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John Tory wins a commanding victory, but can he command the new council?

Toronto's mayor could be in for a series of political headaches if he can't find a way to work with the progressive wing of city council, Matt Elliott writes.

Giorgio Mammoliti out as councillor as incumbents fought for political lives in Toronto

One of the more interesting council races of this year's municipal election has ended with longtime councillor Giorgio Mammoliti out of a job, as fellow incumbent Anthony Perruzza beat him in Ward 7 (Humber River-Black Creek).

'Take this win and run with it': Tory's resounding victory an opportunity for bold action

John Tory has secured a second term as Toronto's mayor, besting his rival and former chief city planner Jennifer Keesmaat after a wild election campaign.

Why vote today? Because Toronto's future is still TBD

With early voting numbers down from 2014 and John Tory leading the mayor's race, some Toronto residents may see the result of Monday's municipal election as a foregone conclusion. But it's not, Matt Elliott writes.

Tory makes 11th-hour endorsement of controversial council candidate Mark Grimes

John Tory made an eleventh-hour endorsement of a city council candidate wrapped up in a police probe into whether he benefited from polling paid for by a developer before the last municipal election.
Vote Compass

Generations of Toronto voters are split on policing, but united on city services, transit

Data collected from CBC Toronto's voter engagement survey includes some surprising insights into how the age of voters impacts their positions on some key issues.

Jennifer Keesmaat says she would be mayor for 'every corner of this city'

Downplaying her lack of political experience, Jennifer Keesmaat on Friday said she decided to run for mayor of Toronto after witnessing "so many missed opportunities" to better the city during the tenure of John Tory.
Toronto Votes 2018

How to watch Monday's municipal election and where to get results

CBC Toronto is running full coverage — on radio, television, the website and social media platforms — as voters in the city and 905 municipalities go to the polls next Monday.

'I think I've done what I said I would do': John Tory defends his record as Toronto's mayor

John Tory defended his record as Toronto's mayor on Thursday, saying he has followed through on key commitments while admitting that not all areas of the city have flourished equally under his leadership.

Tory, Keesmaat support road safety measures, survey shows - but many suburban incumbents don't answer

Nearly 90 mayoral and council candidates responded to the #BuildTheVisionTO survey, but the response rate dropped significantly among suburban incumbent councillors.

Minister in charge of OPP denies he's campaigning for politician questioned in police probe

Virtually anyone can take their picture with him, cabinet minister Michael Tibollo says, so the use of his image by a city council candidate in Vaughan — whose husband and cottage are under OPP investigation — should in no way suggest the probe will be compromised.

Mississauga, Brampton mayoral candidates lay out key challenges for growing cities

Mississauga and Brampton's political hopefuls say affordability and transit are the key concerns ahead of Monday's municipal election.

Incumbents tied in Toronto-St. Paul's and Scarborough Southwest, poll finds

A new poll says incumbent councillors in two wards in Toronto's municipal election are in virtual ties with less than a week to go before the vote.

5 questions to ask any council candidate who comes knocking for your vote

You’re likely to hear it this week, if you haven’t already: a knock at your front door from a candidate for Toronto council or one of their campaign volunteers.

John Tory takes swipe at Josh Matlow in defence of candidate endorsement

"You can't have people that are focused on themselves," John Tory said as he explained his endorsement for Ward 12 candidate Joe Mihevc.

Why advocates say expropriating unused buildings could help solve Toronto's housing shortage

Having the city take over several lots on Sherbourne Street is the latest push for bold change on the housing file amid an election where affordability has been a key talking point among the prominent mayoral candidates.

Tory supporting Joe Mihevc, not Josh Matlow in Ward 12 election

Toronto mayor John Tory has thrown his support behing Coun. Joe Mihevc in the Toronto-St. Paul's race against Coun. Josh Matlow in the upcoming municipal election.
Vote Compass

How Toronto voters feel about immigration, hand guns and bike lanes

A clearer picture of Toronto voters is emerging thanks to the tens of thousands who have completed Vote Compass.

