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Sask. NDP's relative success in mail-in balloting follows trends seen elsewhere: analyst

Ballots sent by mail appear to have swung at least two constituencies in Saskatchewan's provincial election and could impact a few more during the final count on Nov. 7.

Ryan Meili's opponent concedes, says no need to 'hold up' Sask. NDP leader's work

Rylund Hunter said he wanted to allow Ryan Meili to get to work. Hunter phoned and congratulated the Saskatchewan NDP leader on Thursday.

NDP's Aleana Young defeats Tina Beaudry-Mellor in Regina University, CBC Decision Desk projects

Elections Saskatchewan counted mail-in ballots in the tight race on Thursday.

Sask. Party's successful election strategy similar to previous NDP governments: professor

To secure a historic fourth consecutive electoral majority, the Saskatchewan Party took a page from the previously dominant NDP government's playbook, says one longtime follower of provincial politics.

Premier Moe promises increased autonomy for Sask. but says no to separation

Premier Scott Moe says his pledge for a "strong and independent Saskatchewan" is related to increasing provincial autonomy and not separating from Confederation.

Sask. NDP Leader Ryan Meili claims victory in his riding, results not yet confirmed by Elections Sask.

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili has projected a win in his own constituency, but the final results of mail-in ballot counting have not yet been posted. His constituency was not declared on election night because of outstanding ballots.

Waiting for mail-in ballot results in Sask., parties reflect on organizing strategies

With tens of thousands of mail-in ballots for the Saskatchewan provincial election yet to be counted, eight races are still too tight to call. How did each party account for the higher number of mail-in ballots this year?

The Sask. Party is now the province's natural governing party

This should not have come as a surprise. Saskatchewan has been moving to the right for some time now.

Mail-in ballots could push Sask. voter numbers higher than 2016 election

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, more people in Saskatchewan may have voted in this year's provincial election than in 2016.

How 10 key Sask. election races turned out (so far)

Election day is over, but the results in some of the key battleground ridings in the Saskatchewan are still too close to call Tuesday morning.

8 Sask. ridings too close to call, including NDP Leader Ryan Meili's, with mail-in ballots still to be counted

Dr. Neil Hibbert, department head at the University of Saskatchewan’s department of political science, said he’s not aware of any time in Saskatchewan’s history the province has been faced with this type of situation during an election.

Saskatchewan election delivers historic win for Sask. Party, decisive defeat for NDP

Scott Moe's Saskatchewan Party won a fourth consecutive majority government, the first party to pull that off in the province's history in over half a century, while the NDP takes another step further from power.

How diverse candidates did in the Sask. election

The provincial election was last night and while there are still a few ridings that are too close to call there were a number of diverse candidates elected in Saskatchewan.

Buffalo Party runs fraction of candidates, yet outdraws Greens in preliminary election count

The leaders of the Sask. Green Party and the newly-formed Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan were not able to grab seats at the legislature.

Sask. NDP fails to make gains in provincial election

The NDP had more at stake in this provincial election than in any campaign in decades, say academics and veteran party members.

10 races to watch on election night

The Saskatchewan Party and the NDP used the majority of their time over the last month in Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert and Moose Jaw, and those are where you can expect to see the closest races Monday night.

What you need to know to vote in the Sask. election

As polls open for Saskatchewan’s 29th provincial election today, here’s what you need to know before you vote.

Polls open in Saskatchewan as Sask. Party seeks 4th consecutive term

Polls are now open for Saskatchewan's 29th provincial election as the Saskatchewan Party seeks a fourth consecutive mandate.

Sask. Medical Association calls for better rural health services after election

The president of the Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) wants whoever wins the provincial election to know that investing in rural primary care and mental health should be a priority.

Who's ahead in the polls? Check out the Saskatchewan Poll Tracker

The Saskatchewan Poll Tracker from CBC News is your guide to following the polls. Get the latest numbers and analysis about where the province's political parties stand.

First-time Sask. voter says it's 'heartbreaking' she can't vote due to isolation

Casting her ballot in an election is a right of passage Rhianna Olson has been waiting for her whole life. But now, due to a sore throat, she may have to wait four more years to make her vote count, as the 21-year-old is currently in self-isolation and has no avenue to cast her ballot.

