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Marketplace calls up Indian scam centre employee

Marketplace co-host David Common and producer Nelisha Vellani call up an employee at an Indian scam centre by phone and ask why they're targeting innocent people.

Scheer, Trudeau cite Ford, Wynne at Ontario campaign stops

Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau each used their rivals' provincial counterpart against the other while on the campaign trail in Ontario on Monday.

How your MP's website could be tracking your data for targeted campaign ads

Nearly a third of MPs have trackers embedded on their official websites that could allow them to target visitors with campaign ads, an investigation by CBC News reveals.

Trump denies Russia still targeting U.S.

Reporter asks question at end of White House media scrum

Trump targets Trudeau and Canada's auto sector

CBC News takes a look at how the federal government is dealing with the threats.

Cybersecurity, nuclear threat and global politics: What to watch for in 2018

Cybersecurity, the threat of nuclear weapons and tense global politics were just a few of the big talking points in 2017, and they're expected to be big talking points this year. CBC's panel of experts weighs in on the issues expected to dominate headlines in 2018, as well as the stories they're keeping a close eye on

Muslims say CSIS wrongfully targeted them

Two Muslim men from Calgary say they were wrongfully targeted by CSIS and now want their names cleared. It all began when they said they were open to assisting officials with terror-related inquiries. According to the pair, their lives were turned upside down after the spy agency shared their information with other countries and they got lumped in with a group of Calgary jihadis who left to fight with ISIS

What it's like to be a target of hate

Toronto man Quazi Islam and Concordia students Aouatif Zebiri and Abdullah El-Safadi were directly affected by a spike in racist incidents this week

Philpott on targets to reduce HIV infections


Radio Active Podcast - October 31, 2016

On the show...We get reaction to the province's new strategies for dealing with opioids and the deaths related to them. And we look into "carding". Edmonton Police say they don't disproportionately target minorities...but critics are demanding proof.

Ottawa needs more paramedics to meet missing ambulance response standards: report

Ottawa needs to put an extra 36 paramedics on the road over the next couple of years to meet its own targets for how quickly ambulances reach people in cardiac arrest or other life-threatening situations, according to a city staff report.

Dad feels 'helpless' after daughter targeted for human trafficking

The father of a teenage girl who police say was targeted to join a prostitution ring says gaps in the system have left him feeling 'helpless' to support her.

Charges laid in Chilliwack murder of Dave Williams

A 34-year-old man has been charged in connection with the April shooting death of Dave Williams.

Bomb blast in Turkey kills 11, injures dozens

Officials say car bomb targeted bus carrying police

Why Belgium is a target for attacks

Adrienne Arsenault looks at why Belgium is a target for an attack.

Syrian Refugees Update

This past weekend, the federal government achieved its campaign promise of bringing twenty five thousand Syrian refugees to Canada. Matt Galloway spoke with John McCallum, he is the federal Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

NDP says Sask. government withholding carbon capture documents

SaskPower critic Cathy Sproule is criticizing the government for sitting on a list of questions about the carbon capture project in the lead up to the provincial election.

Cousins not intended targets of fatal restaurant shooting, police say

A young man shot dead in a west Ottawa restaurant and his cousin, who remains in hospital with three gunshot wounds, were not the intended targets, CBC News has learned.

Calgary axe throwing venue is just for fun

Got an axe to grind? Why not try throwing one instead at this Calgary venue?

Going away? Make sure your house doesn't look empty

With old man winter officially upon us, many northerners are packing their bags for warmer destinations, but for thieves, empty houses filled with new Christmas goodies can make for favourable targets.

Manitoba to introduce cap-and-trade system as part of climate change plan

Manitoba will join Ontario and Quebec in introducing a cap-and-trade system reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but not everyone is sure if the provincial government's plan will work.

Russian aircraft launch barrage of attacks

Government alleges 472 Syrian terrorist targets hit

Reaction to Brad Wall's request to pause refugee plan

Sask. premier asked the Trudeau government to suspend plan to bring 25,000 refugees to Canada by Dec. 31.

New greenhouse gas targets set by eastern premiers, governors

Eastern premiers and New England governors have set a target of decreasing carbon pollution by between 35 and 45 per cent below 1990 levels by 2030.

Ontario sets new greenhouse gas pollution reduction target

The province announced it was committing to reducing emissions by 37 per cent below 1990 levels by 2030.

Smiths Falls Target closing Sunday

Target's closure is a double blow for Smiths Falls, as a Staples store in the same mall is set to close on Saturday.

Greenhouse gas flunk

New Brunswick is falling behind on its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to an internal government document obtained by CBC News through a Right to Information request.

Angry marijuana?

A Brampton, Ont. woman says she found 2 bags of marijuana in an Angry Birds toy she bought at Target.