Outgoing councillors weigh in on what's at stake in Ward 19 Beaches East York

Councillors Mary-Margaret McMahon and Janet Davis weigh in the on the future of Beaches East York now that their wards have combined.

Cannabis is about to be legalized— but it might be hard to find around the GTA

With the legalization of recreational cannabis fast approaching, many communities around the GTA are grappling with a decision to allow or ban cannabis retail stores. So will it be hard to buy weed even after its legalized?
Vote Compass

Toronto's biggest election issue: getting around this busy city

Nearly one in two Torontonians say transportation is their most important election issue, according to data from CBC Toronto's Vote Compass.

Toronto opens advance polling, with hopes of record turnout

In the last election, more than 150,000 Torontonians didn't wait for election day to cast a ballot in the municipal election. This year, the "election within an election" could be even bigger.

Ward 3 candidate threatened with defamation lawsuit after tweeting CBC report

Dunpar Homes Ltd., an Etobicoke based townhouse builder, is threatening to sue Toronto council Ward 3 candidate Pamela Gough, alleging she defamed the developer by tweeting and commenting on a CBC News report. Gough is running against incumbent Mark Grimes.

Mayoral candidates square off on affordable housing, Gardiner in Tuesday debate

Mayoral candidates Sarah Climenhaga, Saron Gebresellassi, Jennifer Keesmaat and John Tory squared off once again Tuesday night to debate key issues facing the city ahead of Oct. 22’s municipal election.

Jennifer Keesmaat supports polarizing Yonge Street redesign

In what could be a wedge issue, Jennifer Keesmaat is throwing her support behind a major redesign of Yonge Street in Willowdale that would shrink the roadway to make space for wider sidewalks and bike lanes.

Keesmaat proposes converting 3 city golf courses into public spaces

Mayoral candidate Jennifer Keesmaat is proposing to turn three municipal golf courses currently losing money into green spaces that would be accessible to the public for free.

Toronto's sailing toward a fiscal iceberg — so why aren't mayoral frontrunners talking about it?

When you add up unfunded costs related to transit, housing and meeting provincial accessibility requirements, the city needs to find some $30 billion.

Tory vs. Keesmaat: The high-profile endorsements fuelling the mayoral election this year

With advanced voting for the city's election just three days away, John Tory and Jennifer Keesmaat are eager to flaunt the names backing their campaigns.

Keesmaat outlines plan for gender equity at city hall

Jennifer Keesmaat has announced plans to ensure there is equal room for women in decision-making at city hall if she is successful in her mayoral bid.

Mississauga, Brampton aiming to boost voter turnout in 2018 election

Mississauga opens its advance polls on Friday, with the goal of driving up voter turnout in a fast-growing city where just over one-in-three had their say in the last election.

Keesmaat proposes new tax to fund 10,000 new homes in rent-to-own plan

Toronto mayoral candidate Jennifer Keesmaat announced a plan Thursday to make owning a home more affordable for thousands more people with a rent-to-own program funded by a surtax on luxury homes.

Toronto is ready for upcoming election despite ward controversy: city clerk

An official tasked with organizing the municipal election in Toronto says the city is ready for advanced voting next week despite the recent uncertainty over the electoral map.

Candidates in 6 wards all debating under one roof in marathon Scarborough event

With Toronto's municipal election less than three weeks away, time is running out for many first-time candidates to make an impression on voters, but an event Thursday is aimed at getting them the exposure they need. It's called the Great All Candidate Debate in Scarborough.
Toronto Votes 2018

Vote Compass launches for Toronto's 2018 municipal election

For the first time ever, CBC Toronto is running its Vote Compass tool to help you choose your next mayor and city councillor.
Editor's Note

Why CBC Toronto won't be hosting a mayoral debate

The CBC Toronto team has turned its attention to covering the issues that matter to people in the civic election campaign — transit, affordable housing, schools, safety and crime. While a planned mayoral debate was to be a highlight, CBC will not be hosting one.

