Here are the places in Canada — yes, Canada — vulnerable to drought

As conservationists and organizations around the globe mark World Water Day Thursday, some scientists are warning that Canada is not immune to water shortages and periods of drought.

Nobody knows what's next for Cape Town's water supply — so some are preparing for the worst

How did Cape Town, a sprawling city of four million people, come to the point where residents are left wondering when "Day Zero" — when dam levels are considered low enough to turn off the taps and ration water — will arrive.

Stop-start showers, dry shampoo and plenty of hand sanitizer: How Cape Town is weaning itself off water

Cape Town is running out of water, and its four million residents have been urged to reduce their consumption to less than 50 litres a day. We take a look at some of the ways Capetonians are cutting back on water in their daily lives.

Canadian teen tells UN 'warrior up' to protect water

Autumn Peltier, a 13-year-old from Manitoulin Island on Georgian Bay, delivered a strong message to the United Nations General Assembly that the world needs to stop polluting its water.

One of the driest places on Earth struggles to safeguard its most precious resource: water

To prevent a water crisis, the kingdom of Jordan is looking to move past decades of regional animosity as it works to provide water security to its 10 million residents.

Water worries mount around the world — including in Canada

Population growth and changing climate are putting water supplies at risk. We take a look at some of the trouble spots around the world as part of our series Water at Risk.

What living on 50 L of water a day looks like

The residents of Cape Town have been asked to reduce their daily water consumption to 50 litres a day as a way of alleviating the impact of three years of unprecedented drought that have hit the South African city, depleting its rain-fed reservoirs. We look at what exactly you can do with that amount in a day and how North American water use compares.

Shrinking mountain snowpack, drier summers spell trouble for Vancouver water supply

Climate change is expected to contribute to strain on water supplies across B.C. and Alberta — even in rainy Vancouver. B.C.'s biggest city needs to take action to avoid water shortages, and it won't be cheap.

'It's not impossible': Western Canada's risk of water shortages rising

Cape Town is close to becoming the first major city in the world to run out of water. As the South African city confronts its water crisis, scientists in Canada warn that a similar situation is possible here.



Water crisis: What's the best solution? | The Question

Cape Town isn't the only city facing a water crisis — in fact many around the world have been trying to find ways to conserve the invaluable resource; that led CBC News to ask: Is there a best solution to solving a water crisis? And if not, who's doing it best?

Divided to the last drop: Inside Cape Town's water crisis

Residents of Cape Town have been urged to cut their water consumption or else the taps will run dry. But rather than uniting the city in a common struggle, the crisis has exposed the depth of its enduring inequality. Margaret Evans reports from South Africa in Part 1 of a special series about water scarcity.