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Leaders must 'act to heal the deep divisions' revealed by election results in Sask.

The solid blue painted over Saskatchewan after Monday’s election reveals — and will contribute to — the challenges that lie ahead for the province.

It takes strength to say 'I need a break'

Three years ago, Kim Cooper began losing her voice almost monthly. The Saskatchewan teacher found out it was due to stress. That prompted her to examine how she can stay healthy in her job, and is now encouraging others to speak up when they need help in the workplace or a break.

Knock, knock. Who cares? or: How I learned to stop worrying and love ignoring people at my door

People are fussin’ and fightin’ over the issues of the day (or the mudslinging of the hour on Twitter). Lawn signs are out in full. The part that scares me the most? The door knockers.

Saskatchewan is too adorably lame to properly celebrate legal weed

Denying ourselves joy is a proud Saskatchewan tradition. It’s right next to guys wearing white sunglasses and losing consciousness while zipper merging.

Allowing Canadians to vote by 16 will create life-long voting habits

If citizens vote when they’re younger, they will develop a habit of voting and continue to vote for their entire lives. I think we should encourage that habit at 16, not 18, by lowering the voting age in Canada.

As a first-time voter, I'm worried my ballot doesn't really matter

"Do you want young people to vote? Give us a system where our vote counts," Andrew Batycki writes in this Opinion piece about his thoughts on being a first-time voter. Batycki is from Saskatchewan and is studying environmental engineering at the University of Alberta.

Racism against immigrants is nothing new in Saskatchewan, it just looks a little different

Multiculturalism was never part of the original blueprint for Saskatchewan.

Magazine subscription service's demise could prompt important conversation about fundraising for schools

I am happy my children will not lose class time to hear about all of the cheap trinkets they could win if they sell magazines for their school; that they won't be coming home in tears because they didn't sell X number of magazines during Week One of the fundraising campaign for a chance as a plastic keychain.

Scamming your way into Canada is easy. The fix is easy too, if government is willing to act

Some Canadian employers and their employees conspire against the country’s immigration program. Immigration officials in Canada know how they could fix this, if they were allowed to.

We should all be watching the Carolyn Strom appeal

Anyone who believes that the health care system should ensure the protection of patients should be watching an upcoming appeal of a Saskatchewan nurse in a freedom of expression case involving critical Facebook comments.

Cynicism is gnawing at Saskatchewan's democratic traditions: What can you do about it?

The challenge of cynicism can’t be addressed unless we consider how each of us can contribute — today and moving forward — to a community that is larger than us as individuals.

Knowing how fake news preys on your emotions can help you spot it

Canadians should be wary of being exposed to fake and misleading news, particularly on social media.

Stop assimilating: Sask. schools aren't doing enough to offer Indigenous language education

I’m the mother of a First Nations child, and I’ve been searching for primary schools in the Regina area that offer any sort of Saulteaux language program. Hard as I’ve tried, it seems no such school exists. 

Saskatoon's weir has outlived its usefulness and should be removed

These days the weir has no particular use anymore, aside from being a silt trap. The day is coming that it is better just to tear it down.

Miracle on Ring Road: The rare elation of a Regina zipper merge done right

Experience Regina, they say. We all laugh and laugh and laugh. But recently, I truly did experience Regina. 

Glamping has gone too far: Survival tips for the unhappy camper

My preference for hyper-hygiene renders me unsuitable for the great Saskatchewan pastime of camping. 
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Status — 'In A Relationship': Why reactions to my recent coupling rubbed me the wrong way

The world is changing. The idea that being in a relationship is the definition of success is over.

POINT OF VIEW | Many crucial WW II battles are all but forgotten. My father was wounded in one of them

Some battles that brought an end to the Second World War in Europe are largely forgotten, if even known. My father Ted took part in one of those battles in August 1944. Like many Canadian soldiers, he was lucky to have survived.

Point of view | 'Those who journey see': Becoming a Canadian citizen is a transformation with gains and losses

This week, Iryn Tushabe traded in her permanent resident card for a citizenship certificate in Regina. Originally from Uganda, she says in her 12 years in Canada she has learned the process of immigration is one of holding onto some aspects of her homeland dearly and letting others go.

