Closing arguments heard in Mi'kmaw lobster fishermen case

A provincial court judge will rule in January whether three Mi'kmaw men were guilty of illegal fishing when they landed hundreds of kilograms of lobster at a Weymouth, N.S., wharf in November 2018. Closing arguments were delivered Tuesday in Digby provincial court.

Sipekne'katik First Nation's treaty fishery to open Monday

Nova Scotia's Sipekne'katik First Nation says it will transition to its self-regulated treaty fishery on Monday. The band had been recently taking part in its food, social and ceremonial (FSC) lobster fishery, which has no season and is regulated by DFO, but licence conditions do not permit the sale of the catch.

An appeal for calm as tensions rise again over N.S. Mi'kmaw lobster fishery

Fisheries and Oceans says its monitoring and enforcement activities this summer in southwestern Nova Scotia are likely at their highest levels since the dispute surfaced four years ago.

Treaty rights an election issue, says Sipekne'katik chief

Chief Mike Sack of the Sipekne'katik First Nation is calling on all levels of government to honour its agreements with Indigenous Peoples.

Mi'kmaw lobster fishing boats cut loose from wharf in Nova Scotia

Chief Mike Sack of the Sipekne'katik First Nation says the nine boats were ready to take part in the band's food, social and ceremonial lobster fishery.

Sipekne'katik First Nation indefinitely postpones start of lobster fishery

The Sipekne'katik First Nation has indefinitely postponed the start of a communal lobster fishery planned for Thursday in southwestern Nova Scotia. The band said it was concerned for the safety of its fishermen and lacked resources to launch the fishery in St. Marys Bay.

Sipekne'katik pivots on controversial lobster fishery in southwest N.S.

The Sipekne'katik First Nation in Nova Scotia says it will delay the launch of an out-of-season self-regulated moderate livelihood lobster fishery planned for southwest Nova Scotia next week. Instead, Indigenous harvesters will fish for lobster in St. Marys Bay under communal food social and ceremonial licences.
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As tensions rose during N.S. fisheries dispute, province balked at paying for extra RCMP

A top RCMP officer requested help to pay for extra policing costs during last fall's fisheries dispute in southwest Nova Scotia, but the province's justice minister resisted for two weeks and only agreed after two lobster pounds holding Mi'kmaw catch were vandalized.

MPs issue conflicting reports on contentious First Nations fishery

Canadian parliamentarians issued dissenting reports Thursday on implementing First Nations moderate livelihood fisheries in the Maritimes and Quebec. MPs held hearings after the Sipekne'katik band launched the first self-regulated lobster fishery in Nova Scotia last fall.

Potlotek First Nation seeks injunction against DFO over self-regulated fishery

Potlotek First Nation in Cape Breton is seeking a court injunction to prevent the Department of Fisheries and Oceans from interfering with its moderate livelihood fishery, as the dispute continues over the seizure of lobster traps.

Lobster stock healthy, not overfished in Canada's richest fishing ground

A new report from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans indicates the lobster stock off southwestern Nova Scotia is healthy.

Treaty rights at centre of trial of 4 Mi'kmaw fishermen set to begin next month

The trial of four Mi’kmaw fishermen accused of illegal fishing in September 2019 will begin next month in Nova Scotia provincial court. They argue they have a treaty to fish outside the commercial season.

Ottawa opens door to First Nations fisheries authority

Fisheries and Oceans Minister Bernadette Jordan said today the federal government is open to the creation of a First Nations fisheries authority, if that's the direction Mi'kmaw chiefs want to take.

National Chief Bellegarde urges Ottawa to rethink Mi'kmaq fisheries decision

The national chief of the Assembly of First Nations is demanding the federal government restart talks on Mi'kmaq moderate livelihood fisheries after the Department of Oceans and Fisheries (DFO) announced it will not issue to First Nation in Atlantic Canada outside of the commercial season. 

Fisheries officers will enforce the rules if Mi'kmaq fish out of season, says minister

Anyone caught harvesting lobster outside the commercial fishing season this year will have to contend with fisheries officers, says federal Fisheries Minister Bernadette Jordan.

Sipekne'katik chief says he won't play by Ottawa's rules for Mi'kmaw fishery

Sipekne'katik Chief Mike Sack has no intention of falling in line with the federal government’s edict on Indigenous fisheries.

'Moderate livelihood' fishermen must operate during commercial season, DFO says

Ottawa will not license any Indigenous "moderate livelihood" fishery in Atlantic Canada unless it operates within the commercial season, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans said Wednesday, siding with a key demand from the region's commercial fishing industry, while angering Indigenous leaders.

Dalhousie introduces new specialization in Indigenous law

The JD Certificate in Aboriginal and Indigenous law was introduced at Dalhousie's Schulich School of Law last fall.

Sipekne'katik First Nation sues Nova Scotia over restrictions on buying Mi'kmaw lobster

Sipekne'katik First Nation is suing the Nova Scotia government over regulations restricting the purchase of seafood harvested outside federal or provincial regulations, claiming the rules infringe on treaty rights.

Sipekne'katik lobster fishery closed for the season

Three months after launching a self-regulated lobster fishery in southwest Nova Scotia to significant opposition from the commercial fishing industry, the Sipekne’katik band has called its season to a close and is preparing to pull its boats from the water.

Police investigating shots fired at Pictou Landing First Nation lobster fisherman

RCMP in Pictou County, N.S., have four persons in custody after reports of shots fired Sunday in the area of Pictou Landing First Nation. The chief of the First Nation says a lobster fisherman from the band was fired at. He was not injured.

Sipekne'katik First Nation halts talks with Ottawa over fishing rights

Sipekne'katik First Nation has halted discussions with the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans after suggestions put forward by the band were rejected in regard to the implementation of its treaty right to fish to earn a moderate livelihood.

Mi'kmaq stay ashore as commercial lobster season opens in largest N.S. fishing area

As the commercial inshore lobster fishing season begins in one of the largest and most lucrative fishing areas in Canada, Mi'kmaw fishers who'd typically be out on the water will remain ashore, looking for ways to make ends meet.

4th person charged with assault in Nova Scotia after lobster plants vandalized

A Digby County man has been charged with assaulting a woman two months ago after a fish plant in New Edinburgh, N.S., was vandalized. On Thursday, Meteghan RCMP charged Randy Cyril German, 49, with assaulting a woman on Oct.14.

Sipekne'katik councillor charged with vessel infraction during fishery tensions

A Sipekne'katik band councillor has been charged with unsafe operation of a vessel during the September confrontation over the Mi'kmaw fishery in the waters off Saulnierville, N.S., CBC News has learned.