taber, Alberta, to put a stop to the town's widely-mocked new bylaw. Basically, they want to stage "Footlose" in real life.

Bylaw in Taber, Alberta, bans public swearing, spitting and yelling

A new bylaw that bans public swearing, spitting and yelling in Taber, Alberta, means residents could be slapped with a $150 dollar fine for dropping the F-bomb.

But the bylaw doesn't stop there -- it also bans playing music in public which "disturbs or annoys a person" and gives authorities the right to break up assemblies of three or more persons in a public place. 

That's why the citizens group Save Us Bacon is arguing that Taber needs a hero. And that hero, they say, is Kevin Bacon.

The group's goal is to raise enough money to pay Bacon to fly to Taber to host a "raucous dance party/protest against an embarrassing, archaic, vaguely worded law passed by an out of touch town-council — held of course, just outside of Taber. Help us bring a big city kid to a small town who knows he has to win." 

So, basically, they want to re-enact the plot of "Footloose".

The group has launched a Twitter account, released a YouTube video and appealed to Kickstarter to help with raising money. And while Save Us Bacon stresses that this campaign is totally satire, it also says the dance party will totally happen "if the money shows up."

If it happens, we imagine it will look something like this.


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