Point of View | Personalities, partisanship must be put aside for this week's premiers' meeting

Former Saskatchewan premier Lorne Calvert says Canada's current premiers must work together at this week's meeting for the good of all Canadians.

Comedy | It's not Gainer the Gopher's new look that's the problem; it's Saskatchewan's fear of change

Saskatchewan wasn’t ready to see their beloved Roughriders mascot, born in the late 1970s, change. If there’s anything the province hates, it’s change.

Opinion | Disposable coffee cups shouldn't be your biggest environmental concern — it's the coffee itself

With the proposed ban on single-use plastics, coffee bars like mine in Regina may have to rethink our take-out cup options. But that is a minor issue compared to the problems faced by coffee producers in becoming more environmentally sustainable: They often don’t have the money to.

School divisions need to stop pretending cuts to speech-language won't hurt children

This province is home to highly-trained teachers who are doing an amazing job, but they can’t address the diverse needs of all children. 

Opinion | Farmers deserve the right to repair their own equipment

Farmers are caught up in the age-old battle between common sense and greed.
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Coming out was like leaping off a high dive

Imagine being atop a high dive for 28 years. For me, climbing that high dive was accepting my sexuality. Taking that step off the platform equated to finally saying something out loud that I hadn’t even whispered to myself yet.
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Dear 18-year-old me: Be your authentic self, be kind to that self, and don't be afraid to grow

"This time of year makes me nostalgic – for the time you are living in, for the simplicity of your life, and for the precipice that you stand on," Daniel Dalman writes to his 18-year-old self. "But it also makes me sad. Because I remember how sad you are."

Point of View | 'If the scar is deep, so was the love': Dealing with my first Father's Day without Papa

A new bond formed between my father and I as he drew his last breaths last August.

Opinion | Moe and Kenney's rhetoric on C-69, carbon tax is more talk than fact

One needs to stop for a moment to consider what Moe, Kenney and other opponents of C-69 hope to gain.

Happy rebirthday: What it's like to experience your first pulse in over a year | Point of view

Adrienne Mahoney suffers from a rare autoimmune disorder that caused her heart to all but fail. She lived precipitously with a device to assist her heart's function, until it came time for a full heart transplant this year.

Opinion | Mother's and Father's Day are exclusionary and shouldn't be celebrated in school

Elementary schools need to rethink Mother’s and Father’s Day activities.

As a canola farmer, I think the federal government's loan boost missed the mark

Today the federal government announced that help is on the way.  I'm appreciative of these efforts, but it may be too little, too late.

Point of View | My son's addictions killed him. His death shows how our systems need to change

Addiction must be addressed as a health issue.  Our systems are ass-backwards. 

Earth Day is no longer relevant

The planet now finds itself in grave danger. We're way beyond holding a day once a year to raise awareness on the issue.

Opinion | Saskatchewan needs to get serious about abandoned oil and gas wells

It’s easy to forget about a hugely expensive legacy the energy industry is creating.

Analysis | How Kenney's win shifts the federal-provincial dynamics for Saskatchewan

In congratulating Jason Kenney on his victory, Scott Moe quickly locked arms on the battle with Ottawa.

Point of View | 'I put down my phone and picked up my life': Quitting social media liberated me

On February 1, 2019, I logged out of all social media and quietly, without any pomp or pageantry, deactivated my accounts.
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My son was a Humboldt Bronco. I honour his memory by trying to make my community better

On April 6, 2018, our lives changed forever. Our son Adam was the youngest player killed in the Humboldt bus crash. He died just six days before his 17th birthday.
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As an autistic parent to an autistic child, I implore you: accept us

This autism awareness month, Dela McDonald encourages people to better include autistic people in society.

Olive Garden mania: What Saskatchewan's obsession with franchises says about us

Saskatchewan recently lost its collective mind with the announcement of two Olive Gardens opening respectively in Regina and Saskatoon later this year. The thing that surprises me is the outpouring of emotion incoming chain stores inevitably bring.
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Islamophobia may finally be getting the attention it needs

As a student, Zarqa Nawaz made a short comedic film trying to bring attention to Islamophobia. Twenty-five years later, although rattled by the shootings in New Zealand mosques, Nawaz thinks the conversation is shifting.

