Heads up, Canada: Colorado wants your drugs

Colorado is the latest state to apply for a licence to import medicines from Canada, the most recent development in a politically sensitive cross-border issue. In Canada, it stokes fears of drug shortages. In the U.S., it prompts intense lobbying from the pharma industry.

Top U.S. Republican urges Canada to scrap ArriveCAN app

A top U.S. Republican is urging Canada to scrap the ArriveCAN app. House member Elise Stefanik calls it a glitchy disincentive to travelling and doing business and says its use should no longer be mandatory for cross-border travel.

U.S. Senator: Canada's a freeloader on defence and it's getting tiring

A U.S. senator derided Canada as a freeloader on defence during a high-profile congressional hearing and he suggested he's getting fed up with it. As American politicians prepare to send billions more to Ukraine, this one says the U.S. is shouldering too much of the burden.

Daylight time forever? U.S. 'springs forward' toward making it happen

North America has just taken a major, erm, spring forward toward eliminating the twice-a-year change to our clocks. The U.S. Senate passed a bill with potential for ripple effect that could touch Canada.

U.S. Congress asks Facebook: What role did fake overseas accounts have in promoting Canada convoys?

U.S. Congress has asked Facebook: Who used fake overseas accounts to promote Canada's protest convoys? The chair of a powerful committee sent a letter to company founder Mark Zuckerberg that mentions past Russian behaviour as a concern.

U.S. politician uses blockade at Canada-U.S. border to argue for Buy American

The effects of the Ambassador Bridge shutdown in Windsor, Ont., have hit car plants and a Michigan Democrat says this illustrates the need for the U.S. to rely less on Canada. The timing, for Canada, could hardly be worse.

U.S. defeats Canada in first dispute under new North American trade pact

Canada has lost its first dispute case under the new North American trade agreement to the United States. A panel found that Ottawa flouted part of its obligation to open the dairy market. Now the U.S. says Canada could face tariffs if it doesn't fix the problem.

No immediate plans to shut border with Canada over omicron variant, U.S. says

The White House says it has no immediate plan to tighten the border with Canada again after new COVID-19 cases involving the omicron variant.

U.S. congressman: Here's why America is more successful than Canada

How's this for an attention-grabbing bit of political oratory? Rep. Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin opined that Canada and many other countries are less successful than the United States in a speech delivered in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Republican offered a theory about why they are "countries that fail."

Canada may have found an unlikely ally in fight against U.S. auto plan

There's a glimmer of hope for Canadians lobbying U.S. politicians to drop an idea they fear could devastate Canada's auto industry, and it comes from West Virginia. Both of the state's senators, a Democrat and a Republican, have suggested a controversial tax-credit plan in a key American budget bill could be amended or killed.

No imminent move on Line 5, White House says

The White House says it's not planning on making any decisions soon on the disputed Line 5 oil pipeline from Canada.

Canada urged Biden to drop a 'Buy American' idea. Seems he's sticking to it

Canada urged U.S. President Joe Biden to drop a 'Buy American' provision on autos from his signature budget plan, but it appears he's going ahead with it. The idea is included in the newly released version of his sprawling budget plan.

Canada's closer to having a U.S. ambassador — 2 years later

Canada is closer to having a U.S. ambassador — finally. It's been more than two years since the U.S. had a top envoy in Ottawa. Political stalemate is one reason for the delay. Now a Senate committee has advanced the nomination of telecom exec David Cohen.

As U.S. prepares to reopen border, some urge Canada to relax testing requirement

As the U.S. prepares to reopen its border, some Americans are asking if it's time for Canada to follow suit and relax its testing requirement for vaccinated travellers.

Politics the reason Canada has surpassed U.S. on COVID vaccines, Fauci says

How did the U.S. squander a months-long lead to fall behind Canada on COVID-19 vaccinations, leaving it short of herd immunity while a deadly variant wallops unvaccinated pockets of the country? U.S. official Anthony Fauci blames his country's politics.

Woe, Canada: U.S. lawmakers lament skilled immigrants moving north

American immigration laws have gathered dust for decades. Reform efforts have stalled amid partisan bickering. And that's why some U.S. politicians cast a jealous glance at Canada on Tuesday.

U.S. lawmakers planning economic battle with China have some questions — about Canada

A massive bill laying out the long-term U.S. strategy for competing with China is making its way through Congress. There is even a long section in it about Canada. As Alex Panetta explains, the bill presents potential challenges as well as some opportunities for this country.

U.S. legislation seeks to up pressure for Canadian border reopening

A bill introduced in the United States Congress aims to create pressure to reopen the Canada-U.S. border to travel. It's the latest sign of frustration among American politicians over the lack of clarity or progress on the process.

Biden team quashes Trump environmental weakening that angered Canada

The Biden administration says it's siding with Canada in a dispute over an environmental protection for birds that migrate across the border.

Top Democrat tells Biden administration: Get to work reopening border with Canada

There's new political muscle in the United States pushing for a return to more regular travel between Canada and the United States after more than a year of pandemic-related disruptions. The top member of the U.S. Senate has written to members of the Biden administration making several demands regarding the border.

Biden talks with Trudeau about sending more COVID-19 vaccine doses to Canada

Canada could be getting another batch of vaccines from the United States, U.S. President Joe Biden indicated Wednesday as his country's vaccination process gallops ahead. Biden spoke with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and later hinted that more doses may be coming.

'Right now, I'm scared,' CDC head says as she warns of potential 4th pandemic surge in U.S.

U.S. officials issued what was intended to be a sobering warning Monday that the COVID-19 pandemic could get a lot worse. Their unusually emotional message carried obvious international implications, especially given that the U.S. has already vaccinated its citizens at a rate triple Canada's.

Carbon taxes win another endorsement — from the U.S. oil lobby

Carbon pricing didn't just win a big endorsement from Canada's Supreme Court on Thursday — it's also receiving surprising new support from a new corner in the U.S.: the American oil lobby. Ironically, this new support for carbon pricing comes as U.S. climate policy is shifting elsewhere.


White House says it's 'carefully' considering vaccine requests from Canada and Mexico

A White House spokesperson says the United States is carefully considering requests to eventually ship that country's excess supplies of COVID-19 vaccines across the border to its neighbours in Canada and Mexico. But she cautions that nothing is confirmed at this point. 

After industry outcry, Ottawa agrees to clarify cross-border travel rules for autoworkers

After complaints from the auto industry, the federal government has agreed to clarify cross-border travel rules for autoworkers during the pandemic, an industry representative tells the CBC following a virtual meeting between Public Safety Minister Bill Blair and stakeholders on Tuesday.