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Touching Distance

This week, OITO asks: How far would you go to get what you want? Piya speaks with people who have gone to great lengths in pursuit of a child, a home and even pizza.

One woman's decision to have a baby solo

Jennifer Fox always thought she’d have children in a partnership, but things didn't quite work out that way.

'I drove 9 hours to West Virginia just to get McDonald's pizza'

There are only two McDonald's locations in the world serving pizza — and three friends drove 800km to buy it.

'I honestly didn't believe that I was going to get out of it alive'

Greg Johnson will do just about anything to get the perfect photo of the perfect storm.

'He didn't want to die. But he didn't want to live with Huntington's more'

Dying with dignity didn’t come easy for Huntington’s Disease sufferer John Schreurs, even with Canada’s new medically-assisted death legislation.

Barb Moewes slept in the cold for 2 weeks for a condo in her mom's building

14 nights in the cold for Walnut Ridge 4

Monitoring medically assisted deaths: Coroner says at least 20 cases since legalization

British Columbia Chief Coroner Lisa Lapointe explains how her office will now collect and publicly report on all doctor-assisted deaths in British Columbia.

Assisted-dying bill discriminates: Senator James Cowan

James Cowan, leader of Independent Senate Liberals, says Bill C-14 as it is now discriminates against people with mental illness seeking medically assisted death.

No court decision on St. John's man's request for doctor-assisted death

There will be no decision Tuesday in the case for a St. John's man who is asking the Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court to declare that a doctor can legally help end his life.

Legislative void means physician-assisted death now legal in Alberta

As of June 6, patients in Alberta are able to request a physician-assisted death amidst a legislative void, as the deadline for federal rules on the matter set by the Supreme Court expires. This void means physician-assisted death is now legal in Alberta

Manitobans seeking medically-assisted death still need court approval

Medically-assisted death is officially legal in Canada for patients who meet the criteria but Manitobans seeking doctor-assisted death will still be required to get approval from a judge.

'There are clearly some flaws'

Senator Don Plett, opposition whip, says assisted-dying bill has reached the Senate and won't pass easily.

Alberta woman at centre of assisted-dying debate ends her life in Vancouver

An Alberta woman at the centre of a court case over her request for a physician-assisted death has died with the help of a doctor.

Trudeau's "elbowgate" stalls assisted dying legislation

The fight over Justin Trudeau's "elbowgate" has stalled legislation on assisted dying.

Manitoba woman with 'grievous medical condition' to apply for physician-assisted death

A Manitoba woman plans to apply to the court to get to access physician-assisted death, making her the second person in the province to do so.

Sudbury doctors review legislation around medically assisted death

Medical professionals in Sudbury are taking the time to study draft legislation around doctor assisted death.

Hanne Schafer's friends and family speak after publication ban lifted in doctor-assisted death case

Hanne Schafer wanted privacy leading up to her doctor-assisted death but her husband and best friend say she was a 'trailblazer' who wanted to make life easier for others suffering as she was.

Doctor-assisted dying bill too restrictive, says Calgary advocate

A Calgary advocate for medically assisted dying says one of the safeguards in the federal government's new bill could do more harm than good.

Last Right: Harriet's Story

All her life, Harriet Scott liked being in the driver’s seat. And so when her doctor told her she had a terminal case of liver cancer, she was determined to die on her own terms. But would the choice be taken away from her as the disease progressed?

Should assisted suicide be legal for people with mental illnesses?

Two mental health advocates, both with personal experience with suicide, talk about legalizing assisted suicide for mental illness.

B.C. woman seeking doctor-assisted death says life is 'intolerable'

A B.C. woman with multiple sclerosis has asked the B.C. Supreme Court for permission to seek a physician-assisted death.

AHS offers to connect patients seeking right to die with willing doctors

Alberta Health Services says it has identified doctors in every area of the province who would be willing to perform doctor-assisted death, and that it will help connect eligible patients with those professionals.

Does the government report on assisted dying go too far?

New government recommendations on doctor-assisted dying go further than many expected, suggesting the option for dementia patients, people with psychiatric conditions and, eventually, even to some children.