Sask. Party and NDP hold final campaign events before Monday's election

With the Saskatchewan provincial election happening tomorrow, the leaders of the two biggest political parties are on the last day of their campaign trails.

Evolving relationships contribute to changes in addressing Sask.'s suicide numbers

In 2016, months into the most recent government’s term, there was a rash of suicides in central Saskatchewan. FSIN Vice Chief David Pratt feels things will improve, regardless of who takes power after Monday's election.

Moe, Meili encourage voter turnout on final day of Sask. advance polls

In the closing days of the provincial election campaign, the Saskatchewan Party and New Democratic Party leaders are making their final arguments to Saskatchewan voters. 

Indigenous candidates for Athabasca riding urging voter engagement for Sask. election

The province’s 29th general election campaign is well underway. NDP incumbent Buckley Belanger and Sask Party candidate Kelly Kwan are urging Saskatchewan’s Indigenous people to get involved in the process.

Saskatchewan election 2020: What it's like to campaign during a pandemic

CBC Saskatchewan caught up with one member from each provincial political party to see how they've adjusted to campaigning during a pandemic and what they're hearing from constituents.

Sask. political parties get middling grades for plans to address high domestic violence rates : PATHS report

Saskatchewan’s political parties have received mixed grades on how they would tackle the province’s domestic violence crisis.

Sask.'s next government must address barriers Black people face

Acknowledging Black communities and organizations and the issues they face — during and after the election campaign — is an excellent place to start.

Climate change a political topic in Sask., yet absent from campaign trail

Party leaders didn't verbally duke it out on climate change policy at Saskatchewans Leaders' Debate, nor has it been a focal point on the campaign trail. Some citizens and professors are wondering why.

Don't expect all results on election night: Sask. chief electoral officer

Saskatchewan voters should not expect to see all the results of the provincial election reported on election night.

Record numbers of Sask. voters casting advanced ballots for provincial election

Elections Saskatchewan says voters have broken records his week. Advanced polling for the provincial election began on Tuesday and 43,409 people cast their ballot on Wednesday.

Elections Sask. says it's facing a shortage of workers at polling stations

Elections Saskatchewan says it is in need of more workers at voter polling stations, particularly in Saskatoon. 

Sask. parents say education an election issue they're watching with pandemic perspective

Parents say education one of the issues they're watching as campaign trail continues.

Photos of Scott Moe shopping while unmasked draw online ire, Sask. Party points to deleted Ryan Meili photo

Sask. Party Leader Scott Moe was appropriately distanced when the photos were taken at the Regina Cowtown store Tuesday, his campaign team says. The party also flagged a deleted photo showing an unmasked Ryan Meili at a Moose Jaw business.

Rural issues matter in this Sask. election, no matter where you live

Only one-third of Saskatchewan’s population is considered rural, but these communities provide the food, water and energy essential to the larger urban population’s well-being.

Sask. Party campaign focuses on NDP's 1990s policies because 'it works': political scientist

Sask. Party campaign literature has included attacks on decisions made in the 1990s, nearly two decades before the NDP's Ryan Meili began leading the party. One political scientist says it's because of how effective the strategy is with the rural base.

Report card grades Sask. political parties on platforms for LGBTQ issues

The OUTSaskatoon and Saskatoon Pride report card gives the NDP an A–, Green Party a B+ and the Sask. Party a C– for their commitments to the LGBTQ community.

How to follow CBC Saskatchewan election coverage on Oct. 26

Saskatchewan heads to the polls on Oct. 26 and CBC is your home for election coverage.

Sask. could decrease suicide by teaching comprehensive sex-ed in schools

I know it would have made a world of a difference for me.

Party leaders in Sask. encourage voters to head to advance polls

Advance voting for the provincial election starts Tuesday, with polls open from noon to 8 p.m. CST daily until Saturday.

NDP rents former STC bus for campaign stops, promises to rebuild service

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili traded his orange and white campaign van for a green and yellow STC bus on Monday and pledged to resurrect the shuttered provincial bus service.

Scott Moe says he has no preference whether Trump or Biden wins U.S. election

Saskatchewan Party Leader Scott Moe said it doesn't matter to him whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden wins the U.S. federal election.

