Protesters, police clash again in bitter fight for Venezuela's constitution

Protesters rallied Saturday in the Venezuelan capital for a march toward the embattled nation's Supreme Court, chanting slogans opposing President Nicolas Maduro's plan to rewrite the constitution.

Protesters against Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro take to streets of Caracas

Opponents of President Nicolas Maduro flood the streets of Caracas in a major test of their strength and the government's ability to tolerate growing dissent.

'We survive thanks to the mercy of God': Inside a Venezuelan hospital during the food crisis

There have been more than 3,000 protests in Venezuela so far this year, and the Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict says more than a quarter of them had to do with the food crisis. The fed-up and hungry crowds have a simple message: "We want food!" Ana Vanessa Herrero checks out the impact inside a major hospital in the capital.

Venezuela's deepening food crisis sees ransacked stores, deadly riots

Venezuela’s second-largest city, Maracaibo, is one of the hardest hit places in a country that seems to be running out of almost everything — from bread to beer, from car parts to electricity.

'We're living worse than in a war': Venezuela's deepening economic crisis

The oil-exporting South American country is caught in a perfect storm of droughts, food and power shortages, and devastating inflation and recession caused by plummeting crude prices.

Rolling blackouts and riots in drought-stricken Venezuela

Venezuelan cities are cleaning up from nights of looting and fiery protests as government offices closed their doors for a new shortened workweek in the face of a worsening energy crisis.

Venezuela orders long weekends to stave off power crisis

Public employees in Venezuela will take long weekends under the government's latest bid to ease a nationwide power crisis.

Venezuela blocks anti-president march in Caracas, tear gas fired

Security forces fired tear gas on Wednesday to block an intended march by protesters demanding a recall referendum to end Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's socialist rule.
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'We're losing patients' Venezuela's health care in crisis as economy struggles

An economic crisis has made basic provisions scarce to come by, while essential public services are deteriorating at a staggering rate.

Venezuela's president says owners of idle factories risk jail time

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro has threatened to jail factory owners who halt production, after declaring a 60-day state of emergency.

Venezuela at risk of unravelling as economic, energy turmoil deepens

A devastating drought has brought Venezuela, already facing economic and energy crises amid simmering political unrest, to the brink and threatens the future of the oil-rich nation.

'Things could explode': Why pressure is mounting as Venezuela's economy melts down

Venezuela’s economic meltdown has become so dire that speculation from political analysts now centres on when and how President Nicolas Maduro will be removed from power.

Mangoes fill the gaps in Venezuela's food crisis

Mangoes are filling the gaps in the diets of many Venezuelans, but the sweet tropical fruits are no substitute for a proper diet, and protests are spreading as a food shortage worsens.

Venezuela's economic and political collapse forces Canada to choose sides

In the next two weeks, the Organization of American States could hold an urgent session to discuss invoking the Inter-American Democratic Charter against Venezuela, which would lead to the country's suspension from the organization over deteriorating economic and political conditions.

Drought leaves patches of 'desert' behind Venezuela's Guri dam

Drought has left areas behind Venezuela's Guri dam, one of the world's biggest, into a desert, but the government is optimistic of rain within weeks to drive the vast installation that provides the bulk of the nation's power.