State of palliative care must factor into talks on assisted suicide, doctor says

Ontario doctors now have advice on how to respond to people seeking assisted suicide before it becomes legal nationwide on June 6.

N.W.T. Health Minister Glen Abernethy on doctor complaints, assisted suicide

Northwest Territories Health Minister Glen Abernethy met with his federal, provincial and territorial counterparts in Vancouver this week. CBC North caught up with him on Thursday for an update.

Court Gives Extension on Assisted Suicide Laws

Canada's Supreme Court is giving the federal government more time to craft a new law on assisted suicide. But even before that happens, Canadians will be allowed to seek the right to die.

Quebec's assisted dying law debated at Court of Appeal

Although Quebec's assisted dying law has been in effect for only eight days, its fate was placed in the hands of the province's top court on Friday.

RAW: Dr. Mark Kristjanson is saying no to physician assisted suicide

RAW: Dr. Mark Kristjanson says he would not make a referral for doctor assisted suicide, even If that meant losing his license

Herbert Dilts avoids jail time in assisted suicide case

The Supreme Court of Canada's landmark end-of-life ruling played a role in helping a Hamilton man charged with assisting suicide avoid jail time, his lawyer said.

Jacques Delisle confession

Former judge told the fifth estate's Mark Kelley that he is not guilty of killing his wife but that he assisted her suicide

Point of Order February 12, 2015

Political strategists Tim Powers and Kathleen Monk debate floor-crossing, cabinet shuffle and doctor-assisted death

Divided reaction to assisted suicide

For some the Supreme Court's decision brings great relief, but to others it raises an alarm

Assisted suicide: Physicians want more palliative care as well

The Supreme Court of Canada decision to allow people with 'grievous and irremediable medical conditions' to ask for a doctor-assisted death should be just the start of a much needed conversation, one that includes palliative care as well, physicians say.

Peter MacKay on assisted suicide decision

The minister of justice says the government has 12 months to "thoughtfully review this very important decision."

Svend Robinson remembers assisted suicide trailblazer Sue Rodriguez

Svend Robinson, former B.C. MP and leading advocate in the right-to-die movement, remembers Sue Rodriguez, the Victoria woman credited with putting the issue on the national agenda.

Doctor-assisted suicide a therapeutic service, says Canadian Medical Association

The Canadian Medical Association supports patients who seek "medical aid in dying" as well as physicians' choice to participate, the group's president says in response to a Supreme Court decision.

Elayne Shapray celebrates assisted suicide ruling by Supreme Court of Canada

After the decision was announced, Shapray and others popped open champagne to toast the ruling.

Supreme Court's assisted-death reversal welcomed by Quebec government

The Supreme Court's unanimous decision to reverse Canada's ban on medically assisted death was inspired by Quebec's leadership on the matter, says Parti Québécois MNA Véronique Hivon.

Supreme Court says yes to doctor-assisted suicide in specific cases

People with grievous and "irremediable" medical conditions should have the right to ask a doctor to help them die, Canada's highest court says in a unanimous decision.

Canadian Medical Association on Assisted Suicide

The Supreme Court has struck down the ban on physician-assisted suicide. What does that mean for doctors in Canada?

Political reaction to the Supreme Court ruling on assisted suicide

All in a Day's political panel analyzes the fallout from today's ruling on assisted suicide, as well as John Baird's departure from politics.

Timeline: Assisted suicide in Canada

Key events in the assisted suicide debate in Canada.

Palliative care access needed for all nearing end of life, report says

Dramatic improvements are needed to provide quality palliative care for all patients facing the end of their lives, including boosting the number of health providers trained in specialized care of the dying.

Senate bill on assisted suicide

Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth on why she's introducing a bill to make assisted suicide legal.

Assisted-suicide debate: Stanley Kmiecic planned his death at 92

Eva Kmiecic watched her 92-year-old father starve himself to death because he didn't have the option of assisted suicide in Canada. Now she's calling for change in the laws.

Should assisted suicide be legal?

The Supreme Court considers whether laws prohibiting assisted suicide violate the rights of terminally ill Canadians to die on their own terms

Doctors debate assisted suicide

Steve Fischer looks at how people in the medical community view the assisted suicide debate.