Determining 'appropriate' sentence for semi driver in Humboldt Broncos crash is an impossible task for courts

The man facing 29 charges stemming from the Humboldt Broncos bus crash pleaded guilty but his sentence won't be known until Friday. 
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'Love for All, Hatred for None': What an Imam learned visiting 50 Sask. First Nations in 2 years

Three years ago I was one of many Canadians who have never stepped foot on a First Nations reserve. Now I have visited more than 50 different First Nations across this province.
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I'm not old enough to vote, but I'm marching against climate change

Regina Grade 7 student Ada Dechene is taking part in the Strike 4 Climate, a student-led protest at the provincial legislature building Friday. 'I don’t want people to die because of a thing that could have been stopped if people had taken it more seriously,' she says.
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An open letter to all the Olivias from another commonly named child

Maygen Kardash was an Erin in a sea of the same before she chose to change her name. She has some sage words for our province's latest crop of commonly named kids.
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I've had 4 surnames; now I feel I finally have one that matches my identity

I have had four different surnames over the course of my lifetime but only began using what I consider to be my proper name, Osawa Mikisew Iskwew, recently.

Sask.'s music scene is worth celebrating and the Junos are the perfect way to do it

"Saskatoon is big enough to throw a good party and small enough to appreciate every guest it invites."
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As an immigrant, I know how it feels to be 'lonely and isolated' in my new country

"The beauty of Canada is the richness of diversity seen in its cultures, colours, religions, languages, customs, traditions and international work experience."

I'm vegan, but don't think we should guilt, shame or threaten meat-eaters

When things get political they get divisive, oppositional, and polarizing. We don’t need any more reasons to divide ourselves, to be entrenched in our ideologies or to choose sides. I don’t want to focus on difference.
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Why I've spent much of my life raising other people's children

The Indian Residential Schools, Sixties Scoop and Indigenous child welfare system are a part of my reality. All of these programs impacted my family. It's torn us apart with no end in sight. But it's from that life that I have grown fiercely protective of kids.

I tried decluttering — and realized I love everything I own

Daniel Dalman attempted Marie Kondo's famous method of organization, and ended up with a home that is the antithesis of zen.

Why do women still shoulder the bulk of the criticism — and responsibility — for a dirty house?

Women are making more strides in our careers than any other time in history. We can lead nations, run corporations, earn a percentage of every dollar a man makes, but we are still responsible for hiring a cleaner and taking the blame when the said cleaner isn't cleaning.
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From Whitney to Kaden: I stuck by my transgender partner through his transition

Two years ago, Hilary Aitcheson met Whitney. They started going out. Then Whitney came out as Kaden. Here's what it has been like for Aitcheson to work through Kaden's transition with him.

As a farmer, I'm sick of being harassed online by animal rights activists

Veganuary probably started as a way to peacefully promote and spread helpful information about an alternative diet and lifestyle, but it quickly became an ugly circus where the farmers that feed our country are bullied, insulted and threatened
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Bucking tradition: My immigrant parents gave me the freedom to choose love

My father was just beginning to talk about finding a husband for me, when I produced one of my own. His reaction was nothing I would have ever expected.

Sask. government's reasons for dragging its feet on electric vehicles are nonsense

On Jan. 21, provincial transportation ministers met in Ottawa to give feedback on the federal government’s goal of 100 per cent of vehicles sold in 2040 be zero-emissions. Our provincial government had a problem with that. Their reasons, however, were more puzzling than their arguments against putting a price on carbon.

As a mother and a farmer, I think Canada's new food guide goes too far

Why not let the individual figure out what works best for them based on their dietary goals, demands and restrictions?

'As long as you're not hurting anyone' is not a high enough bar for a religion

Why not ask if your beliefs are driving you to lessen the effects of suffering, human and otherwise?

I'm a millennial, I believe in climate change and I still hate the carbon tax

I probably don’t fit your mental picture of someone who is against the carbon tax.

