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'The most difficult student': Education assistant reinstated after 'pushing' violent 9-year-old with autism

A B.C. educational assistant has won her job back after being accused of pushing a nine-year-old with autism who had clawed at her face and kicked her in the nose.

CBC News investigates school violence with look at regional numbers

CBC Investigates has been taking a closer look at the safety of our schools.The CBC surveyed four thousand students between the ages of 14 and 21 about violence in schools .  Half were still in school with the rest over eighteen were reflecting on their school years. The survey was conducted by Mission Research for CBC news with 40% of respondents in Ontario.
School Violence

'I get nightmares': How racial violence in high schools is taking a mental toll on students

A CBC News survey shows high levels of both violent and racist attacks in Canadian schools, and it's having serious effects on students and their families.
School Violence

Elementary school stops bullies by fostering talk, trust

When traditional methods of punishment weren't doing anything to reduce bullying and school violence, a school in Truro, N.S., decided to try a restorative-justice approach — and says it's paying off.
School Violence

'Deeply concerning' findings of violence in schools prompt calls for action from centre for child protection

"Deeply concerning" findings from a CBC News survey of student-on-student violence has the Canadian Centre for Child Protection calling for more training in schools to curb the problem.
School Violence

'I felt constantly attacked': Bullied Montreal teen recounts the toll high school years took on her

More than half of Quebec youth say they've been on the receiving end of hateful comments and name-calling in high school, according to the results of a CBC poll of young Canadians asking about physical and sexual violence in school.
School Violence

More than 1 in 7 girls say they were sexually assaulted by another student — but schools lack policies to help

Fifteen per cent of girls who answered a CBC-commissioned anonymous survey of more than 4,000 students across Canada say they've had a sexual act forced upon them, including oral sex or being forced to touch someone in a sexual manner.
School Violence

How a former middle school bully let go of his fist and found his voice

Isiah Baptiste used to resort to violence at school as a way to express himself, but with the help of a mentor, he turned to art as an outlet and found a voice he never knew he had.
School Violence

Student-on-student sexual violence highest in Prairies, CBC national survey finds

A national CBC News survey of more than 4,000 young Canadians found that students in Manitoba were most likely to report being the victims of unwanted sexual comments.
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Why CBC started looking into violence in schools

Six months ago, we started investigating some troubling instances of elementary and high school students harming other students, physically and emotionally. The investigation took us in unexpected directions and revealed some surprising facts about violence in schools and how we track it.
School Violence

'I thought he was dead': CBC survey reveals 4 in 10 boys are physically assaulted at school

According to a survey conducted for CBC News, more than a third of students say they were physically assaulted at least once before reaching high school. 
School Violence

Boys in Alberta schools get assaulted, threatened, robbed and slurred more often than rest of Canada

An unprecedented poll of Canadian youth finds male students in Alberta experience assault, theft, homophobic slurs and threats with a weapon significantly more often than in the rest of Canada.
School Violence

'They're not taking it seriously': Under-reporting of student violence persists

Despite an Ontario law enacted eight years ago that makes it mandatory for school boards to report violent incidents to the education ministry, CBC found many assaults are not being recorded.