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Sipekne'katik backs out of commercial lobster season citing fears over safety

The Sipekne'katik band will not fish its commercial lobster licences this season in southwest Nova Scotia, citing intimidation and violence that followed the launch of its moderate livelihood fishery in St Marys Bay.

Potlotek livelihood fishery is peaceful, but tensions aren't far from surface

An Indigenous moderate livelihood lobster fishery has been proceeding peacefully in the waters of eastern Cape Breton for the past month, but tensions exist.

RCMP ask for public's help identifying persons of interest in fish plant fire

The RCMP are seeking the public's help to identify two men captured on video around the same time as a suspicious fire that destroyed a fish plant in Middle West Pubnico, N.S., two weeks ago.

N.S. assembly of chiefs co-chair steps down over fisheries dispute

Membertou Chief Terry Paul has stepped down as co-chair of the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi'kmaw Chiefs and withdrawn from the Kwilmu'kw Maw-klusaqn, also known as the KMK or the Mi'kmaq Rights Initiative, in a dispute with other First Nations over fisheries.

Mi'kmaw band raises concerns about Sipekne'katik lobster fishery

Bear River First Nation Chief Carol Dee Potter says fishers from her community have been forced out of the St. Marys Bay area of southwest Nova Scotia since Sipekne'katik First Nation launched its moderate livelihood fishery last month.

CBU to honour Donald Marshall Jr. with new research centre

A new research institute planned for Cape Breton University will honour the legacy of Donald Marshall Jr., who fought for the Indigenous right to fish for a moderate livelihood. The Mi'kmaw man's name has been invoked in recent weeks by Indigenous fishermen in southwest Nova Scotia who've launched self-regulated lobster fisheries.

Sipekne'katik chief responds to concerns from Bear River First Nation about fishery in St. Marys Bay

There's been criticism of Sipekne'katik First Nation in recent days from the Bear River First Nation. The chief of Bear River says her band members can no longer fish in St. Marys Bay due to the ongoing fishery dispute. Host Jeff Douglas spoke with Mike Sack, chief of Sipekne'katik, about those concerns.

Sipekne'katik finds buyer for lobster harvested under commercial licences

The First Nation in Nova Scotia that's faced violence related to its moderate livelihood fishery says it has found a buyer for its commercial lobster.

Making sense of DFO's lobster landings data in St. Marys Bay

Commercial fishermen have raised concerns about the sustainability of the lobster in St Mary's Bay after Sipekne'katik First Nation launched its rights-based fishery last month. Host Jeff Douglas spoke with Susanna Fuller with Oceans North about DFO's own landings data, and how it compares to the landings in the rest of LFA 34.

Sipekne'katik chief says discussions with commercial fishers in Nova Scotia can wait

A federally appointed facilitator says he’s ready to start talking to First Nations and commercial lobster fishers to settle tensions in southwest Nova Scotia, but the chief of the band embroiled in the conflict says his priority is resolving issues with Ottawa over a "moderate livelihood" fishery.

Ottawa names N.S. university president to rebuild trust between Mi'kmaw, commercial fishers

Allister Surette, president of Université Sainte-Anne, has been named as the federal special representative to try to resolve the ongoing dispute between commercial and Indigenous fishers after violent opposition to a Mi'kmaw lobster fishery in Nova Scotia.

Company willing to buy Sipekne'katik lobster from open fishing area

A lobster processor in southwest Nova Scotia says he's willing to purchase lobster harvested under commercial licences held by the Sipekne'katik band in part of the Bay of Fundy where the commercial season is open.

Potlotek First Nation rallies for return of seized lobster traps

A few dozen members of the Potlotek First Nation gathered Wednesday in front of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans building in Lennox Passage, N.S., seeking the return of their seized traps.

N.S. judge issues injunction to end interference, threats against Sipekne'katik fishery

A Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge has issued a temporary court injunction to end blockades, interference and threats against Sipekne'katik band members lobster fishing in southwest Nova Scotia.