Right-to-die advocates hold rallies across Canada

A national charity whose focus is on allowing people to choose how and when they die held rallies across the country Wednesday as the Supreme Court of Canada held a one-day hearing looking at assisted suicide.

Doctor, patient discuss end-of-life treatment

CBC Ottawa's Steve Fischer captures a rare glimpse at a frank conversation between a doctor and his terminal patient about end-of life treatment.

Lawyer Joseph Arvay on assisted suicide RAW

Supreme Court hears arguments on assisted suicide

Ottawa-area doctors differ on assisted suicide

A geriatric psychiatrist in Ottawa worries if doctor-assisted suicide becomes legal, more people will ultimately choose death when they become hopeless.

Assisted suicide exposes deep divide

Disabled community polarized over whether assisted suicide offers the right choice or sends the right message.

Doctor-assisted suicide bill shows divide in disabled community

A young Ottawa woman says she's shocked by Conservative MP Steven Fletcher's support for doctor-assisted suicide as the Supreme Court readies to hear a case on the issue from B.C.

Supreme Court to hear assisted suicide case

The Supreme Court of Canada is considering the issue of assisted suicide. Wendy Mesley leads a panel debate on this controversial issue

Assisted suicide: Where do Canada, other countries stand?

The cases of Kathleen (Kay) Carter and Gloria Taylor are at the heart of the constitutional debate in Canada on medically-assisted death on which the Supreme Court will rule Friday.

Doctors face dilemma over assisted suicide

A geriatric psychiatrist and family physician have different takes on the issue of assisted suicide.

Doctor, patient discuss end-of-life treatment

A Brockville, Ont., woman learns what would happen if she chose palliative sedation.

Doctor-assisted suicide supported by majority of Canadians in new poll

More than three quarters of Canadians in a new online poll supported doctor-assisted suicide, as the issue heads the Supreme Court next week.

Rona Ambrose says Canada needs better palliative care

The federal health minister says Canada needs to do better when it comes to elderly and palliative care. Rona Ambrose sat down with CBC News for an exclusive interview.

Gillian Bennett, suffering with dementia, dies leaving right-to-die plea

A B.C. woman who was diagnosed with dementia three years ago has killed herself after posting an open letter online, hoping to reopen the debate about assisted suicide in Canada.

B.C. woman's last right-to-die plea

Gillian Bennett, who died on Monday, left open letter online

Justin Trudeau, Liberal MPs meet in Edmonton to plan for 2015 election

The federal Liberals will meet ahead of their return to Parliament next month to talk about what the MPs heard in their ridings over the summer and decide how to tackle any issues that could derail them during a campaign.

Right to die

Right-to-die advocates in Ottawa would like to see legislation similar to Quebec's in Ontario.

Last Right: John Alan Lee's Story

In the last installment of the series on assisted suicide, Duncan McCue speaks to John Alan Lee, a former university professor who plans to kill himself, not because of illness but simply because he's had "enough."

Last Right: seniors react to end-of-life case

Residents of Garrison Green, a retirement residence in Calgary, had strong and mixed reactions to the issue of assisted suicide and our documentary on one man's end-of-life choices.

Anniversary of Manitoban Susan Griffiths' assisted suicide

It was just under three years ago that Susan was diagnosed with Multiple Systems Atrophy, a grueling and always fatal disease with no known cure.

Changing assisted suicide laws

Conservative MP Stephen Fletcher explains why he is introducing 2 private member's bills which would allow assisted suicide in certain situations

MPs on doctor-assisted suicide

Bob Dechert, Hedy Fry and Françoise Boivin on the reopening of the debate on the right to assisted suicide

Woman sentenced for helping end mother's life

Linda McNall admittied to helping her gravely-ill mother kill herself in May

The National's correspondents remember 2013

In this second installment of our series, The National's correspondents remember the stories that stood out for them this year.

Woman pleads guilty in suicide pact

The daughter of a desperately-ill American woman has admitted that she came to Alberta as part of a suicide pact with her mother.

Last Right Reflections

We reflect on your thoughts and comments to Duncan McCue's special series 'Last Right' on assisted suicide.

