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Sobeys aims to scrap plastic bags from all stores in 2020

Sobeys plans to remove plastic bags from all its grocery stores in Canada by the end of January 2020.

Q&A: Catherine McKenna talks climate emergency, plastics ban and pipeline expansion

Canada's environment minister was in Halifax to talk about Ottawa's single-use plastics ban with her provincial counterparts, and sat down with CBC Information Morning's Portia Clark.
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This house was built using 600,000 recycled plastic bottles

A pair of entrepreneurs with boat-building backgrounds have constructed a home in Nova Scotia using thousands of melted recycled plastic bottles.

Canada's single-use plastics ban not enough, N.S. group says

The Halifax-based Ecology Action Centre wants the federal government to go further with its single-use plastics ban and have more rules in place for the fishing industry.
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Divers plunge for trash on World Oceans Day

A toilet, a stereo and a two-day-old newspaper were among the items plucked from the ocean floor Saturday by divers in Terence Bay, N.S.

Cannabis producers cutting back on plastic waste after consumer backlash

Some weed producers are cutting down on plastic waste after backlash from consumers that started days after legalization.
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4 ways to talk to people about plastic, without sounding like a jerk

A little social etiquette can go a long way when talking about the environment.
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Some Cape Breton eateries cutting out plastic cutlery

Some Sydney, N.S., food establishments are serving up more environmentally friendly take out. The Little Rollin' Bistro food truck and Selkie's Neighbourhood Diner have switched out some of their single use plastics for compostable options.
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Q&A: Some biodegradable bags survive years in water, underground

CBC News spoke with a Dalhousie University environmental studies professor about some new research on biodegradable bags that found they aren't necessarily as advertised.
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Amherst students raise pollution awareness with plastic bag mural

Students from every grade at Spring Street Academy in Amherst helped collect single-use plastic bags to create the mural.
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Plastic bottle caps to be used in waste-water treatment

Instead of being tossed in the trash, plastic bottle caps will soon be deployed in a pilot project in Canso, N.S., to help break down waste water at a local treatment plant.
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Get your fill, forget the single-use plastics at downtown St. John's store

Shoppers in St. John's have a new option for environmentally conscious shopping, as The Healthy Vibe adds a refill station for household products - with Corner Brook's coming soon.
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How to spring clean your community's beaches, waterways and roadsides

In the spirit of CBC's Waves of Change project, we want to make it easy for you to get involved in cleaning up your community.
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As these N.L. small businesses ditch plastic, one expert says: that's the future

From salt to soap, small entrepreneurs in this province are shedding environmentally unfriendly packaging, and pointing a way forward for growth.
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Women are leading the zero-waste movement. Here's why that matters

The face of the movement is female, and it's reframing traditional ideas of environmental activism.

Low-waste living: How one St. John's woman is cutting back and avoiding plastic

There are plenty of ways to cut down on what goes to the landfill and avoid wasteful single-use plastic items, says Amelia Reddick.
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Environmental group takes on single-use plastics in Lunenburg

An environmental group in Lunenburg, N.S., is hosting a series of open house events to drum up support for reducing single-use plastics in the community.
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Plastic bag ban closer to becoming a reality in Halifax

On Tuesday, regional council directed municipal staff to draft a bylaw by the end of 2019 that would ban single-use plastic bags from being distributed by retail stores.
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This small town 'had to take a stand' against plastic, so it handed out 800 reusable bags

The town of New-Wes-Valley has purchased the reusable shopping bags to give to its residents free of charge.
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Still need a New Year's resolution? Try ditching the single-use plastics

Five Nova Scotia women are making small changes in their own lives to tackle the big problem of climate change — and they're encouraging others to get on board.
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How Mason jars are making one Halifax restaurant more eco-friendly

The question of how to reduce waste and save money at the Halifax restaurant Adam McIntyre runs and make it more eco-friendly was one he couldn't answer. So he sought some help.

An (almost) plastic-free month

CBC New Brunswick radio producer Viola tried cutting single-use plastic from her life for one month. Here’s how it went.
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How a 30-year-old grocery bag was beachcomber's 'wow moment' on plastics

Karen Jenner knows her new-found hobby isn't for everyone. The Nova Scotia woman spends hours each week combing beaches near her farm for trash that the Bay of Fundy's powerful tides wash ashore.
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How to talk to kids about Christmas — and plastic toys

Meet the Rocky Harbour family who are having frank conversations about plastic toys.
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P.E.I. retailer doesn't want to charge for paper bags

A P.E.I. retailer who has been using paper bags for more than a decade calls it "petty" to ask her customers to pay 15 cents for a bag when the Plastic Bag Reduction Act takes effect next July.