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki defends conduct of Mounties in N.S. fishery dispute

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki today defended the conduct of Mounties in Nova Scotia against claims that the police have done little to curb the violence directed at Mi'kmaw people behind a lobster fishery.

Northern Indigenous artists raise money to support Mi'kmaw fishers in Nova Scotia

A group of Indigenous artists in the Northwest Territories is raising money to support Mi'kmaw fishers in Nova Scotia.

Mi'kmaw fishers looking for action, not words, from MPs on lobster dispute

Some Mi'kmaw lobster harvesters in Nova Scotia say they're paying more attention to the tides than to politicians in Ottawa debating their fishery.

Fisheries minister says rep to foster dialogue between Mi'kmaw, other fishermen coming soon

Canada's fisheries minister says she's working to find a special representative to "help foster the dialogue" between Mi'kmaw and commercial fishers after opposition to Sipekne'katik's rights-based lobster fishery turned violent in southwest Nova Scotia. 

Owner of N.S. lobster pound damaged by mob fined $20K for not disclosing 2018 sales

Eric Louis Thibault pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of making a false statement to fisheries inspectors two years ago about more than $100,000 in commercial lobster sales from his pound in New Edinburgh, N.S.

Six Nations Haudenosaunee hold rolling blockade for Mi'kmaw fishers in Nova Scotia

Haudenosaunee from Six Nations of the Grand River are holding a rolling demonstration in Stoney Creek as a dispute between commercial fishermen and Mi'kmaw fishers in southwest Nova Scotia continues to escalate.

Another N.S. First Nation announces plans to launch self-regulated lobster fishery

The chief of Membertou First Nation in Cape Breton says the band is preparing to launch its own self-regulated lobster fishery and is also on the hunt to buy more commercial fishing licences. 

Mood at Mi'kmaw fishery camp 'very positive' due to shows of support, says volunteer

Since the Sept. 17 launch of Sipekne'katik First Nation's Mi'kmaw-regulated lobster fishery in Nova Scotia, hundreds of Mi'kmaq have shown their support for the community through volunteering.

Halifax-area restaurants haul lobster off the menu in support of Mi'kmaq

Some Halifax area restaurants have taken lobster off their menus to show support for the Mi'kmaq and their treaty right to fish, amid ongoing tensions between commercial fishermen and Mi'kmaw fishers in southwestern Nova Scotia.

MPs hold emergency debate on N.S. lobster fishery dispute

The Liberals and the NDP told the House of Commons Monday evening that there is no basis for the accusation from commercial fishing operations that the lobster stocks in Nova Scotia are under threat from Mi'kmaw fishermen operating a small-scale fishery in the area.

Commercial fishermen rally to press DFO on Mi'kmaw lobster fishery

More than a hundred people rallied in support of Nova Scotia's commercial fishery Monday, calling on the federal government to listen to them as it tries to resolve the dispute over the Mi'kmaw moderate livelihood fishery.

Indigenous news site overwhelmed by interest in moderate livelihood fishery

An independent Indigenous news site has been flooded by readers looking for information on the Sipekne'katik moderate livelihood fishery.

Minister says Mi'kmaw fishermen in Nova Scotia being 'let down' by police in wake of weekend blaze

Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller said today that Mi'kmaw fishermen in Nova Scotia have been "let down by police" following incidents of violence in the province's southwest over the Sipekne'katik band's lobster fishery.

'The world's watching': Mi'kmaw fishers use live broadcasts to combat violence and racism

The sister of a Mi'kmaw fisherman trapped in a building and attacked by a violent mob on Oct. 14, says social media and live streaming are crucial tools to combat racism and protect supporters of Mi'kmaw fishers and their new rights-based fishery in Nova Scotia.

NDP, Liberal cabinet ministers call for emergency debate over mounting N.S. fishery dispute

Four Liberal cabinet ministers called for an emergency debate in the House of Commons after a dispute between commercial fishermen and Mi'kmaw fishers in southwest Nova Scotia turned increasingly violent last week.