Last Right: Sandy Trunzer's Story

In this third installment of the documentary series "Last Right," we meet Sandy Trunzer. She's 49 years old and dying of a rare disorder. She hoped to respect the laws banning assisted suicide by simply shutting off her pacemaker, but that's proving to be problematic.

Behind the Scenes: Harriet's Story


Last Right: Harriet's Downturn

Harriet Scott has terminal cancer. She wants to end her life on her own terms. But before she can make a decision, choice is taken out of her hands.

Last Right: Harriet Scott on "wanting more time"

As part of the documentary series Last Right, Harriet Scott explains how she feels to be in the hospital with a terminal illness.

Mike Duffy's $90K Senate expense refused by Tories

Conservative Senator Irving Gerstein says he told Nigel Wright the party wouldn't pay for Mike Duffy's disputed Senate expenses.

Last Right: Harriet Scott's Choice

In this excerpt from the documentary Last Right, Harriet Scott explains how her mother's death helped shape her views on assisted suicide.

Doctor-assisted suicide ban to be appealed in B.C.

The B.C. Civil Liberties Association will appeal a high court ruling that upholds Canada's ban on doctor-assisted suicide — and is urging that the wheels of justice should turn quickly.

VIDEO: B.C. MS patient wants Supreme Court ruling on assisted-suicide

A Vancouver woman who suffers from severe Multiple sclerosis says she wants the Supreme Court to rule on the legality of assisted-suicide, and that she will be present when the BC Civil Liberties Association takes the issue back to the country’s highest court.

Last Right: Assisted Suicide in Canada

The National begins a documentary series on assisted suicide, a topic many Canadians debate and struggle with, but lawmakers have refused to touch for 20 years.

Behind the Scenes: reporting on assisted suicide

Duncan McCue talks about his work on Last Right, a series about assisted suicide.

Last Right: Former Supreme Court judge wants Parliament to act on assisted suicide


Last Right: Former Supreme Court judge speaks about Sue Rodriguez case


Last Right: An upcoming series on assisted suicide

Beginning Monday, October 28th, The National will begin a series on assisted suicide in Canada.

Last Right: Harriet's Story

In this excerpt from the documentary series Last Right, Harriet Scott talks about her "realistic" plan to kill himself and her concerns that no one can help her.

Last Right: Harriet on her mother's illness

In this excerpt from the documentary series Last Right, Harriet Scott talks about her mother's death and how it affected her.

Last Right: Valerie's Story

In this excerpt taken from the documentary series Last Right, Valerie Kennett talks about the last days she spent with her husband Bill.

Assisted suicide ban makes B.C. woman's decision harder

MS sufferer Elayne Shapray, who wrote an affidavit for Gloria Taylor's case in favour of doctor-assisted suicide, is disappointed the B.C. Court of Appeal's decision.

The Sunday Scrum

Ongoing opposition to Quebec's proposed charter of values, the continuing end-of-life debate, and Ireland's failed vote to abolish their Senate

3 to Watch

Our '3 to Watch' panel discusses the possibility of a U.S. government shut down, the debate on assisted suicide and how online television is affecting Canadian content.

Rex Murphy: The 'dying with dignity' debate

Rex Murphy talks about Dr. Donald Low and the controversial end-of-life debate he left us to ponder.

Ontario's Wynne supports national debate on assisted suicide

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says there's going to be a national debate about whether assisted suicide should be legalized, whether the federal government wants one or not.

Discussing assisted suicide

Ontario reacts to Dr. Don Low's dying plea for doctor-assisted suicide

Dr. Low's dying plea

Dr. Donald Low made a powerful video shot 8 days before he died, urging Canada to legalize assisted suicide

CMA President

Canadian Medical Association President Dr. Louis Francescutti on the issue of assisted suicide

Conservative MP Steven Fletcher

Steven Fletcher speaks out on assisted suicide

'Dying with dignity' plea

Renowned doctor Donald Low makes plea for assisted suicide before death

Doctor's plea for assisted suicide

SARS specialist Donald Low makes plea for assisted suicide in video shot 8 days before he died of a brain tumour

PQ Minister Véronique Hivon tables Bill 52

Social Services Minister says end-of-life legislation will allow all Quebecers to die with dignity.