Family farm or corporation? I'm not ashamed to be both

Many people romanticize the family farm, but it is getting more challenging for small farms to stay economically viable.

Danielle Smith's victory gives Scott Moe room to move Saskatchewan even more to the right

Saskatchewan solidified its position as Canada’s most conservative province Monday after UCP Leader Danielle Smith’s narrowest-ever majority win by a party in the Alberta election.

My family came to Canada to get away from China's influence. It turns out that was no escape

If the federal government chooses not to act forcefully against China’s interference, what message will that send to those of us who fled regimes to seek refuge in Canada?
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I am a good mom — not a perfect mom. That's OK

For Mother's Day, Saskatoon musician Farideh Olsen wants to remind moms to be kind to themselves and realize that they're probably doing a better job parenting than they think.
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Being a surrogate is magical, mundane and unlike anything I've ever done

Sage Yathon says that carrying babies feels like her superpower. But does she want to care for another child? Absolutely not. That's why she turned to surrogacy.

Sask. teachers are not meeting the needs of children, but it's not their fault. They've been set up to fail

Schools are not the same as 10 or 20 years ago. Educators are bearing the burden of more students with higher needs and the system having fewer dollars to cope.

I was an avid traveller, but I stopped flying 20 years ago. You can too

We’ve come to take air travel for granted, using it for frivolous trips like destination weddings or unnecessary business trips. Instead, we should have and use train and bus services, as a way of mitigating our impact on the planet.

For the sake of our children, the global carbon budget is the most important one to balance

As a parent of young children, Brett Dolter finds himself looking at the world with a new perspective.
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I confronted my misconceptions about being Indigenous by embracing beadwork

Tenille Campbell says she never saw beadwork becoming a part of how she expressed herself, but she has now embraced the practice.

Maintaining the Canadian legal system is obstructing justice for Indigenous peoples

Although Indigenous peoples desperately need allies in the legal profession, at some point we should also recognize how the ongoing injustice seems to be paying off mortgages for many non-Indigenous professionals.
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I'm a feminist and I took my husband's last name

Melanie Berglund decided to use her husband’s name as her own. She married at 38 — a point in her life where she felt uniquely independent, and she decided to acknowledge the complexity of their union and embrace simplicity by unifying them under one name.
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While dementia extinguished my grandfather's memories, the losses also eased his pain

Julia Dima says that her grandfather's vascular dementia — while often painful and frustrating for her family — also brought moments of great joy and happiness.

Canada's newspapers are being plundered by monopoly capitalism

What matters is the newspaper's purpose — providing accurate information to help an informed citizenry make decisions, hold power to account, know each other and ensure the wellbeing of their city. Frustratingly, this purpose is being steadily dismantled by the paper's own masters.

Tradition be damned: these Christmas treats are way past their best-before date

Christmas cake, mincemeat and booze-filled chocolates are monstrosities that need to be trashed, not eaten.
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The Prairies are rich with the collective memories of the Black people who came before us

Their care for community can be traced through the earth of their garden, to their hands, to their table, to us, writes Cheryl Foggo.

Is a new downtown arena worth an extra $250 million?

Two radically different plans have been floated. One involves a $101 million rehab of the existing facility on the north side of town. The other involves a roughly $350 million downtown project that includes a complete renovation of the Buckwold Theatre and the Convention Centre.

Our health system is struggling: what I see as a doctor at the frontlines of a health traffic jam

Our health-care system has been strained for some time now by the ongoing pandemic. This is neither news nor surprising. The fix is more complicated than hiring lost health-care workers or adding more beds.
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Being diagnosed with autism as an adult was a gift that unlocked my mind to who I really am

From babyhood to adulthood, Fran Henderson's differences made life challenging and frustrating. A diagnosis that she was on the autism spectrum allowed her to accept herself and celebrate her strengths.
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My baby's first kick reminds me of all the Indigenous babies stripped from their families

So much damage to Indigenous families has been done by harmful government and church policies. But as Carol Rose GoldenEagle heads into her golden years — knowing that some day she will be a kohkum — she recognizes there is the opportunity for reconciliation.

The James Smith Cree Nation tragedy reveals the critical need for First Nations-led policing

The tragedy in the James Smith Cree Nation has opened our eyes to the utter lack of safety provided to First Nations people on-reserve.

With 500 Moe Bucks burning a hole in our collective pocket, maybe it's time for a new pair of pants

The Saskatchewan Party announced it's giving us each $500. We've landed on the free parking square in Monopoly, if your family plays that controversial rule.
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I stuck by my transgender partner through his transition

Two years ago, Hilary Aitcheson met someone. They started going out. Then that person came out to Aitcheson as a transgender man. Here's what it has been like for Aitcheson to work through that transition with him.
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Canada gave me a new outlook on life, but my heart aches for friends left behind in Afghanistan

Coming to Saskatoon from Afghanistan allowed Soomaya Javadi to breathe again and feel safe. But she can never forget that everyone she knew back in Afghanistan is still facing danger, suffering and pain.

Carla Beck and the Sask. NDP have a path, but it's narrow and must be paved with more than finger-wagging

Sally Housser says the NDP in Saskatchewan has become too comfortable being the conscience of the Legislature (in its own mind, of course). It perceives itself as the voice of reason. A moral authority. 
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I hate alcohol, but it never made me stop loving my dad

Andrea Landry says her dad did the best he could in life, but he had his struggles. Those struggles taught her a powerful lesson after he left.