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Your take on the boycott over Oscars' lack of diversity

Calls for a boycott of the Academy Awards are growing over the second straight year of mostly white nominees. Is a boycott the solution to #OscarsSoWhite?
Though Hollywood veteran Sylvester Stallone earned an Academy Award nomination (supporting actor) for Creed, star Michael B. Jordan and its director Ryan Coogler — two young black men — were snubbed by the academy. (Barry Wetcher/Warner Bros. Pictures/Associated Press)

Calls for a boycott of the Academy Awards are growing over the second straight year of mostly white nominees. 

Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith each said Monday that they will not attend this year's ceremony

Is a boycott the solution to #OscarsSoWhite?

Here are some of your thoughts from this morning's CBC Forum. 

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"A boycott is necessary because there were blacks that should have received nominations, Samuel L. Jackson and Straight Outta Compton to name two. And a lifetime achievement award to Spike Lee would be the right thing to do as well." — justme 

"The Janet Hubert video response is one of the most sensible tirades I have heard in a long time. She should get some kind of award for speaking out and breaking the silence amongst the privileged who have come to feel entitled to vast wealth for simply entertaining people." — Michael 

"Boycott is a good start. Also, stop going to the movies. The racism of the industry is simply a reflection of the racism in the country." — Jack Jones 

"The Oscars, like the Golden Globes, the IOC and others, are closed clubs. The Oscar organization needs to set out new rules for membership and nominations. Otherwise, a good boycott would get their attention." — charles.beale 

"Considering how lock-step Hollywood is with the social justice fads, I highly doubt even the dinosaurs on the committee would knowingly and willfully ignore actors based on race. With trigger warnings, identity politics and constant outrage being the letter of the law, these days, it would be willful PR suicide." — CrookedFang