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House arrest, counselling for man with history of domestic assault

Ashton Kennedy, 26, turned himself in to police following a CBC News story last month.

She couldn't find the answers she needed on domestic violence. So this St. John's woman got to work

Cherine Day took it upon herself to create her own resource centre, something she wishes had been available to her earlier.

Woman who shared story of domestic violence has encouraging words for others

Melissa Gulliver's abuser, Ashton Kennedy, turned himself in to police following a CBC story Wednesday.

He admitted to assaulting her, then stopped going to court. She is still waiting for justice

Melissa Gulliver learned of her boyfriend’s past conviction after his arrest.

A mother's regret: She helped save his life, then he took away her daughter

When Philip Smith took his own life, it took away the answers Lisa Lake is searching for — where Cortney Lake's body is.

When a murderer takes their own life, families left without crucial answers

Murder-suicides provide unique challenges for investigators and victim's families.

OPINION | Without representation, there is no justice, writes domestic violence victim

When Monique Robert was assaulted, she found herself navigating a complex legal system that often worked against her. She shares her ordeal, and what needs to change.

Housing crisis forcing domestic violence victims to stay longer in shelters

Women fleeing domestic violence in southwestern Ontario are staying longer and longer in what are supposed to be temporary shelters. A tight housing market has left them with few options of where to go next.

New funding for Quebec women's shelters a 'welcome beginning,' but far from sufficient, groups say

Amid growing concern about a bed shortage that has resulted in hundreds of women and children being turned away, Quebec women's shelters say they still need more funding from the provincial government.

'Heartbreaking': Yukon women's shelters not set up to house intoxicated women fleeing violence

Advocates say Yukon needs a new approach to helping women fleeing domestic violence. Women's shelters in the territory are not set up to house women using drugs or alcohol. That's despite a report stating that more than half of women experiencing domestic violence struggle with substance abuse.
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Alberta government must overhaul committee reviewing domestic-violence deaths, experts say

The work of Alberta's Family Violence Death Review Committee is vital but often falls short, resulting in sometimes vague recommendations that the government does not act on in any meaningful way, an expert says.

How volunteer movers keep victims of violence safe as they escape abusive homes

Moving day and the days of planning leading up to can be an especially dangerous time for victims fleeing an abusive partner. Shelter Movers helps keep them safe by moving their belongings for them, as well as picking up the costs of a such a move, which can often spiral.
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Unclear whether Pointe-Sapin case will get domestic violence death review

Seven months after a murder-suicide in Pointe-Sapin, it's unclear whether the case will be reviewed by the province's domestic violence death review committee.
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Older adults often overlooked, lack supports when fleeing domestic violence, advocate says

The manager of an Edmonton domestic-violence shelter is urging the public to be mindful of a demographic of victims she says is often overlooked: older adults.

Sask. domestic violence survivor says lack of services could make victims 'suffer in silence'

Community experts say there is a need for more domestic violence services in Saskatchewan’s southern communities for victims trying to flee an abusive relationship.

On the front line of intimate partner violence in N.L.

Meet the police officers, shelter workers and organizations that dedicate themselves to helping stop abuse at home.
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Minnesota program offers 'blueprint' for pursuing perpetrators of domestic violence

In an effort to stop domestic abuse, St. Paul, Minn., has been operating a program that brings together police, prosecutors and victim support services to bring "sure and swift consequences" for intimate partner violence.

Are you facing intimate partner violence? Here are some N.S. resources that can help

There are resources available in Nova Scotia to those experiencing intimate partner violence and need assistance escaping their situations and getting to a safer place.

Lack of affordable housing in Yukon prevents women from fleeing domestic violence

Yukon shelters say the lack of affordable housing in the territory is putting women at risk of staying in dangerous homes.
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Mother looks for answers after man with history of violence kills daughter

Seven months after Lisa Graves-Smith was killed at work in eastern New Brunswick by a man who was barred from possessing a gun, her mother Rose Marie Smith has unanswered questions. Police have told her little.
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When a domestic violence victim goes to work, who's there to help?

Jenny McKay was sent home after she was fired from her job. That night her husband brutally stabbed her to death. Her murder has her family and advocates for victims of violence urging employers to make domestic violence their business.

How one northern program is connecting with young men to curb domestic violence

Through role play, games and discussions they’re tackling subjects like domestic violence, consent, sexual health, and stereotypes of masculinity.

Sister of domestic homicide victim says public awareness crucial in prevention

Brandy Robillard was beaten to death by her boyfriend in 2018. Her sister doesn't want anyone to experience grief like she has.

'Barriers' in Canada's legal system complicating fight to end domestic violence

Intimate partner violence makes up nearly one-third of all police-reported violent crime in this country, and many victims say that the legal system is complicating efforts to change this.
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Peace bonds alone aren't enough to protect conjugal violence victims, shelter directors say

A peace bond is supposed to protect conjugal violence victims from their abusive partner, but some shelter directors say too often, danger signs are ignored — by both the police and the courts.

