Batkid Begins tells the story of boy diagnosed with leukemia who was Batman for a day

Batkid Begins is a documentary that takes you back to the day San Francisco turned into Gotham City for a boy who had lost part of his childhood to fighting cancer.

Batkid, also known as Miles Scott, inspired millions

Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Around the World is a soon-to-hit theatres documentary that tells the story of five-year-old Miles Scott, a boy diagnosed with leukemia whose wish was to be the real Batman for a day. 

Miles captured the attention of social media and the world when the Make-a-Wish foundation granted his request to be his favourite hero

On November 13, 2013, organizers turned San Francisco into Gotham City, creating a worldwide phenomenon that drew 25,000 supporters in San Francisco and nearly two billion participants on social media — including U.S. President Barack Obama.

The little caped-crusader's wish resonated with so many people that the hashtags #SfBatKid and #BatKid went viral.

The Scott family has established the Batkid Fund in an effort to reciprocate the generosity of Make-A-Wish and other organizations that stood by their side as Miles fought leukemia.

The documentary film hits select theatres on June 26, while Hollywood star Julia Roberts will produce and star in a feature film adaptation of the documentary.


  • A previous quote in this story should have been attributed to Erik Childress, a writer whose article appeared on, instead of Roger Ebert.
    May 21, 2015 8:46 PM ET


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