Health care dominant issue as party leaders campaign in Prince Albert

Leaders of the Saskatchewan Party and provincial NDP made their pitches to the city of Prince Albert on Saturday, each attempting to undermine the other’s commitments during campaign visits to the city. 

Family of Allan Landrie disappointed Sask. Party leader won't answer call for public inquiry

The family feels a public inquiry into the search would get them answers about inconsistencies between the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Saskatoon Police Service, and examine why their father was turned away from hospital so many times before his death.

NDP Leader Ryan Meili pushes 'Sask-First' contract policy

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili was focused Friday on his party's "Sask-First procurement policy" that promises to use Saskatchewan workers and companies for government projects.

Organizers of virtual debate for Sask. youth disheartened by Scott Moe not taking part

Saskatchewan Party Leader Scott Moe won't will not be attending the virtual Next Gen Leaders Debate on Monday night.

Sask. Party Leader Scott Moe touts economic record at Saskatoon campaign stop

Moe spoke at Q-Line Trucking, a transportation company based in Saskatoon, on Friday.

Meili undeterred by polls, says he's 'in it to win it'

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili says recent polls will not shift his focus from trying to win the election.

Sask. Party highlights promises for rink grant revival, increased veteran service club funding

The Saskatchewan Party trumpeted some of the election promises made in its platform, which was released last week, at an event in Moose Jaw Thursday.

New poll shows Saskatchewan Party popularity on economic issues driving gains over New Democrats

As Saskatchewan's election draws nearer, a new poll shows a significant gap between the New Democratic Party and Saskatchewan Party.

'Neither too shouty nor dull': Experts weigh in on Sask. leaders' debate

Experts say the leaders’ debate was civil and both parties did a good job of outlining their platforms.

Sask. leaders' debate gave undecided voters clear contrast between party policies

Compared to the verbal slugfest that was the 2007 leaders’ debate, the bout between Scott Moe and Ryan Meili was a civil affair that was long on detail, much of it within the margins of credibility.

4 takeaways from the Sask. leaders' debate

The 2020 Saskatchewan leaders' debate lacked the fireworks and fights of past versions, but allowed Scott Moe and Ryan Meili plenty of chances to sell their plans to voters.

Sask. NDP highlights promise of smaller class sizes as COVID-19 cases rise

Candidates for the Saskatchewan NDP are drawing attention once more to overcrowded classrooms in schools as COVID-19 cases climb up.

Sask. Party Leader Scott Moe and NDP Leader Ryan Meili spar over budget plans in leaders' debate

Saskatchewan Party Leader Scott Moe and provincial NDP Leader Ryan Meili faced off on Wednesday for their first debate since becoming leaders of the respective parties two years ago.

Sask. Green Party releases platform; promises a living wage, local food security act

The Saskatchewan Green Party released its platform on Tuesday. The platform is not fully costed, but does make a number of promises and plans including establishing a local food security act and implementing a living wage.

'Isolated and broken down': Black students call for anti-racism education and Black history classes in Sask.

During this election period, Black students who say they’ve been called the N-word and have been the target of microaggressions in their schools want anti-racism education and more Black history in Saskatchewan's curriculum.

Sask. leaders' debate gives voters chance to size-up candidates ahead of election day: experts

The leaders of Saskatchewan's two largest political parties will be debating for the first time in those roles Wednesday, giving the public its first chance to get acquainted with them, experts say.

Sask. NDP promises improvements to long-term care homes

The Saskatchewan NDP has committed to strengthening standards in the province’s long term care homes.

Sask. NDP Leader calls for clearer COVID-19 guidance as cases rise

As Saskatchewan NDP Leader has called for stronger leadership and guidance in the province as COVID-19 cases climb, Saskatchewan Party Leader Scott Moe says Meili is politicizing the pandemic.

Sask. NDP commits to $15 per hour minimum wage, bringing back film tax credit

The minimum wage increase would be accompanied by a wage rebate for businesses reporting less than $200k taxable income, should the NDP form government after the Oct. 26 election.

Sask. Party platform adds $849M worth of promises on top of $7.5B spending plan

Saskatchewan Party Leader Scott Moe said Friday that he remains confident that his party would be able to balance the budget in four years if elected, but wouldn't answer what he would do if revenue doesn't come in as planned.

