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Greener straws? Bacteria help turn food waste into compostable plastic

What if plastic were made from waste like banana peels instead of petroleum? And what if, after use, that plastic decomposed? A Canadian cleantech startup aims to make that the future of food packaging such as coffee pods.

'We can't wait': Why more Canadians are finally getting serious about making less garbage

A growing number of Canadian consumers and businesses are taking action against single-use plastics, even before this week's meeting of G7 environment ministers in Halifax. And there's a fresh understanding that biodegradable and compostable plastics are a problem, too.

How one Canadian food court eliminated 117 bags of garbage a day

A food court in Toronto has cut the amount of garbage it produced from 120 bags a day to just three. Here’s how they did it, and what other fast food vendors, food courts and their customers can do to cut back on fast food waste.

This is what a recycling crisis in Quebec looks like

Sherbrooke’s recycling plant, Recup-Estrie is drowning in a sea of untreated plastic, paper and metal after a dispute with its sorting company shut down operations for nearly two weeks.

In trendy Malibu, a plastic straw in your cocktail could cost $500

In the coastal California community of Malibu, a plastic straw in your cocktail could cost $500. A citywide ban on single-use plastic items went into effect at the start of the month as the global anti-plastic movement grows.

'Embracing decay': Why some people think it's time to talk about recycling humans

Some people believe cremating our dead or burying them in caskets is an insult to nature, which is why they are seeking a more natural final resting state.

How to recycle the 'unrecyclable,' from cigarette butts to squeeze pouches

If you’re feeling guilty about the mountains of coffee pods or squeeze pouches you’re tossing in the trash, there are ways recycle those and many other “unrecyclable” items. Here’s how — and why it isn’t being done by everyone, everywhere.

'We need to rethink the entire plastics industry': Why banning plastic straws isn't enough

Disposable plastic straws are about to be banned throughout Britain. Here’s what’s happening with straws in Canada and a closer look at what impact such bans could really have.

City approves $135K solar-powered recycling bins, trash compactors

On Monday, the City of Winnipeg's innovation committee approved a pilot project that will see 15 solar-powered trash and recycling compacting receptacles set up around the city.



Tired of overflowing garbage and blue bins, Winnipeg family zeroes in on waste reduction

The Anderson-Johnsons have always recycled, but it's only in the past few years the Winnipeg family of five has embarked on a journey to reuse and reduce in a major way.



Recycling the right way

A few simple tips that will help you avoid contaminating your recycling bin

Canadian municipalities struggling to find place for recyclables after China restricts foreign waste

China’s new rules that seriously restrict or straight out ban foreign waste have Canadian municipalities struggling to find places to ship their recyclables.

What really happens to old clothes dropped in those in-store recycling bins

There’s a new clothing donation bin in town, competing with charities for your unwanted clothes. Some of the biggest brands in fashion have launched take-back programs with messages about reusing and recycling your unwanted textiles. But what are the odds your old clothes will actually be transformed into new threads?