How candy wrappers got N.L. students talking about recycling plastic

Students at Corner Brook Intermediate took part in a month-long recycling campaign, and now they're asking what more can be done.
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Why those teeny bottles of hotel shampoo might become obsolete

Hotels are switching to bulk dispensers, but some guests are resisting the change.

That tampon applicator you just flushed could end up on a beach

Despite improvements in sewage treatment, Halifax-area beaches are still littered with plastic tampon applicators
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How tonnes of plastic farm wrap are diverted from P.E.I.'s landfill

A program on P.E.I. has diverted tonnes of bale wrap — used on farms to wrap silage, straw and hay — from the landfill.

The straight poop on disposable diapers, from cloth alternatives to a recyclable future

Trying to diaper a baby — or even an adult — while keeping the environment in mind isn't an easy task.

Corner Brook hair salon keeps dye out of the dump

Hair colouring, foils, plastic gloves, paper — it can all be repurposed or recycled, and Chatters Corner Brook is doing it.

Cape Breton group calls for fishing rope recycling program

Organization finds a large amount of fishing gear and rope during beach cleanups in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.
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Islanders already making switch away from plastic bags

P.E.I.'s ban on plastic checkout bags is still more than seven months away but Island businesses and consumers are already making the switch away from single-use plastic bags. When it takes effect July 1, 2019, it will be the first province-wide ban in Canada.
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What P.E.I. can learn from a B.C. city's plastic bag ban

Prince Edward Island is turning to Canada's West Coast for advice as it prepares to move forward with its ban on single-use plastic bags. The Plastic Bag Reduction Act comes into effect on July 1, 2019, making P.E.I. the first Canadian province to ban checkout bags.
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Finding an environmentally friendly fishing rope

Jackie Saturno wants to cut down on the amount of microplastics ending up in the water from fishing gear.
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What are restaurants doing to cut down on single-use plastics?

Halifax restaurateur Bill Pratt and others in the food business are trying to meet the demands of customers who want eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics.
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Halifax's first zero-waste café offers unexpected benefit for coffee lovers

The Tare Shop, which opened recently on Cornwallis Street, doesn't offer disposable cups, plastic-wrapped treats or plastic straws in its café, which bills itself as the only coffee shop of its kind in the city.

How a small N.S. town is saving the ocean, 1 piece of plastic at a time

From plastic bags and water bottles to shampoo bottles and takeout containers, Lunenburg, N.S., is trying to reduce the consumption of plastics.
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P.E.I. Bag Company goes back to its roots as plastic bag ban approaches

The P.E.I. legislation banning plastic checkout bags coming into effect in 2019 is inspiring a couple of industries to look back to the past for more environmentally friendly packaging. The P.E.I. Bag Company in Bedeque, P.E.I. is tapping into its roots with a new line of reusable shopping bags.
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Today the NLC bids goodbye to plastic bags. What's next?

One of N.L.'s biggest retailers is making a change, and possibly paving the way for more action on the issue of single-use plastic bags.
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There's a way to recycle all your Halloween snack wrappers

Waste management company Terracycle uses specialized equipment to give old candy wrappers a new purpose.
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Simple bathroom swaps to ditch single-use plastics

Bar soap is just one of the easy ways to rid your bathroom of plastic clutter.
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Ocean devotion: A Lunenburg café owner's fight against single-use plastics

There are no single-use plastics in Kate Cocks's café. The Lunenburg businesswoman sources every plastic alternative she can find to protect the ocean. She's challenging all Canadians to do the same.
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More than 3 tonnes of rope collected in wharf recycling bins

A pilot project in the Bay of Fundy has seen an estimated three tonnes of rope deposited in recycling bins at southwestern New Brunswick wharves.
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Plastic bag ban must come from province, says retail industry

It appears a provincewide ban on plastic shopping bags in Nova Scotia isn't coming any time soon. According to a report before Halifax regional council in January, Nova Scotians use between 300 million and 500 million plastic shopping bags every year.
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Harbour hero: Twillingate scuba diver determined to rid ocean of garbage

Scuba diver Shawn Bath is fed up with the harbours in Newfoundland and Labrador being used as dumpsites.
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Compostable containers confusing for consumers, says Island Waste Management

P.E.I. restaurants that have switched to all compostable packaging may have good intentions but they're making things challenging for Island Waste Management Corporation.
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Giving up plastic is not as hard as it sounds, when you have a plan

Single-use plastic can get really overwhelming, really quickly. That's why a few lifestyle tips that can come in handy when trying to make a change.
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Going green and keeping your teeth clean isn't a simple task

Toothbrushes made of bamboo are marketed as a viable alternative to plastic toothbrushes. From the packaging to the bristles to the handle, we look at whether this is really reducing your environmental footprint and keeping your dentist happy.
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How a mom of 5 is reducing single-use plastic