Rise in bank robberies

There were 30 bank robberies in Ottawa last year. So far in 2015, there have already been 14.

Target then and now

Comparing Target Charlottetown's inaugural day, Nov. 13, 2013, to the opening of its liquidation sale.

RAW: Target shoppers have mixed reviews

Shoppers around the country have mixed feelings on day 1 of liquidation sale

Winnipeggers seek Target liquidation deals

Shoppers line up at the Grant Park Target store in Winnipeg to seek bargains as the company began its going-out-of-business liquidation sales.

Target Liquidation

Shoppers line up for deals as the liquidation sale begins at Target in St. John's

Retail Employees

Today, Target stores across the country begin selling off inventory before they close their doors for good. That may seem like a bargain for shoppers, but Target employees are paying for the company's mistakes.

Shoppers on Target

Shoppers look for deals as Target prepares to close its Canadian stores.

Ottawa's changing retail market

It's a turbulent time in Ottawa's retail sector but that could be a sign of transformation, not collapse.

Target Canada liquidation sales start Thursday

According to internal emails obtained by CBC News, the sell-off of the U.S. retailer's assets begins Thursday and will be like 'Black Friday'

Mall store employee reacts to Target closure

Virginia MacIsaac says she's concerned about whether another large retailer will enter the space Target will leave behind.

Target workers 'getting the really crappy end of the stick'

Charlottetown Mall store employees are concerned about how the smaller retailers will fare without a flagship store now that Target is closing, and also say they feel for the department store's workers.

N.B. Newsmaker Jan. 15: Jim Cormier

Closure of Target stores discussed

Target troubles

Closure of Target stores claims 400 New Brunswick jobs

Target closure leaves big vacancies at Ottawa malls

The impending demise of U.S. retail chain Target's Canadian stores creates a dilemma for Ottawa-area malls and shopping outlets that were relying on it as an anchor tenant.

Target closing doesn't mean Sudbury retail is weak, EDC says

Sudbury is among those cities affected by the shutdown of Target in Canada.

Target misread its Canadian shoppers and retail market: business expert

The collapse of Target in Canada can be partly blamed on the giant retailer neglecting to re-create the U.S. Target, says a business expert in Winnipeg.

RAW: A Target employee reacts to news of store closures

RAW: Dale Glennie, who works at the Regina Target store, said the mood was grim on Thursday

Chamber on Target closure

Charlottetown Chamber of Commerce executive director Kathy Hambly discusses the challenges experienced by the local Target store.

Shoppers react to Target closure

Target shoppers in Charlottetown react to news that stores are closing across Canada.

3 Target stores in Saskatchewan on chopping block

There was grim news today for employees of Saskatchewan's three Target stores — as well as those at 130 other Targets across Canada that are now slated for closure.

Target closes all 133 stores in Canada, gets creditor protection

Target says it plans to discontinue all operations in Canada and has been granted protection from its creditors, less than two years after opening to much fanfare.

Target's Failure

Target's Failure

Greenhouse gas solutions available to steer Canada toward 2020 emissions target

Canada's carbon pollution target for 2020 could have been nearly met if the country had widely implemented some successful regional policies starting six years ago, a report by the David Suzuki Foundation suggests, adding that "serious headway" is still possible.

Black Friday in Canada?

Black Friday is seeping into Canada, to the chagrin of some shoppers - the delight of others.

Syria could be next target of Canada's CF-18s

Behind closed doors, Canadian officials are working to extend combat mission from Iraq into Syria

Forgotten But Not Gone, plus What Is Turning Ontario's Lakes Into Jelly?, What Is Killing Sea Stars Off BC's Coast? and more - 2014/11/22

Lakes Turning To Jelly, The Brain Remembers Forgotten Language, Sea Star Virus Identified, Genetically Modified Chestnuts, Butterfly's Eyespots Are Targets, The Dodo Was No Dodo.

The Dodo Was No Dodo - 2014/11/22 - Pt. 6

The study of the only complete dodo skeleton paints a new picture of the extinct bird.

Butterfly's Eyespots Are Targets - 2014/11/22 - Pt. 5

The eye markings on the wings of some butterflies are like target to deflect predator attacks away from the head and body.

Genetically Modified Chestnuts - 2014/11/22 - Pt. 4

A genetically modified chestnut tree may help restore the species.

Sea Star Virus Identified - 2014/11/22 - Pt. 3

The virus that is killing starfish off BC has been identified.

The Brain Remembers Forgotten Language - 2014/11/22 - Pt. 2

Our brain remembers first or early languages, even when we don't.

Lakes Turning To Jelly - 2014/11/22 - Pt. 1

Species with a jelly-like coating are taking over in Ontario's calcium depleted lakes.