Hundreds attend Halifax rally to support Mi'kmaw during lobster fishery dispute

Hundreds of people gathered in Grand Parade in Halifax on Sunday afternoon to show their support for Mi'kmaw fishers and their "moderate livelihood" lobster fishery in the wake of ongoing tensions in the southwestern part of the province.

Mohawk communities in Quebec rally to show support for Mi'kmaw fishers

The two Mohawk communities around Montreal - Kanesatake and Kahnawake - organized convoys along major highways Sunday to demonstrate support for Mi'kmaw fishers.

Municipality of Argyle warden worried about safety of residents amid ongoing fishery tensions

The RCMP have sent more officers to the Middle West Pubnico, N.S., area after a suspicious fire destroyed a lobster pound early Saturday, causing the warden of the Municipality of Argyle to express concern about the safety of residents.

Man charged with arson after vehicle fire outside lobster pound in New Edinburgh, N.S.

A 31-year-old man from Yarmouth County has been charged with arson after a vehicle was set ablaze outside a lobster facility in New Edinburgh, N.S.

Blair approves request to boost RCMP presence as Nova Scotia lobster fishery dispute escalates

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair has greenlighted a request for additional RCMP support in Nova Scotia amid criticism that Ottawa has not done enough to protect community members embroiled in a bitter conflict over a First Nations lobster harvest in that province. 

Digby County man charged after assault on Sipekne'katik First Nation chief

The alleged assault on Chief Mike Sack occurred in New Edinburgh, N.S., one of two locations where several hundred commercial fishermen and their supporters raided a lobster facility on Tuesday evening. Mi'kmaw fishers had been storing their catches in the building.

Fire destroys lobster facility in southwest Nova Scotia amid escalating fishery tensions

A large fire that police are calling suspicious levelled a lobster facility in Middle West Pubnico, N.S., early Saturday. It follows two raids by commercial fishermen on lobster pounds in southwest Nova Scotia earlier this week.

Moderate livelihood fishery in Cape Breton is peaceful. But selling catch a challenge

While there are ongoing tensions between Indigenous and non-Indigenous fishers in southwest Nova Scotia, a Cape Breton First Nation says its moderate livelihood fishery is proceeding peacefully. But the challenge has been selling the catch.

Trudeau defends federal response as threats escalate over Mi'kmaw fishery in Nova Scotia

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today defended the federal government's response to an escalating standoff over a Mi'kmaw fishery in Nova Scotia, saying Ottawa has been "extremely active" in trying to resolve the situation.

'Do your job': Sipekne'katik chief calls on PM to protect Mi'kmaw fishermen

The chief of Sipekne'katik First Nation has penned a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking for better protection after a mob of commercial fishermen attacked two lobster pounds where Mi'kmaw fishers were storing their catches.

Indigenous services minister calls raid on N.S. fishing facilities an 'assault' on Mi'kmaw people

Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller today called Tuesday night's raid on fishing facilities in southwest Nova Scotia an "assault" on the Mi'kmaw people and urged police in the region to keep the peace.

Vehicle torched, lobster pounds storing Mi'kmaw catches trashed during night of unrest in N.S.

A Mi'kmaw fisherman says he was forced to barricade himself inside a lobster pound in southwest Nova Scotia on Tuesday night while outside a mob burned and vandalized vehicles and called for him to relinquish his catch.

Commercial fishermen rally in Digby over Mi'kmaw fishery

Several hundred commercial fishermen held a rally in Digby on Tuesday as tensions simmered over expanded Mi’kmaw lobster fishing in the area.

Federal government rejects lobster quota for commercial inshore fleet

The Trudeau government says it will not impose a quota on the Atlantic Canadian commercial inshore lobster fishery, rejecting a proposal floated by several Mi'kmaw leaders.