'Going to jail is probably easier': Domestic violence perpetrators tout treatment program

Perpetrators of domestic violence in First Nations communities east of Regina are often court-ordered to take a 52-week intervention program to try to break the cycle of violence and heal the family.
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'I don't think we'll ever get over it': Deaths of 2 women put rural domestic violence in focus

In August 2018, two women living near Peterborough, Ont., were shot dead by their husbands 72 hours apart. Their deaths speak to the problem of domestic violence in rural Canada.

Are you facing intimate partner violence? Here are some resources in N.L. that can help

There is assistance available to those who want to escape their situations and get to a safer place.

These GTA-based groups are tackling domestic violence, one community initiative at a time

Ajoa Ayeko calls Shelter Movers her "saving grace" for coming to help her move out of her home and escape her abusive partner. The moving company is one of the many GTA-based organizations that offer specific services to combat domestic violence.

No place safe to go: Calls for more long-term women's shelters in Canada

Abused women and children who seek refuge in short-stay crisis shelters often need long-term physical protection and counselling that can't be found in emergency shelters. A national shortage of so-called second-stage shelters puts them at risk of more violence and homelessness.

Men killed their mothers. These are the children left behind

Daniel Benoit, Lauralee Gillingham and Amena Evans Harlick reflect on violence against women, and how the loss of their mothers changed the course of their lives.

'They just want the violence to end': Restorative justice program aims to stop intimate partner abuse

Winnipeg police are trying to break the cycle of violence by placing some abusers in programs, rather than in jail. 

Men killed their mothers. These are the children left behind

Daniel Benoit, Lauralee Gillingham and Amena Evans Harlick reflect on violence against women, and how the loss of their mothers changed the course of their lives.

Influx of 4,500 workers raises fears of violence against women in B.C.'s northwest

LNG Canada is bringing prosperity to Kitimat. But it's also put strain on the community and brought up a common fear that "man camps" made up of predominantly male workers will make the area dangerous for women.
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Three days at Pigeon Lake

Two women, shot dead by their husbands 72 hours apart in August 2018. Both raised families at Pigeon Lake near Peterborough, Ont. Both tried to leave. Their deaths would go down as two of 86 intimate partner homicides in Canada that year, but these women didn’t die to become statistics.

Newcomers vulnerable to domestic violence, while high-demand cultural services nearing 'breaking point'

While domestic violence touches families of all backgrounds, ethnicities and income levels, newcomers are particularly vulnerable — and experts say targeted services need to be in place to link marginalized women to potentially life-saving supports.

Quebec women's shelters call for increased funding ahead of budget

There is a shortage of beds in women's shelters across the country, but Quebec advocates say they need more money just to keep their doors open.

How this P.E.I. program helps women take back control after leaving abusive relationships

A program unique to P.E.I. called Circles of Safety is helping keep women at high risk of being killed by their former partners safe.

Why this Six Nations family violence centre puts men and women in the same shelter

Indigenous teachings emphasize duality - that everyone has elements of good and bad. Ganohkwasra uses that belief by putting victim and perpetrator in the same shelter - with conditions.
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'I didn't know who to tell': First Nations victims of intimate partner violence suffer from lack of services

Indigenous leaders say it's time to address the issues surrounding domestic violence, and the shortage of federally funded shelters servicing Manitoba's north.

Risk factors, red flags: How advocates are trying to prevent domestic homicide in the GTA

Before her sister Alicia was killed in 2018, Natalie Lewandowski witnessed relationship "red flags." She's now among those ringing alarms about the warning signs of domestic homicide, which experts say point to the need for more prevention efforts in Toronto and beyond to protect victims.
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Women, children turned away from shelters in Canada almost 19,000 times a month

A CBC News analysis reveals that in November 2019, an average of 620 women and children a day were turned away from domestic violence shelters across Canada.

Eastern Ontario shelters turning away 2 of every 3 fleeing abuse

A CBC investigation has revealed that on any given day in Canada, 620 women and children fleeing domestic violence are turned away from the very shelters that are supposed to provide them a safe place to stay.

The long journey to safety: Northern women travel farthest to access domestic violence shelters

Rates of intimate partner violence in the North are among the highest in the country, and yet there are only 14 shelters total across all three territories.
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Canada faces a domestic violence crisis. CBC examines the problem

This week we launch an in-depth series about the painful and pressing problem of domestic violence — and how as a society we might be able to change outcomes for victims.

Stopping Domestic Violence: Shelters coping with increased demand in Nova Scotia

Today the CBC begins an indepth look at the issue of intimate partner violence, and what needs to be done to address it. We start with a look at how shelters in the province.

Where to find help if you are a victim of domestic violence

Stopping Domestic Violence is a CBC News series looking at the crisis of intimate partner violence in Canada and what can be done to end it.

Sask. shelters turn away people fleeing domestic violence more than 600 times per month

Women and children fleeing domestic abuse were turned away from shelters more than 600 times per month in Saskatchewan. Shelter staff say they have to find workarounds to help people.