Yukon Votes 2021

Yukon NDP win in Vuntut Gwitchin 'invalid,' says Liberal Pauline Frost in petition to court

Former Liberal MLA Pauline Frost is challenging the election results in her Vuntut Gwitchin riding. She lost after a tie last week and a random draw on Monday.

Yukon NDP win final riding by rare drawing of lots, maintaining Liberal, Yukon Party tie in assembly

The Yukon NDP’s Annie Blake won a draw for the riding of Vuntut Gwitchin, leaving the incumbent Liberals tied with the Yukon Party for the most seats in the assembly.

Election tie confirmed in Yukon's Vuntut Gwitchin riding, recount to follow

It's official — there was a tie in Monday's Yukon general election in the Vuntut Gwitchin riding, and a judicial recount will now follow.

By the numbers: Most Yukoners voted for the status quo, but it's not what they'll get

Unofficial results from Monday's election show that Yukoners in a majority of ridings were largely satisfied with what they had before the vote — and yet the next legislative assembly will be very different.

CBC projects minority government in Yukon election, winner too close to call

CBC News is projecting a minority government in Yukon, but the final seat count is still too close to call and may not be decided for several days. 

With no clear winner, Yukon's election-night intrigue will linger

If you’re trying to pull a coherent narrative or storyline out of last night’s Yukon election results, good luck.
CBC Explains

Yukon's election is a tie. What happens now?

Yukon’s nail-biter election ended with two parties claiming eight seats each and a tie in Vuntut Gwitchin that could decide the final result. Here’s what happens next.

It's election day in Yukon. Here's what you need to know

Voters across Yukon head to the polls on Monday. Here's what you need to know to cast your ballot.
Yukon Votes 2021

Thousands voted in advanced polls or were issued special ballots: Yukon Elections

A total of 7,668 electors either voted ahead of Yukon’s Monday election or were issued special ballots, up from 6,251 in 2016, Elections Yukon said Saturday.

Indigenous women's groups call on parties to commit to long-term funding

Ann Maje Raider, the executive director of the Liard Aboriginal Women's Society, says her organization needs more resources to support Indigenous women and girls.

Former Liberal MLA campaigns for Yukon NDP, blasts former party for 'inaction' on addictions

The once-Liberal MLA for Mayo-Tatchun was back on the campaign trail this week — and this time Don Hutton is urging his constituents to vote against his former party and get behind the NDP instead.

5 ridings to watch in the Yukon election

Yukon voters head to the polls on Monday — here are some ridings we'll be watching closely.

Campaign trail notes: Here's what Yukon's political parties had to say in the last week

With election night around the corner, parties are racing to squeeze in their remaining campaign promises.

Party leaders meet for CBC Yukon's territorial election debate

Not only were there no real heated exchanges at Wednesday's CBC Yukon election debate — the mood was downright chummy at times as the three party leaders parried questions about the pandemic, affordable housing, mining royalty rates and more.

Q&A | 'Anything could happen': Whitehorse Star editor weighs in on 2021 Yukon election

Jim Butler, longtime editor of the Whitehorse Star, sees a lot of big promises from Yukon's political parties, but no clear front-runner as the campaign enters the final stretch.
Yukon Votes 2021

Yukon Liberals release platform, say track record speaks for itself

Liberal Leader Sandy Silver has unveiled his party's platform, which makes several commitments to address housing, climate change and community safety.
Yukon Votes 2021

Advance polls open in Yukon election

A total of 25 advance polls in 23 locations across the territory opened Sunday at 8 a.m. and will close at 8 p.m. Advance polls will be open Monday as well.
Yukon Votes 2021

Party leaders discuss Yukon First Nations issues at all-candidates forum

All three party leaders running in the April 12 territorial election discussed topics including health and wellness, the pandemic and housing.
Yukon Votes 2021

Yukon Party platform targets families, communities and pandemic recovery

The Yukon Party has released its platform, ahead of the April 12 territorial election. Party leader Currie Dixon presented his "Action Plan" on Wednesday at a Whitehorse brewery.
Yukon Votes 2021

Campaign trail notes: Here's what Yukon's political parties had to say April 1

UNDRIP, biomass and services for seniors topped the party agendas Thursday.

Yukon parties debate economic policy in chamber of commerce debate

The debate, which lasted over two hours, saw questions focused mainly on economic issues, posed by industry groups like the Yukon Chamber of Mines and the First Nation Chamber of Commerce.

Yukon NDP reveals platform with 'bold vision for the future'

The Yukon NDP dropped an 81-page platform that has big promises and hopes for the future of the territory.
Yukon Votes 2021

Campaign trail notes: What Yukon's political parties had to say March 29

All three major parties had policy announcements Monday ahead of the Yukon territorial election on April 12. Here's a roundup of those promises.
Yukon Votes 2021

Campaign trail notes: Here's what Yukon's political parties had to say March 25

Thursday's promises: electrical rate freeze, more services for small communities and varsity sports

Who's running in the Yukon election? Here's the list

The ballots are set for Yukon's general election on April 12. Here are the 56 people running in the territory's 19 electoral districts.