The lobster catch in St. Marys Bay is down, but there's little consensus on why

A group representing non-Indigenous commercial fishermen is pointing the finger squarely at the Mi'kmaw fishery. But the Mi'kmaq and the federal government say the numbers reflect a wider ebb and flow of the lobster stocks.

Mi'kmaw fishing vessel destroyed in suspicious fire at N.S. wharf

Police are investigating a suspicious fire that badly damaged a Mi'kmaw fisherman's boat in southwestern Nova Scotia where tensions have been high for weeks around a moderate livelihood fishery. The damage was reported just before 6 a.m. Monday.

'A great day for our culture and our nation': Mi'kmaq Treaty Day in pictures

As Mi'kmaw harvesters set out Thursday to set their lobster traps, they launched a celebration of Mi'kmaq Treaty Day. This is a collection of photos captured throughout the day at the wharf in Saulnierville, N.S.

N.S. commercial fishermen stage peaceful protests over conservation concerns

There were peaceful protests Friday in Nova Scotia by commercial fishermen, following a symbolic gesture of peace the day before between some commercial fishermen and the First Nations band at the centre of a disputed lobster fishery.

Ottawa opens door to First Nations fisheries authority

Fisheries and Oceans Minister Bernadette Jordan said today the federal government is open to the creation of a First Nations fisheries authority, if that's the direction Mi'kmaw chiefs want to take.

Potlotek First Nation celebrates Treaty Day by launching its own rights-based lobster fishery

Potlotek First Nation in Cape Breton marked Treaty Day this year by launching its own Mi'kmaq-regulated rights-based lobster fishery just weeks after the launch of a similar fishery in southwest Nova Scotia.

Fishery growth has had positive impact on First Nations in the Maritimes: report

An academic who studied Canada's response to the Marshall decision says it has been a First Nations success story, fuelled by an increase in band-held commercial fishing licenses that have generated dramatically higher revenues.

Mi'kmaw parliamentarians call for new body to deal with conflict over lobster fishery

Three Mi'kmaw parliamentarians are proposing a new approach to the lobster fishery conflict in Atlantic Canada that would bypass the current Fisheries and Oceans Canada process.

Federal delay in defining fishing rights frustrates Mi'kmaq and commercial industry on P.E.I.

Both the P.E.I. Fishermen's Association and the Island’s Mi’kmaq First Nations are pointing the finger at the federal government for confusion over Indigenous rights to fish lobster on the Atlantic coast.

Mi'kmaw First Nation 'very positive' about federal fishery talks

The latest meeting between the Sipekne'katik First Nation and federal fisheries staff involved the band going over the details of their moderate livelihood fishery on Tuesday. Chief Mike Sack said the talks were “very positive” and he is optimistic about how things are going.

Mi'kmaw lobster fishery in Nova Scotia adds 3 boats

An Indigenous-run lobster fishery off the coast of southwestern Nova Scotia is slightly increasing the size of its fleet to 10 boats from seven, creating a total capacity of 500 traps.
Point of View

As a fishing dispute in N.S. sees no swift end, it wasn't always this way

The fishery has always been essential to the inhabitants of what is known today as Nova Scotia, but a conflict has erupted over fishing rights. Amid the dispute, it's easy to forget peaceful and mutually beneficial coexistence is possible because it was once the norm here.

Mi'kmaq push for legal lobster sales for non-Indigenous buyers

The Mi'kmaw community in Nova Scotia that recently launched its first self-regulated lobster fishery is now pushing the province to change laws restricting non-Indigenous fish buyers from doing business with the First Nation.

N.S. Liberal MP goes against party, calls on DFO to put First Nations fishing rules in writing

The MP representing Kings-Hants, where the Sipekne'katik First Nation is located, is calling on his own government to define the rules for a moderate livelihood fishery. Kody Blois says doing so could help end "the ambiguity and uncertainty."