There's already a 'job killing' tax in Saskatchewan — and it's not the carbon tax

The Saskatchewan Party’s decision to apply provincial sales tax (PST) to the restaurant, construction and used car sales industries pose the same job-killing impacts Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe feverishly claims the carbon tax will bring to our province.

Moe's Sixties Scoop apology is meaningless if there is no change

A quiet sadness visited me in the days leading up to Premier Scott Moe’s apology to Sixties Scoop survivors Monday.

No sentence handed down by court can be commensurate with devastating toll of Humboldt crash

The man facing 29 charges stemming from the Humboldt Broncos bus crash pleaded guilty this week, but his sentence won't be known until later this month.

Negative news overshadowed a strong year of reconciliation for Indigenous people

To assess the progress or lack of it for Indigenous people in 2018 you must go back and look at a few events in isolation.

2 Saskatchewanians throw rocks over where curling should rank among wintertime sports

Of all the winter sports, curling seems to be the one that is most equally beloved and mocked. We asked two Saskatchewan residents to settle the debate.

Ignore the haters, New Year's Eve is the crown jewel of the holidays

I now consider it my duty to defend the sterling reputation of New Year’s Eve and lead the masses, doula-like, through the end of 2018’s canal and into the warm waiting arms of 2019.

How my holiday home became a harrowing house of horrors

"It turned out the patron saint of holiday karma had a few things up her sleeve for me."
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'For Santa, Christmas is year-round': A letter from Mrs. Claus

Santa doesn’t make Christmas happen all in one night.
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My daughter's disease is terrible, but I refuse to hate it

Like an awful hurricane, I just stand in fear and awe and resolve to keep living through it.

As a farmer, I think the 'thank a farmer' movement is complete nonsense

Farmers are legitimate business owners trying to remain profitable and sustainable in a tough industry, all while providing for their own families. You can stop treating us like martyrs, says Osler, Sask., dairy farmer Cam Houle.

Shuttering of provincial archive locations means 'fewer of our stories being told'

Archives are like a laboratory where patrons work with primary sources to unlock and decipher the past. The closure of the Saskatoon branch of the PAS will mean that the public will have less direct access to these historical records.

Saskatoon council's decision on trash wasn't wrong, but the tone of the debate was

It took Saskatoon city council sixteen hours to deliberate the 2019 City of Saskatoon budget, which resulted in a 4.4 per cent property tax increase.
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'Who's the mother?': Two new dads embrace parenthood after surrogate birth

“Who’s the mother?” It surprises me how often we get asked that question — often right to our faces — as two dads with a newborn baby girl.
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From film sets to tractor cabs

Megz Reynolds made a childhood dream a reality.

5 takes on tougher rural trespassing laws in Saskatchewan

The issue of rural trespassing was thrust back into the spotlight last week in Saskatchewan. CBC Saskatchewan reached out to several concerned parties for their take on the issue.

The fraud, fakeness and fatigue of Black Friday

If Black Friday is quintessentially American, Dec. 26 is quintessentially Canadian. Our Boxing Day scuffles are more polite.

Saskatoon should lower the speed limit on local roads

Cities are for people. There is a growing, frustrated segment of our society who want to walk in their communities but find it unsafe and uncomfortable. They are tired of waiting for cars.
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City-dwellers should put more trust in farmers — we just want to feed people

There is a rural-urban divide that has split our society into two distinct parties. There are farmers and then there is the rest of the population. Neither is better than the other.

North Battleford, Sask. needs social action — not more police — to shake 'Crimetown' rep

In North Battleford, we have one more tradition at this time of year: topping the annual list of cities in Maclean’s magazine’s Most Dangerous Places to Live.

Carbon tax 101: How can a carbon price work if we get the money back?

Many are asking what the point of a carbon tax is if we just get the money back. This is where an understanding of economics comes in handy.
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Dying has become too casual

I'm quite dissatisfied with the funerals I've attended lately -- primarily because they're not funerals at all. They're “memorial gatherings,” “celebrations of life,” or “mountain-top ash spreadings.”

Moe's hypocritical posturing on carbon tax has residents stuck in the middle: Sask. journalist

"I'm tired of Moe's hypocritical posturing and his party's coal-fired rhetoric."