Sask. NDP reveals platform with cost of $2.7B over four years, commitments in education in health

The Saskatchewan NDP released its full election platform on Friday. It comes with a price tag of $2.7 billion over four years, with a financial focus on increasing school, health-care and long-term care staffing and supports.

Scott Moe's history steals campaign trail spotlight from party promises

The second week of Saskatchewan’s election campaign has been filled with promises, but they have been overshadowed by the pasts of the candidates, most notably Saskatchewan Party Leader Scott Moe.

Ambulance fee reduction among Sask. Party promises for seniors

Saskatchewan Party Leader Scott Moe made several promises regarding seniors on the campaign trail Thursday. 

Sask. NDP promises $7.8M to build 3 mental health emergency rooms

In a campaign announcement, Saskatchewan New Democratic Party Leader Ryan Meili promised more money for mental health and addictions if elected.

Why revelations about Scott Moe's past are not likely to change minds of Saskatchewan voters

It’s not been a great week in Saskatchewan politics. Sadly, it will probably get worse as the election nears.

Vote Compass: Majority of Saskatchewanians believe provincial government is handling the pandemic well

Vote Compass' objective is to promote electoral literacy and public participation during election campaigns.

Son of woman killed in crash with Scott Moe calls apology delay 'extremely disrepectful'

Steve Balog was expecting a call from Saskatchewan Party leader Scott Moe this week, but it never came.

Prospect of more female representation in the Sask. legislature remains dim

The prospects of more women being elected to the Saskatchewan legislature are slim, keeping in line with a historic trend. Meanwhile, a group of women have launched a platform to amplify female voices about policy in the province.

NDP promises new surgical centre for southern Sask.

Saskatchewan NDP leader Ryan Meili has promised a new surgical centre for southern Saskatchewan. Meili estimates the project will cost $60 million.

Sask. Party Leader Scott Moe discloses previously unknown impaired driving charge

Sask. Party Leader Scott Moe announced Wednesday that he once faced impaired driving and fleeing the scene of an accident charges that were not previously known to the public.

Sons of woman killed in 1997 collision with Scott Moe want personal apology

The sons of a woman killed in a 1997 highway collision with Scott Moe say they're hurt and angry the leader of the Saskatchewan Party has never apologized to them.

Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan releases platform, promotes more autonomy from federal government

Today, the newly-formed Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan unveiled its platform at a launch in Warman, Sask. The party was formerly known as Wexit Saskatchewan.

Moe calls on Meili to 'condemn anti-oil candidate'

NDP candidate for Regina Elphinstone-Centre Meara Conway's deleted Facebook comments regarding the oil sands and pipelines were released by the Sask. Party.

Calls for action behind apology grow as Sask. Party addresses breast and beer game

Sask. Party candidate Alex Nau has said his actions in the past are disrespectful toward women, and that he would not participate in a “wheel of fun,” again. But one expert is questioning the absence of action behind Nau’s statement.

NDP promising $100M for health care to attract hundreds of professionals, if elected

The NDP says it will welcome Alberta doctors and nurses unhappy with their government

Moe promises to create 750 more child-care spaces in the province in the next 4 years

Saskatchewan Party leader Scott Moe also pledged to revive the Active Families Benefit. That benefit would give families $150 per child to cover costs related to sports, arts or cultural activities.

Stats show more people are leaving Sask. than are arriving from other provinces

For the last seven years, Saskatchewan has lost more people to interprovincial migration than it's gained.

Sask. Party candidate apologizes over 'wheel of fun' game where women asked to show breasts

The Saskatchewan Party says Nau will not be removed from the party for his behaviour, calling it “juvenile” in a statement sent to the media.

QAnon has no place in Saskatchewan politics: Moe

On Sunday, Scott Moe, leader of the Saskatchewan Party, took a firm stance against the conspiracy group after one of his candidates resigned after he interacted with supporters of the group online.

Sask. Party names Chris Guérette as new candidate for Saskatoon Eastview

The nomination comes less than 24 hours after Daryl Cooper resigned for behaviour online Sask. Party leader Scott Moe called "concerning."

