Cher smacks down Piers Morgan for tweeting she's too old to wear fishnets

Piers Morgan feels the wrath of Cher’s emoji game (and dedicated fans) on Twitter after asserting that 68-year-old women are too old to wear fishnet stockings

Twitter fight erupts over a 68-year-old woman’s right to wear fishnet stockings

The internet is cheering Cher, 68, today for sticking it to Piers Morgan after he tweeted that artists of a certain age — like herself and Madonna — should cover up their bodies on stage. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Of all the celebrities who have been picked on by British TV personality (and infamous Twitter troll) Piers Morgan, Cher might be his most unassailable digital adversary.

Not only is she an American icon, equipped with a massive international fan base ready to pounce on anyone who dares to slam her, but she’s been dealing with haters since Morgan was in diapers.

More importantly, she did nothing to prompt or justify Morgan's mean-spirited comments about her appearance on Twitter Monday afternoon.

We can thank celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton for that.

Hilton started yesterday’s emoji-fuelled celebrity Twitter feud with a simple question for Morgan, posed via Twitter.

"And when will you be making up with Madonna??? Xx," asked Hilton, referring to the talk show host’s well-publicized enmity for the Material Girl.

Morgan, who famously banned Madonna from his CNN show (before it was cancelled) and refers to her as "the biggest phoney in show-business," wrote back, "When she puts some clothes on."  

Hilton followed up with "Are you saying that because you just don't fancy her or is that ageist and sexist silliness from you? :-)"

"No, I'm saying it because no 56-year-old woman should ever prance about in fishnets doing moonies," Morgan replied. "She looks pathetic."


Replies to this thread indicate that Madonna fans were displeased with Morgan’s remarks about the singer — but the real backlash began when Cher became involved.

Tagging @Cher on Twitter, Hilton replied to Morgan once again in response to his assertion that a 56-year-old woman shouldn’t "prance about in fishnets."

"Tell that to @Cher! She's 68 and still looks FAB in her fishnets doing moonies! Xxxxx," wrote Hilton — a message that Morgan re-tweeted with the comment, "She doesn’t."

Cher — who's wearing fishnets in her Twitter background — must have noticed the flood of notifications, because less than an hour later, the veteran entertainer weighed in herself.

"What’s this all about?" she tweeted in response to one of her fans who'd tagged her while taking a jab at Morgan.

A few minutes later, she replied to another fan’s tweet, writing "Hhmmm…I’m outta this Loop? Doesn’t that person know I’m a national treasure" with a ghost emoji.

She went on to defend Madonna while responding to a fan who had explained why Morgan was targeting the artists:

Hilton also clarified the hubbub for Cher, who subsequently wrote back that "If Piers Doesn’t Want To See Fishnets, On An Old Diva’s Legs ... He Should’t Wear Them‼️"

Confusing? Maybe, but the internet ate this tweet up, praising the singer across news outlets, blogs and social media networks for her sense of humour and liberal use of emojis.

"Emoji-laced smackdown for the win," wrote Billboard. "Perhaps Rihanna — who also has succinctly shut Morgan's unsolicited appearance thoughts down on Twitter — and Cher can form an all-powerful girl group and get Morgan banned from the site?"

"Cher’s last tweet says it all," wrote The Gloss, also declaring her victor of the Twitterspat. "Cher doesn’t give a flying you-know-what about Piers Morgan’s opinion of her in fishnets. Cher does not wear fishnets to earn the approval of Piers Morgan, or of any man, for that matter."

"What Piers is failing to understand is that women in general do not care what he thinks about our clothing. We will wear whatever the hell we want to, regardless of our age," The Gloss's Krstyn Filip continued. "Our value is not defined by how we look or what we wear or how many candles we blew out on our last birthday cake. We do not cease to exist past the age of 30, or 40, or whatever magical number it is that Piers Morgan has decided is the last age at which a woman can still be considered attractive."

Morgan did attempt to backpedal a bit on Twitter after Cher joined the conversation, telling his followers that he’d never worn fishnet stockings, joking about the absurdity of the conversation, and eventually saying that Cher looks "marginally better in fishnets than Madonna."

Clearly, Cher had better things to do.

The artist cracked a well-received joke about being buried in her fishnets and then signed off for a few hours.

Morgan continued to banter about fishnets with his followers, however, saying things like "Meryl Streep would never wear fishnets in public" and "I'm not being sexist though, I'm being kind. Nobody wants to see anyone that age in fishnets, male or female."

Eventually, Cher logged back on to set the record straight for everyone asking about her little "feud" with Morgan. 

Don’t fk w/Old Divas indeed.


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