Canadian man aims to break world record with ridiculously big Nicolas Cage face

Thom Malone is trying to break the Guinness World Record for largest photo mosaic by installing a giant Nicolas Cage face in Windsor, Ont.

Thom Malone is trying to make Windsor, Ont., home to the world's largest photo mosaic

If this is how you like your cup of Joe, you may be interested in the rewards for a Kickstarter campaign that's aiming to install a giant Nicolas Cage face in Windsor, Ont. (Thom Malone / Kickstarter)

If an enterprising man from Windsor, Ont. manages to raise $52,000 over the next 28 days, Canada could soon be home to the largest photo mosaic in the world — and its very own giant Nicolas Cage face.

"I want what you want; a 21,646-square metre mosaic of Nicolas Cage," reads the freshly-launched Kickstarter campaign trying to make this happen. "The current Guinness World Record for largest photo mosaic has 176,000 photos held by Transitions Optical. I think we all can agree that Nicolas Cage deserves to hold that record."

Thom Malone, a 25-year-old graphic designer from Windsor, Ont., is the man behind this project.

He's well aware of the fact that Cage is pretty much an internet god (the one true god, if you ask Redditors,) but didn't set out to break this record with Cage's face as a ploy for viral fame.

Malone is simply a life-long fan of the actor's work — and he's willing to Face/Off against anyone who argues that Cage isn't a National Treasure.

"I've always been enamoured by Nicolas Cage. I'm always coming to his defence," Malone told CBC News on Wednesday. "Everybody says he's a bad actor, but I think he's in on the joke. He's acting over the top on purpose… He's in on the joke of Nicolas Cage. And he really can act when he wants to. He's had some great performances."

'Everybody says he's a bad actor, but I think he's in on the joke. He's acting over the top on purpose… He's in on the joke of Nicolas Cage' - Thom Malone, founder of the Guinness World Record Nicolas Cage Face Mosaic Kickstarter

Malone's proposed mural would be more than a fan tribute, however.

If all goes well, it would also serve to send a message about how powerful the internet can be, and to bolster the reputation of its creator's hometown.

"I'd like to bring something to Windsor for it to be known as something other than the crappy things it's known for," he said, noting that the U.S.-border community has a thriving music scene among other positive qualities.

"I ultimately think that the democratization of everything through the internet world is super exciting," he said. "That Guinness World Record is held by a corporation right now — how cool would it be for us to say that we own it? All 180,000 of us?"

The 180,000 people Malone refers to would be those who contribute photos to the mosaic. Those who pledge money to the Kickstarter campaign can submit a photo via email to be used as part of the ridiculously large Nic Cage face, should it come to fruition.

To date, 72 people have donated to the campaign in just two days, bringing it to a total of just over $15,000 as of Wednesday evening.

According to Malone, all money raised through his Kickstarter will go toward printing photos, making rewards for contributors, materials for the mosaic and obtaining permits to stage the piece (he's got a few locations in mind, but won't reveal anything until all is finalized.)

Backers only need to pledge $3 for a spot in the mosaic, but those who donate more will be rewarded with anything from a Nicolas Cage necklace (or a "Necklace Cage," if you will) to a set of custom set of Face/Off playing cards to a Unisex Nebulus Cupcage T-shirt.

Donate enough money to the Guinness World Record Nicolas Cage face mosaic and this "necklace cage" or "nebulas cupcage" shirt could be yours. (Thom Malone / Kickstarter )

Only one spot is open for someone to pledge $8,000, but its instructions are quite clear:


When asked what would happen if Cage actually took him up on the offer, Malone replied that it would be "legendary."

"That's the ultimate goal," he said. "If Nic Cage got ahold of me, I'd do my best to fly him down here for the unveiling party."

If Malone reaches his goal, the mosaic will be unveiled on Labour Day weekend. If not, any future alien visitors will likely be confused.

"If aliens were to ever come to earth, they would need to know who our ambassador is," wrote Malone on Kickstarter. "How best to show aliens that we want peace, but also not to mess with us, than with a giant mosaic made up of a million faces to create one giant Nicolas Cage face?"

How indeed? How indeed.


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