Easy Target

A story about how unsuspecting business executives may be staying at "DarkHotel", where lucrative corporate data is being stolen by hackers.

Yellowknife shooter ranked 53rd in world


Lindt store first to open at Lansdowne Park

First came the field, then the park. Now Lansdowne Park's businesses are opening one by one, starting with a Lindt chocolate outlet.

Crime Ring

Highly organized thieves are targeting the homes of Asian business owners, Ottawa police say.

Target launch leaves retailers wary of coming to Canada

At the beginning of last year, Canada was seen as a gold mine of opportunity for foreign retailers. But a new report suggests that sentiment has shifted in the past year.

Girls feel school dress code inconsistent

While Ottawa Carleton District School Board has general dress code policy, individual schools come up with their own policies.

Aunts with no kids, or PANKs, latest target for marketers

"Professional Aunts, No Kids," known as PANKs for short, are the latest demograhic group to be courted by marketers.


Not working in Canada, so far.

The Big Picture: target benefit pension scheme

Bill Robson, Armine Yalnizyan and Goldy Hyder discuss the government's proposed voluntary target benefit pension plan

Young Designer

Clothing line for Target

Distraction theft threat

Distraction thefts are a continuing problem across the Toronto area.

Egyptian Interior Ministry senior official killed by gunmen

Two gunmen on a motorbike assassinated a senior Egyptian Interior Ministry official outside his home in Cairo on Tuesday, security officials said, putting pressure on the military-backed government as it struggles to contain an Islamist insurgency.

Dickson building's flood-damaged CT simulator out for weeks

It will be at least several weeks before a $1-million CT simulator soaked in a recent flood at the Victoria General's Dickson building is back up and running.

Grandparent scam

Several people in Ottawa have been arrested in connection with a scam targeting the elderly.

Target opening

The CBC's Brian Higgins talks to shoppers in the moments before Target opens its store in Charlottetown.

Target store tour

A sneak peak at the new Target store in the Charlottetown Mall.

A sneak peek

Target invited the media inside its new Stavanger Drive store, opening Nov. 13

Ready, Set, Shop Ottawa

Sandra Abma looks at the retail renaissance underway in Ottawa.

Canadians die in Kenya massacre claimed by al-Qaeda-linked group

Two Canadians, including a diplomat, are among the 39 people killed and more than 150 wounded after Islamic extremist gunmen raided Nairobi's top mall Saturday, lobbing grenades and firing assault rifles.

Target comes to Halifax

Get a sneak peek of one of the new Target stores opening in the HRM tomorrow.

Police target motorcycle racing

Ottawa police are after racers, especially in south Ottawa, as fears about speed and noise rise.

U.S. retailer Target comes to Calgary

The American chain store Target opens its first outlets in Calgary on Tuesday.

Manitoba Target stores not coming with U.S. pricing

Over 20 Target locations will open across western Canada Tuesday, including two in Winnipeg and one in Brandon.

Cornwall jobs

2000 people from across Eastern Ontario turned out for a job fair in Cornwall today.

Anarchists target Save On Meats

People in balaclavas stole the Vancouver store's sign and posted a photo of it on Twitter

Restaurants targeted by protesters

An East Vancouver pizzeria has become an alleged target of an anti-gentrification group

Winnipeggers await Target's arrival

Target's sudden opening of three stores in Ontario has some Winnipeggers curious about the U.S. retail chain's arrival here.

Target in Canada

U.S. retailer Target plans to open stores in Canada.

Target could impact Manitoba retailers

With U.S. retail giant Target set to open its much-anticipated stores in the province this year, a business expert warns that local businesses must be ready to compete.

Winnipeg Target store traffic concerns

A new Target store that could be built in Winnipeg's St. James area has some worried about how traffic in the area could become even more congested.

Student warning

Chinese exchange students are warned they are attractive targets for crime in Vancouver

Fare warnings

Metro Vancouver Transit Police to announce stations they will target for fare evasion

Bombers' old stadium site sold

Site of Canad Inns, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers' old stadium, has been sold, but people are wondering if U.S. retail giant Target is going to occupy the space.

Target takes aim

A Target pop-up store in downtown Toronto drew immense crowds as the American discount retailer prepares a full Canadian launch, CBC's Havard Gould reports

Target considers Canadian expansion

U.S. discount superchain Target Corp. has its sights set on international expansion, and that means the famed red bullseye brand could come to Canada.

Waste shortage

Green bin program struggles to meet targets

Terror Probe

Terry Milewski reports on the questions about terrorism that dogged PM Harper's trip to India

2010 security target

Eric Rankin reports on Gordon Hill, said to be considered threat to Games