Carbon tax is a sin tax not nearly high enough to force change: Sask. farmer

"Forgive my confusion but if 90 per cent is returned where is the incentive to drive change?"
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'No idea what that loss could look like': Sharing our miscarriage experiences can help us heal

Hearing stories of other women who have experienced with miscarriages compelled me to share my story.

Is a new downtown arena worth an extra $250 million?

Two radically different plans have been floated. One involves a $101 million rehab of the existing facility on the north side of town. The other involves a roughly $350 million downtown project that includes a complete renovation of the Buckwold Theatre and the Convention Centre.

Is it possible to judge the Remai's success after one year?

The urge to take stock of the Remai's accomplishments and pronounce it a success or a failure is natural. But is it possible yet?
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'Bursting at the seams with unbearable love': Regina couple eagerly awaits child carried by a surrogate

"We are expecting that phone call any day. We'll jump in the car, already pre-packed with the car seat and all the other baby things, and head 600 kilometres east to experience the birth of our child. Holy cow."

'Labour is essential': Living wage about more than just economics

"What gives a business the right to profit off the labour of its employees while not compensating them in a way that allows them to live a full life, free from poverty?"

Was the new Traffic Bridge the best decision for Saskatoon?

CBC asked Glen Penner and Lenore Swystun, two city figures who held opposing views on the vote eight years ago, to reflect on the Traffic Bridge's history before it opens to the public on Wednesday.

'I do not want to fight about this anymore': Residential school denial is poisonous

We have real issues about our future that require our attention, like Indigenous youth unemployment, mental health crises, language revitalization and collaborative policy development. We shouldn't have to focus attention on the conspiracy theories of those who choose to invest resources in residential school denial.

Orange Shirt Day, National Day of Truth and Reconciliation are steps in right direction

"Canadians need to pause and listen to the perspectives of Indigenous peoples."
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A tale of two camps: How similar protests were received differently in Saskatchewan and Alberta

In the last week of February 2018, Indigenous protest camps popped up in both Calgary and Regina. The Regina camp was forced by court order to come down earlier this month. The Calgary camp is fast approaching 200 days and going strong.

Willowgrove church spat Nimbyism shows the problem with public consultation

People who work and live in our community can provide important suggestions and insight. However, public consultation can also yield poor results.

Handgun bans no silver bullet in attacking senseless gun crime

Is a nation-wide handgun ban a necessary restriction on individual liberty?
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'It breaks my heart': Wonderland's dancing hotdog man reflects on loss of Regina arcade

"It breaks my heart thinking about how I'll never walk through Wonderland again."
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Call me Spinderella: Tackling Tinder as a wheelchair user

If you think you've got Tinder stories, just wait 'til this Spinderella fills you in on a few.
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'If schools have gone soft, I for one am glad': The benefits of teaching kindness

"I have been bracing myself for her to be bullied. I have been bracing for schoolyard justice and exclusion. But so far, I see people going out of their way to embrace our family."
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The pilgrimage of a lifetime: Regina woman shares story of trip to Mecca for hajj

Mahwish Faiyaz travelled from Regina to Saudi Arabia this August for hajj, the annual pilgrimage that draws millions of Muslims to Mecca, the religion's holiest city. Faiyaz agreed to share her story to give insight into what hajj is and what it means for followers of Islam.
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Walken-Schmeiser film in Winnipeg a perfect example of lost potential for Sask. film industry

"A quintessentially Saskatchewan story is being produced in Manitoba instead of where it happened."
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We can't rely on laws to change Saskatchewan's drunk driving culture

"I’m doubtful that it will be effective in creating the culture shift that is needed, one where calling someone for a ride and leaving your vehicle behind is always worth the inconvenience."

Nike aligns itself with Kaepernick, free speech

"I believe that Nike as a company is fine with drawing a line in the sand. They're saying they're aligned with Kaepernick and what he stands for. If you're not, they don't want the money you'll spend on future sportswear purchases anyway."

New impaired driving laws could unintentionally criminalize sober drivers

With new impaired driving laws coming into effect in Saskatchewan on Sept. 1, a lawyer provides his take on how changes at the federal level might impact drivers as well.