With another win, the Saskatchewan Party could cement its place among the province's political dynasties

Saskatchewan started as a Liberal fortress before becoming the heartland of the NDP. Now, Saskatchewan is looking like the bedrock of conservatism in Canada.

Sask. Party promises temporary tax cut for small business, NDP commits to equality measures

On the fifth day of election campaigning, the NDP laid out its commitments to equality for women in Saskatchewan, while the Sask. Party said it will offer a temporary cut on the small business tax rate if re-elected.

Sask. Party candidate resigns after apparent engagement with QAnon supporters online

"The content and views that Mr. Cooper interacted with on social media are concerning and are not representative of the values of the Saskatchewan Party, our leader, or our members. As such the Saskatchewan Party accepted his resignation."

Latest Vote Compass report finds economy, environment top election concerns heading toward Sask. election day

The economy and the environment topped the list of concerns for Saskatchewan respondents in the latest Vote Compass report.

Moe, Meili respond to Trump COVID diagnosis, reaffirm provincial campaign's safety

At a campaign event this morning, Premier Scott Moe reassured Saskatchewan that the provincial election campaign will not pose a significant public health risk to the province.

Moe promises balanced budget by 2024, Meili says balance 'as quickly as possible'

The leaders of the Saskatchewan Party and NDP had different answers as to when they plan to eliminate the province's estimated $2.1 billion deficit.

Sask. Party candidate deletes Facebook posts connecting pandemics to sunspots

In two separate Facebook posts, Saskatoon Eastview Candidate Daryl Cooper promoted a theory, published in 2017 in the Journal of Astrobiology & Outreach, that solar flares burn up "pathogens and microscopic biological entities from space in our atmosphere, effectively shielding the Earth." 

Durocher says Sask. Party can choose embarrassment or acceptance after Moe teases appeal

Tristen Durocher believes Saskatchewan Party Leader Scott Moe is bluffing when he hints at filing an appeal against a judge's ruling that determined Durocher had a right to hold his ceremony on the lawn near the Saskatchewan Legislature.

Elections Sask. preparing for up to 40 per cent of election votes to come by mail

Chief electoral officer Michael Boda said Elections Saskatchewan has already received more than 19,000 applications from people who want to vote by mail for the Oct. 26 election. Last election it received 4,000 total.

Sask. NDP promises money to reduce class sizes, add staff to schools

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili said he and his candidates — 14 of whom are teachers — would address overcrowded classrooms and focus on hiring more teachers, educational assistants and caretakers.

Sask. Party promises 1-year 10 per cent SaskPower rebate

The Saskatchewan Party is promising a one-year 10 per cent rebate to all SaskPower customers if elected.

Moe and Meili offer differing perspectives on pandemic recovery, reopening and masks

COVID-19 will be an election campaign issue as both Saskatchewan Party Leader Scott Moe and NDP Leader Ryan Meili have been asked about the pandemic's effect on the provincial economy, restrictions and mask use.

Sask. government's lack of response to HIV crisis warning points to systemic racism issues: advocate

An advocate who has worked for two decades with people living with HIV says the health minister ignored warnings about a growing HIV epidemic, and the solutions that were offered.

Sask. election 2020: Casting your vote in the era of COVID-19

CBC has compiled a list of information to make sure Saskatchewan residents are informed before they cast their ballot for the first time voting in a pandemic. 

StatsCan estimates show 1st population decline in Sask. in 14 years

Recent Statistics Canada estimates showed Saskatchewan’s population total now sits at 1,178,68, declining from 1,179,618 earlier this year.

Experts weigh in on how the NDP should approach the election with Sask. Party leading the polls

Recent polls suggest the results of the upcoming provincial election will maintain the status quo, with the Saskatchewan Party holding on to 60 per cent of decided voters. So where does that leave the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party?

'His heart is in people:' Saskatchewan NDP leader hopes to reverse party fortunes

Empathy and big-picture thinking come naturally to Ryan Meili, 45, a soft-spoken physician hoping to become Saskatchewan's next premier in the Oct. 26 election.

'Farm kid with a wicked slapshot:' Sask. Party's Scott Moe seeks first public mandate

Some leaders have a reputation for political strategy, others for charisma. Scott Moe may be best known for being ordinary.