Recount confirms PC victory in Glace Bay-Dominion riding

A judicial recount has confirmed Progressive Conservative candidate John White won the riding of Glace Bay-Dominion in the recent provincial election.

'It's about time': Newly elected MLAs pleased to set precedents at Province House

The new members of the legislature include the first woman elected in Digby-Annapolis, the first Black woman elected in Halifax Needham, and the first Muslim member elected to the House. 
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Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin elected as Independent in Cumberland North

Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin has been elected as an Independent in Cumberland North after vote counting was suspended in several ridings early Wednesday. It's the first time an Independent politician has been elected to the legislature since 1988.
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'Not a huge step forward': Gender parity improves slightly in N.S. Legislature

The percentage of non-male-identifying MLAs will go from 29 per cent before the election to 36 per cent.


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Progressive Conservatives surge to surprise majority win in Nova Scotia election

The Progressive Conservatives will form a majority government in Nova Scotia as Tim Houston led his party Tuesday night to a resounding win over the Liberals, which have led the province since 2013.
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Prominent Liberals lose seats as Tories make gains

Lloyd Hines, Randy Delorey, Suzanne Lohnes-Croft and Kevin Murphy among the high-profile Liberals who lost or were projected to lose their seats.
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Record number of Black MLAs elected to Nova Scotia Legislature

Four Black MLAs are headed to the Nova Scotia Legislature. Before Tuesday's provincial election, there was just one Black MLA at Province House.

Cape Breton voters elect consistency as many incumbents returned to legislature

The party standings were the same in eight Cape Breton ridings, but two seats had flipped when the votes were counted in Tuesday's provincial election, including in Glace Bay-Dominion where John White wrested the riding away from the Liberals in a nail-biter.



Liberal Leader Iain Rankin concedes election result

Liberal Leader Iain Rankin conceded as Progressive Conservatives surged to victory.
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Some voting locations have changed, some will be open slightly longer

Elections Nova Scotia is advising that voting in the provincial election will be extended at six locations by 30 minutes following delays opening. Also, a handful of voting locations have changed.
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Nova Scotians head to polls today as provincial election race tightens

Nova Scotians head to the polls today in an election some insiders say could be so close that the result won’t be known until Wednesday. The Liberals are trying for their third straight majority, but their campaign has struggled to gain momentum.
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Rankin predicts majority as party leaders make final push to election day

Liberal Leader Iain Rankin did not shy away from making a prediction on the final full day of the Nova Scotia provincial election campaign, while his opponents argued the Liberals' time in power is up.
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NDP rolls on with rent control, Liberals and Tories talk health care

NDP Leader Gary Burrill once again highlighted the plight of someone whose rent is set to skyrocket, while Tory Leader Tim Houston and Liberal Leader Iain Rankin were talking health care.
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PCs, Liberals duking it out in fickle Victoria-The Lakes

The Progressive Conservative candidate in the Nova Scotia riding of Victoria-The Lakes is hoping Tuesday's election won't result in a flipped seat, but the Liberal candidate is doing her best to make that happen.
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Main party leaders agree on one thing. They are all happy with their campaigns

Nova Scotia's three main party leaders have rarely agreed during this election but all say they are happy with the campaigns their parties have run in this election.
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Agency warns of unique overlap of Nova Scotia, federal elections

In what is believed to be a first, there are now provincial and federal elections underway in Nova Scotia. Elections Nova Scotia issued a statement Sunday saying it's important that people are able to distinguish between the two.
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Protesters gather in Halifax to oppose vaccine passports in Nova Scotia

About 100 people gathered today in downtown Halifax to protest a COVID-19 vaccine passport system in Nova Scotia.
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Environmental groups want commitments from parties to end fossil fuel support

All three main party leaders were making the case for how they'd help the province, but only two were speaking publicly.
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Here's what happens if no party wins a majority in the provincial election

With just days before election day in Nova Scotia and the possibility no one party will win a majority of the 55 seats in the House, one expert shares his experience with three minority governments during his time at Province House.
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We need more people with disabilities in politics — and represented in policy

My world has been largely absent from this election. There are few, if any candidates, with visible disabilities and few promises around improving accessibility and community housing for Nova Scotians with disabilities, Jen Powley writes.
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Houston asks for help, Rankin touts housing project and Burrill revisits rent control

In this instalment of the Election Notebook: Leaders chase final votes as the election campaign nears the end.
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Nova Scotia's next government faces uphill battle to address housing woes

While candidates and parties are busy asking for votes during this summer’s campaign, many Nova Scotians are asking, in return, for solutions to the waning affordability of housing. The issue takes up some space in every major party platform, but the ideas vary as much as the colour of houses in Nova Scotia.

Municipal politicians with eye on Province House weigh in on campaign challenges, advantages

Some candidates running in the provincial election say their background in municipal politics gives them an advantage, while others say they are distinctly different roles.
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NDP welcomes heavy hitter after poll shows N.S. election race getting tighter

In this instalment of the Election Notebook: Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh lends his support to the provincial NDP, the Tories highlight a grant for seniors and the Liberals make two new targeted promises.
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New poll suggests Liberals are in a tighter race to retain power

A new public opinion poll suggests this election is a tighter race than expected with Liberal numbers on the decline, but about a third of those polled are undecided or not willing to say which way they will vote.