Toronto councillor blasted for 'incredibly misleading' election robocalls

A Toronto councillor seeking re-election is calling herself a "John Tory-candidate" in robocalls, even though the mayor hasn’t made any endorsements in this year’s council race.

Vaughan ratepayers demand $217M back from city after 'unbelievable breach of trust'

A group of Vaughan ratepayers is demanding Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua and city councillors repay $217 million dollars that they allege was misdirected to cover deep discrepancies in the city's budgets.

Everything you need to know about Toronto's election on Oct. 22

Torontonians will head to the polls this month to elect the city’s mayor and 25 council members. Here’s what you need to know in advance.

Jennifer Keesmaat, John Tory unveil different approaches to hiring local talent

Jennifer Keesmaat says if elected mayor, she would implement mandatory community benefit agreements for city developments that could lead to the creation of 12,000 jobs. John Tory says that's already a priority for him.

Candidates talk transit, policing in Black Community Mayoral Debate

John Tory, Jennifer Keesmaat, Saron Gebresellassi and Knia Singh faced off in the Black Community Mayoral Debate in Scarborough Monday night.

Scarborough North council candidate claims man purposefully taking down his posters

​After noticing his campaign posters going missing on neighbourhood streets, a city council candidate in Scarborough says he stumbled across a man peeling them down by chance.

Regent Park affordable housing lottery draws thousands — and highlights supply 'crisis,' advocates say

"You snooze, you lose," said one Toronto resident about the month-long application period. "And most people don't even know this lottery is happening."

City election offers opportunity to end 'starvation' of public schools, advocates say

As the Toronto District School Board celebrates the opening of its first new school in years, some hope October's municipal election spurs new advocacy to fix the multi-billion-dollar school repair backlog.

Poll shows Giorgio Mammoliti trailing in council race — just don't tell that to Giorgio Mammoliti

A new survey suggests Anthony Perruzza is on track to defeat Giorgio Mammoliti in October’s municipal election — although Mammoliti maintains he’s still ahead and the poll is the work of his "lefty" foes.

How 3rd-party advertisers want to influence your vote in Toronto's municipal election

Six groups and individuals are registered as third parties in Toronto, thanks to new municipal election rules. So how will these voices shape the next city council?

City agency blows extra $500K on security contract that was supposed to save money

The Toronto Parking Authority bungled a $4-million security contract that's left taxpayers on the hook for about $500,000 in extra costs, all the while putting the public at risk at a handful of city owned parking lots, internal city emails suggest.

Ford distances himself from Toronto mayoral candidate known for extreme views

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is distancing himself from a Toronto woman known for her extreme views after repeated Opposition questions about a photograph he took with her.

Mississauga's population is 57% visible minorities. So why does its city council look like this?

In two of Canada's fastest-growing and most diverse cities, visible minorities have struggled to break through in municipal elections. Will anything change this October?
Safer Streets

Toronto's 700-plus construction zones pose safety risks to pedestrians and cyclists

Pedestrian advocates say all the construction in the city is reducing visibility for drivers and blocking off sidewalks, creating dangerous situations for those trying to get around on foot.

Mayoral candidates talk gun crime at same time teen shot to death in downtown Toronto

As four Toronto mayoral contenders debated one another on the matter of public safety at a waterfront television studio, a teen was shot to death in Regent Park.

Jennifer Keesmaat, John Tory square off at Toronto debate on the arts

Jennifer Keesmaat is using a mayoral debate on the arts to launch sharp attacks on John Tory's transit plans and leadership amid a labour lockout.

Why the balance of power on city council could rest on a handful of races

We now know how many seats are up for grabs on Toronto city council in municipal elections next month, now that Premier Doug Ford has succeeded in slashing the number of wards from 47 to 25. But after all the votes are counted, what will that council look like?

