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Premier Moe promises increased autonomy for Sask. but says no to separation

Premier Scott Moe says his pledge for a "strong and independent Saskatchewan" is related to increasing provincial autonomy and not separating from Confederation.

CBC News projects winners in 2 contested provincial election ridings

The final count for the Saskatchewan provincial election is in and two races that were too close to call on election night have been announced.

Sask. Opposition accuses Premier Moe of delaying COVID-19 response until after election

Saskatchewan's Opposition Leader says Premier Scott Moe is pandering to residents resistant to additional measures to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Sask. NDP's relative success in mail-in balloting follows trends seen elsewhere: analyst

Ballots sent by mail appear to have swung at least two constituencies in Saskatchewan's provincial election and could impact a few more during the final count on Nov. 7.

Ryan Meili's opponent concedes, says no need to 'hold up' Sask. NDP leader's work

Rylund Hunter said he wanted to allow Ryan Meili to get to work. Hunter phoned and congratulated the Saskatchewan NDP leader on Thursday.

NDP's Aleana Young defeats Tina Beaudry-Mellor in Regina University, CBC Decision Desk projects

Elections Saskatchewan counted mail-in ballots in the tight race on Thursday.

Sask. NDP Leader Ryan Meili claims victory in his riding, results not yet confirmed by Elections Sask.

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili has projected a win in his own constituency, but the final results of mail-in ballot counting have not yet been posted. His constituency was not declared on election night because of outstanding ballots.

How diverse candidates did in the Sask. election

The provincial election was last night and while there are still a few ridings that are too close to call there were a number of diverse candidates elected in Saskatchewan.

Sask. Party's successful election strategy similar to previous NDP governments: professor

To secure a historic fourth consecutive electoral majority, the Saskatchewan Party took a page from the previously dominant NDP government's playbook, says one longtime follower of provincial politics.

Waiting for mail-in ballot results in Sask., parties reflect on organizing strategies

With tens of thousands of mail-in ballots for the Saskatchewan provincial election yet to be counted, eight races are still too tight to call. How did each party account for the higher number of mail-in ballots this year?

8 Sask. ridings too close to call, including NDP Leader Ryan Meili's, with mail-in ballots still to be counted

Dr. Neil Hibbert, department head at the University of Saskatchewan’s department of political science, said he’s not aware of any time in Saskatchewan’s history the province has been faced with this type of situation during an election.

SK Votes 2020: CBC Saskatchewan coverage

CBC Saskatchewan is your home for SK Votes 2020.

The Sask. Party is now the province's natural governing party

This should not have come as a surprise. Saskatchewan has been moving to the right for some time now.

Buffalo Party runs fraction of candidates, yet outdraws Greens in preliminary election count

The leaders of the Sask. Green Party and the newly-formed Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan were not able to grab seats at the legislature.

How 10 key Sask. election races turned out (so far)

Election day is over, but the results in some of the key battleground ridings in the Saskatchewan are still too close to call Tuesday morning.

Sask. NDP fails to make gains in provincial election

The NDP had more at stake in this provincial election than in any campaign in decades, say academics and veteran party members.



Saskatchewan election delivers historic win for Sask. Party, decisive defeat for NDP

Scott Moe's Saskatchewan Party won a fourth consecutive majority government, the first party to pull that off in the province's history in over half a century, while the NDP takes another step further from power.

Mail-in ballots could push Sask. voter numbers higher than 2016 election

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, more people in Saskatchewan may have voted in this year's provincial election than in 2016.

Polls open in Saskatchewan as Sask. Party seeks 4th consecutive term

Polls are now open for Saskatchewan's 29th provincial election as the Saskatchewan Party seeks a fourth consecutive mandate.

How to follow CBC Saskatchewan election coverage on Oct. 26

Saskatchewan heads to the polls on Oct. 26 and CBC is your home for election coverage.

10 races to watch on election night

The Saskatchewan Party and the NDP used the majority of their time over the last month in Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert and Moose Jaw, and those are where you can expect to see the closest races Monday night.

What you need to know to vote in the Sask. election

As polls open for Saskatchewan’s 29th provincial election today, here’s what you need to know before you vote.

Sask. Medical Association calls for better rural health services after election

The president of the Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) wants whoever wins the provincial election to know that investing in rural primary care and mental health should be a priority.

Evolving relationships contribute to changes in addressing Sask.'s suicide numbers

In 2016, months into the most recent government’s term, there was a rash of suicides in central Saskatchewan. FSIN Vice Chief David Pratt feels things will improve, regardless of who takes power after Monday's election.

Sask. Party and NDP hold final campaign events before Monday's election

With the Saskatchewan provincial election happening tomorrow, the leaders of the two biggest political parties are on the last day of their campaign trails.