Rachel Willcock started blogging about her journey to cut back on single-use plastic in July.
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Small group hopes to convince entire community to ditch plastic

A small group of determined residents in Lunenburg, N.S., has undertaken a big task — rid the seaside town of single-use plastics.
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P.E.I. event planner pitching wheat bran plates and cutlery to replace plastics

An event planner from Charlottetown, P.E.I. is hoping dishes and cutlery made from wheat bran will help reduce single use plastics in the Maritimes.
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A deep dive into the plastic woes facing Canada's coasts and the world

Eight million tonnes of plastic end up each year in the world's oceans. To get a better understanding of the problem, Radio-Canada followed two divers on a recent ocean dive in Lower Prospect, N.S.

Atlantic Voice: Promiscuous plastics

Prof. Max Liboiron says ocean plastics are a health risk, not because it's harmful to eat plastic, but due to the toxic chemicals that hitchhike rides on the particles.
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The secret to living zero waste? Start small

The zero-waste movement is still so new in some parts of Atlantic Canada that people like Jane Rovers and Kate Pepler are taking measures into their own hands.
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Ottawa aims to eliminate single-use plastics from federal operations

The effort means the federal government will aim to ban plastic straws, cups, cutlery, packaging and bottles from its operations, and is encouraging its suppliers to also commit to a zero plastic waste vision.
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What's SUP, anyway? Here's what you need to know about single-use plastics

We use them for just a few minutes, but they'll still be here in a thousand years. Single-use plastic is a big problem, but do we really understand it?

Tiny pieces of plastic easy to find in vast Atlantic waters

Researchers are skimming fine nets along the surface of the water to look for evidence of microplastics.

Province gives environmental stamp of approval for plastics-to-fuel plant

Sustane Technologies plans to convert up to 50,000 tonnes of municipal garbage per year into fuel and biomass pellets.

The biggest source of ocean plastic may not be what you think

Though there is a plastic bag forest on the East Coast Trail, bags aren't the province's biggest concern for ocean plastics.

'Styrofoam, plastic and rope, water bottles': Hikers asked to help clean up

A P.E.I. man has created an initiative called Hike and Bag to encourage people to pick up trash they find on beaches and trails.

Moncton mom's eco pop-up shop aims to reduce single-use plastic

Moncton mother, yoga instructor and 911 dispatcher Shawna Berthe was already busy — but when she looked at the amount of garbage at her curb every week and then at her 13-year-old son, she knew she had to add something else to her "to-do" list.

This brewer refuses to sell his products in cans. Here's why

Whether to sell cans or bottles is a big decision for breweries. And it's one that comes with environmental, financial and creative considerations.

Doll heads, fridge and bowling ball picked up in McNabs Island cleanup

The long-running beach cleanup yielded no shortage of unique items after a winter of nasty storms.

Halifax woman slams 'excessive' use of plastic bags by grocery pickup service

Colleen Turlo said she was shocked to find her 21 items from Atlantic Superstore were packed in 16 single-use plastic bags — even after she tried to request bringing her own reusable ones.

Looking for plastic-free fish? Here's one to put on the menu

There's growing concern about the amount of plastic ending up in the world's oceans, but researchers have found a fish that doesn't seem to consume it at all.

Not the last straw, but campaign is on in Halifax to reduce their use

As Halifax works with the restaurant industry to reduce plastic straw use, some restaurants are also finding savings by reducing the use of other types of plastic.

Should HRM ban plastic straws? Councillor says it's time to consider it

Councillor Tony Mancini plans to raise the issue at Thursday's meeting of the environment and sustainability committee.

How patio furniture and fence posts might solve N.S.'s plastic recycling woes

A Halifax company says it has a made in Nova Scotia solution to the challenge of recycling plastics: turn shopping bags into usable products.

Nova Scotian artist turns ocean trash into treasure

Artist Jennifer MacLatchy hopes that by elevating ocean garbage into art, people might start thinking twice about what they're throwing away — and where it might end up.

Cape Breton congregation recycles plastic bags into sleeping mats for the homeless

A congregation in Cape Breton hopes to help the homeless and the environment at the same time by making sleeping mats out of discarded plastic grocery bags.

Digby votes to ban plastic bags — if the entire region follows suit

Municipalities across Nova Scotia are trying to figure out what to do about plastic bags now that China is no longer accepting them for recycling.

Halifax told it can dump film plastics in landfill, but will burn them instead

Halifax has been given temporary permission from the province to dump recyclable film plastics in a Nova Scotia landfill, but plans to instead truck incoming material to a kiln to be burned for fuel.