Mi'kmaq lobster fishery signals new wave of Indigenous resource activity

Canadians should expect to see more Indigenous involvement in resource industries, such as fishing, says the chair in Indigenous governance in the department of politics and public administration at Ryerson University.

Mi'kmaw community says rights-based fishery regulations rival those of DFO

The First Nation community operating a new, self-regulated lobster fishery in Nova Scotia says its harvesting regulations rival and may even exceed the standards of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Livelihood or profit? Why an old fight over Indigenous fishing rights is heating up again in Nova Scotia

When a Nova Scotia First Nation launched its own self-regulated lobster fishery in September, it sparked renewed tensions with non-Indigenous commercial fishermen, protests and arrests. Here's what's behind it all.

Canada's only Mi'kmaw MP searches for way forward in fisheries dispute

MP Jaime Battiste says he’s working to find a solution to the standoff in Saulnierville, N.S., where commercial fishermen are protesting the recent launch of a Mi’kmaw-regulated lobster fishery.

Scale of Sipekne'katik fishery won't harm lobster stocks, says prof

A university professor who studies fisheries management says given its small scale of operation, the Mi'kmaw fishery in southwest Nova Scotia won't harm lobster stocks like commercial fishermen have argued.

P.E.I. Mi'kmaq chiefs say they will launch a livelihood fishery after community consultation

The chiefs of P.E.I.’s two First Nations, Abegweit and Lennox Island, say they are looking at how to proceed with launching a moderate livelihood fishery in the province.

Fishermen haul up, dump Mi'kmaw lobster traps to protest moderate livelihood fishery

Commercial fishermen dumped about 100 lobster traps outside a federal office in southwestern Nova Scotia on Monday, after others protested outside the home of someone alleged to have purchased lobster harvested by Mi'kmaw fishermen.

Tensions continue to run high between Mi'kmaw and commercial fishermen Sunday

Tensions are continuing to run high between Mi'kmaw and commercial fishermen following the launch of a Mi'kmaw-regulated fishery in Saulnierville, N.S. While the Sipekne'katik First Nation say they have a right to fish, other fishers have called the new fishery illegal.

Indigenous fishermen set up blockades at Saulnierville wharf

Blockades were set up at both ends of the Saulnierville, N.S., wharf overnight on Friday. Chief Michael Sack of Sipekne'katik First Nation said the blockades are in response to intimidation against Indigenous lobster fishermen.

Mi'kmaq tackle decades-old standstill on fishing rights with historic, self-regulated lobster fishery

After decades of differing opinions and debate on First Nations’ right to earn a “moderate livelihood” while fishing, affirmed by a landmark Supreme Court ruling in 1999, a Mi’kmaw community in Nova Scotia has launched its own Mi’kmaq-regulated, rights-based lobster fishery.

Mi'kmaw journalist assesses media coverage of fisheries dispute

Some media coverage of tension between Mi'kmaw and non-Indigenous fishermen, like what's happening right now in Saulnierville, N.S., fails to tell the true story, says Trina Roache.

Arrests made amid ongoing tensions as Mi'kmaw lobster fishery begins

Two people have been arrested as tensions continue to run high in Nova Scotia on Friday. Many gathered to support, and oppose, a First Nation's new moderate livelihood fishery outside the regular lobster season.

Mi'kmaw fishermen launch self-regulated fishery in Saulnierville

Mi'kmaw fishermen and their supporters gathered on a wharf in Saulnierville, N.S.. Thursday to launch their own self-regulated fishery outside of the regular fishing season.

A Mi'kmaw chief on pressing ahead with moderate livelihood fishery despite protest

Sipekne’katik Chief Mike Sack talks to CBC Information Morning host Portia Clark about the ongoing tension over Nova Scotia’s lobster fisheries.

Protest over Indigenous lobster fishery turns confrontational at N.S. wharf

Hundreds of commercial fishermen briefly blocked access to a wharf Tuesday morning in southwestern Nova Scotia being used by First Nations fishermen harvesting lobster.