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International Women's Day

Reclaimed is the home to the next wave of Indigenous music on CBC. Combining past, present and future this series explores the many worlds of Indigenous music and introduces listeners to a new generation of Indigenous artists reclaiming their culture through music and song -- This episode of Reclaimed is all about celebrating the voices and the leadership of Indigenous women. Women play such a pivotal and integral role in the world we live, and it's all our duties to uplift and empower them -- Join host Jarrett Martineau as he shares songs to honour the power and lives of our sisters, mothers, daughters, aunties, and grandmothers and the women, queer, trans, and 2-spirit people that are the true leaders of our families and our nations.

Healing and Transformation

Reclaimed is the home to the next wave of Indigenous music on CBC. Combining past, present and future this series explores the many worlds of Indigenous music and introduces listeners to a new generation of Indigenous artists reclaiming their culture through music and song -- This episode of Reclaimed is all about songs of truth, healing and getting your chance to shine. For Indigenous peoples, one of the oldest and most important ways to find healing is through ceremony -- Join host Jarrett Martineau as he uses the ceremony of song and dance to embrace healing and transformation.

The 'Quiet Revolution' that is changing the face of Innu communities in Quebec

Innu communities on Quebec's Lower North Shore are pulling together to develop their local economy and give new opportunities to youth. One leader is even calling it the "Quiet Revolution" of his generation.

If you build it, 'the families will come': Anticosti opens new daycare

The municipality of Anticosti is hoping to double its population over the next decade, and recently opened a daycare to convince young families to set their roots on the island.

How a historic Newfoundland town is moving from fishing hub to hipster mecca

It was hard for anyone who grew up in the 1990s to imagine staying in Bonavista, but now it's a millennial destination.

Turning berries into gold: Quebec Lower North Shore village shifts from cod to cosmetics

The town of Bonne-Espérance, Que., is drawing on local plants and know-how to launch a nature-based cosmetics industry and revitalize the region, which has seen a slow decline since the collapse of the fishing industry.

Small New Brunswick village banks on pot to revive economy

Atholville has a steadily declining population, and some of the highest unemployment rates in the province, but the village is hoping a new medical marijuana facility will keep people in the community and attract new faces.

Murdochville shows how a town can live on after being abandoned by industry

Murdochville, where Gaspé Copper Mines Ltd. was the main employer, had a population of 5,000 in 1974. When the mine closed in 1999, the province resisted calls to bulldoze the town. Now, with a year-round population of less than 700, the town lives off tourism, especially in the winter months.

'Renaissance' of Elora, Ont., puts housing pressure on longtime locals

People in Elora say they're worried about being priced out of the market as the town enjoys a tourism boom, the opening of a luxurious hotel and spa, and first home buyers escaping Toronto real estate prices.

What it's like to travel Quebec's Lower North Shore by water: Dispatches from the Bella Desgagnés

Follow the adventures of CBC reporters Peter Tardif and Julia Page as they stop along the route of the Bella Desgagnés, visiting some of the most remote communities in Quebec.

How Pasadena — in N.L., not California — is bucking small town trends

Unlike many small, rural communities throughout Canada, Pasadena, N.L. is actually growing in numbers despite not having a true main industry.

'We just help each other out': How Tignish, P.E.I., stays strong

With a rich lobster fishing history, but a declining population, the town of Tignish works hard to keep moving forward. Fuelled by loyalty, pride and perseverance, this tiny rural town is thriving.

Transforming Terrace Bay in turbulent times: How a northern community ventures toward revitalization

The town of Terrace Bay once had it all. But when the economy took a turn, the nearby thriving mill was no longer the city's lifeline. The town is now fighting back and looking within to stand on its own.

'The people of resilience': Indigenous cultural tourism set to reshape historic B.C. fishing village

The Huu-ay-aht Nation hopes its economic development plan will put Bamfield, B.C., on the tourism map.

The great Airbnb debate has come to rural Canada

Short-term rentals have injected millions of dollars into small-town Canada. But the model is also being blamed for mini-housing crises in some of the country's most scenic locales.

As Pelee Island erodes, islanders bank on tourism for fix

Wild weather has been wreaking havoc on the remote island's shores, eroding them and ruining water wells. They've got little money to fix them, so some islanders are turning to tourism to make it happen.

Service clubs are the backbone of small towns, and they need help

Service clubs have cleaned highways and built arenas. They distribute eyeglasses and hold fish fries. As they decline, advocates say, so does the Canadian small town.

'They bring new ways of doing things' as small Ontario city tries to attract newcomers

St. Thomas, Ontario has population that is 95 per cent Caucasian. But its size and low cost of living can be its main draw in bringing in people from around the world.

How Canada's small towns are trying to survive and thrive in changing times

Beginning today and running throughout the summer, CBC News will present an interactive, multi-platform series called Transformation. It will look at how the diverse communities of small-town Canada are evolving to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

From mining town to retirement destination—the transformation of Elliot Lake

About 30 years ago, Elliot Lake made the unlikely pivot from uranium capital to retirement destination. Meet some of the people, both newcomers and long-timers, who call the town home.

Here's how Stratford, Ont. aims to attract a younger population

Stratford has a noticibly older population than its neighbour cities of London and Kitchener. So the city is trying to attract and retain a younger demographic. Here's how they're doing it.