10 Battleground wards where big names will square off in Toronto election

Doug Ford's council slashing plan has set up a number of fierce battles for Toronto city council seats. Here's a look at some of the tightest races.

Toronto council candidates knocking for votes now that race is (finally) underway

From York South-Weston to Scarborough-Agincourt, well-known councillors and underdog candidates alike are bringing their messages to voters.

Queen's Park 'pleased,' others furious after bill slashing size of Toronto city council wins court stay

Recap the reaction in our live blog after a three-judge panel of the Ontario Court of Appeal stayed a lower court's ruling that struck down a bill cutting the size of Toronto city council to 25 from 47.

Ontario's highest court paves way to reduce size of Toronto city council

Ontario's highest court has paved the way for a considerable cut to the size of Toronto's city council just weeks from a municipal election, but Mayor John Tory says the city's legal team has been told to continue fighting the province using any means available.

It's Toronto vs. Ontario as fight over council-slashing bill heads to appeals court

Premier Doug Ford's government will ask three Ontario Court of Appeal judges to stay a judicial ruling that blocked its initial legislation to cut Toronto city council nearly in half on Tuesday — even as it works day and night on a replacement bill.

A blow-by-blow look at Doug Ford's push to slash Toronto city council

Ontario Premier Doug Ford's unprecedented move to slash the size of Toronto council in the middle of a municipal election has thrown the city's voting process into turmoil.

Blaming Doug Ford, High Park Coun. Sarah Doucette bows out of municipal election

Sarah Doucette says she won’t seek re-election in the upcoming municipal election — and she's blaming Premier Doug Ford's planned council cut.

Doug Ford's new Toronto city council-slashing bill extends nomination window

Premier Doug Ford's new bill to slash the size of Toronto city council extends the nomination period for candidates until two days after the legislation receives royal assent - meaning most Torontonians won't know who's angling for their vote until just a month before the Oct. 22 election.

Trudeau says he won't intervene in battle over size of Toronto city council

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he won't get involved in the fight over Toronto city council.

Jennifer Keesmaat promises lower speed limits, blasts John Tory for 'inaction' on road safety

Jennifer Keesmaat is vowing to reduce the speed limit to 30 km/h on all residential streets if elected mayor, and criticizing Mayor John Tory for not doing more to build safer streets.

Jennifer Keesmaat keeps up criticism of John Tory's leadership, SmartTrack plan

Jennifer Keesmat, pressed on why she jumped into Toronto’s mayoral race at the last minute, traced a line of dissatisfaction with a number of key issues.

John Tory vs. Jennifer Keesmaat: campaign promises are expensive, attacks come cheap

If you love candidates getting in digs at one another, this election has been for you. But if you’re in the market for substantive campaign promises about issues that affect the city, there hasn’t been much there yet.

No 'obvious path' to fighting Doug Ford's council cut, says city solicitor's report

The city's legal team has put forward options for council to fight Premier Doug Ford's plan to slash the number of wards from 47 to 25 — but say it'll be a challenge to win in court.

Glenn De Baeremaeker bows out of Toronto election, saying a win is a 'long shot' with fewer wards

Glenn De Baeremaeker, the veteran Scarborough councillor, says he won’t run in the upcoming election because the redrawn ward boundaries would make a win unlikely.

Jennifer Keesmaat puts ambitious affordable rental housing target at heart of mayoral campaign

Jennifer Keesmaat is vowing to build 100,000 affordable rental housing units in Toronto over the next decade, while criticizing Mayor John Tory's housing plans as the status quo.

John Tory says he'll hold property taxes at rate of inflation if re-elected

Mayor John Tory is vowing to hold property taxes at, or below, the rate of inflation if he’s re-elected this fall.

Blayne Lastman won't challenge John Tory for Toronto's top job in 2018 election

Blayne Lastman, the son of former Toronto mayor Mel Lastman, announced Thursday that he will not be seeking the city's top job, ending weeks of speculation that he would try to follow in his father's footsteps.