Awful sandwich served at Edinburgh Airport goes viral, prompts official response

A Reddit user's photo of an anemically dressed sandwich he bought from a food court at Edinburgh Airport, soon went viral, prompting a response from an airport spokesperson.

'Well, look at it. It's so bad it's funny' wrote user on Reddit

Reddit user spambox posted this photo of a poorly dressed sandwich, bought from a food court at Edinburgh Airport. Redditors proceeded to relentlessly mock it. (spambox/Reddit)

It's the worst thing since poorly sliced bread.

A Reddit user with the name spambox posted a photo of a sandwich he bought from a restaurant called EAT at Edinburgh Airport.

"This is what a £3.20 bacon and egg roll from Edinburgh airport looks like," spambox wrote.

The photo shows two slices of bread surrounding a comically small slice of tepidly cooked bacon and a scrap of egg containing what might be the smallest yolk ever served.

The sandwich attracted derision for Edinburgh Airport and airport and airliner food in general on Reddit.

"Is that a pigeon egg? How do you even get an egg that small?" asked _Dale_Gribble.

"The yolk actually looks like it's been painted on," wrote TheScarletPimpernel.

Spambox seemed to take it in stride, however, writing: "As miffed as I was about the terrible service as soon as I opened it I burst out laughing as did my girlfriend because, well, look at it. It's so bad it's funny."

The picture soon spread to news sites and blogs. Time Newsfeed called it "one of the most miserly sandwiches ever served."

The worldwide attention on the saddest bacon and egger was enough to prompt an official response.

"We work closely with all of our food and beverage providers to ensure we offer customers the best choice of refreshments and service," a spokesperson from the airport told the Scotsman.

"Sadly on this occasion we fell below the mark and offer our apologies to this customer. Clearly this is not the service we should be providing and we will be addressing this complaint with EAT."


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