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3 years in limbo: Syrian refugee family reunites in Sackville

Nokar Hussein is in Sackville after living alone as a refugee in Lebanon. Years of work and worry finally paid off for Hussein's friends and family when he arrived in Canada last week.

Winnipeg church becomes sanctuary for family facing deportation

The steps of the Crestview Fellowship Church in St. James is as far as the Kargbo family can go while they face a lengthy legal process to stay in Canada and avoid deportation.

Meet the neighbours: Coast Salish and Syrian communities unite for evening of music and food

Cross-cultural exchange is the theme of a dinner on Thursday at the Ray-Cam Co-operative Centre in Vancouver.

U.S. accuses top Venezuelan officials of stealing millions from food program

A U.S. official has accused Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro of "rapacious corruption" and operating "a kleptocracy" on a rarely seen scale that includes embezzling from the state-owned oil company and stealing from a government program created to feed millions of hungry people.

Venezuelan migrants face uncertainty as they flee starvation

A bridge in western Venezuela connecting the beleaguered state with neighbouring Colombia serves as a daily microcosm for the ongoing exodus of Venezuelans. According to one expert, the current migration crisis could equal the scale of the Syrian displacement.

Waterloo church rallies to sponsor woman and 7 children fleeing Aleppo

A Syrian family and Parkminster United Church in Waterloo are rallying to sponsor a woman fleeing the atrocities of war in Aleppo.

'He has a big heart': cross-continent kindness could save Syrian man from blindness

Florida resident Tom Smith went to great lengths trying to donate money to sponsor a family from Syria. He couldn't find an organization in the United States, so he turned to Canada.

Surfing dogs, soapbox races and Invictus Games: The week in pictures

Top images from around the world, Sept. 23-29

Cancelled asylum hearings 'devastating' to Ottawa refugee claimants, advocates say

As asylum seekers continue to stream into Canada in record numbers, dozens of refugee claimant cases in Ottawa are being delayed or cancelled with very little notice, say local advocates.

'Justice delayed is justice denied': Fewer than half of refugee claims being heard on time

In the first four months of this year, only 44 per cent of refugee claims were heard on time. In 2016, about 52 per cent made it to the board on time, a drop from 70 per cent in 2013, according to numbers from the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

'No one chooses to be a refugee': Manitoba refugees share stories, tackle misconceptions

Refugees who now call Manitoba home came together to share their stories in Winnipeg on Tuesday night.

Why refugees are choosing to cross into Manitoba instead of Saskatchewan

The lack of legal aid in Saskatchewan is leading many refugees to chose to cross over into Manitoba instead, according to Manitoba immigration and refugee lawyer Bashir Khan.

Private versus public: A tale of 2 refugee families in Winnipeg

Anaam Dekki has a roof over her head and food to eat. She is not in a war zone and her children are safe. But nothing could prepare her for the acute loneliness she's felt from the moment she arrived in Winnipeg as a government-sponsored refugee from Syria.

8-year-old refugee activist recognized on Parliament Hill

8-year-old Addie Tinholt of Vancouver will be getting special recognition for her refugee advocacy efforts at Parliament Hill today.

Whistler Writers Festival founder takes readers to the frontline of refugee crisis in Greece

The Whistler Writers Festival came from humble beginnings and is now one of the most widely attended literary events in Canada celebrating 15 years in October. Founder Stella Harvey sat down with the CBC’s North by Northwest to talk about her latest novel, The Brink of Freedom, which drops the reader right into the current day refugee crisis in Greece.

Yazidi refugees settle into life in Winnipeg

The Nasos, a family of Yazidi refugees, say they just want their kids to be able to go outside and play without fear of a terrorist group or bombs over their heads all the time.

Pope Francis returns with 12 refugees after visit to Greek island of Lesbos

Pope Francis is spending the day on the Greek island of Lesbos, in a visit aimed at supporting refugees.

Pope Francis to visit Greek island of Lesbos in 'solidarity' with refugees

Pope Francis will make a lightning trip to the Greek island of Lesbos on April 16, the Vatican said on Thursday, in a visit aimed at supporting refugees.

Winnipeg organization gets almost 20,000 dish donations for Syrian refugees

Almost 20,000 donated dishes need to be sorted into sets and handed out to Syrian refugees, and the board of the Canadian Muslim Women's Institute could use a little help.

EU-Turkey refugee deal shocks North Vancouver volunteer

“By the end of today, they probably will have emptied the island of almost all of the refugees,” North Vancouver volunteer Laurie Cooper said of a new deal that will send failed asylum applicants to Turkey.

Housing the No. 1 need for unprecedented number of Syrian refugees in Manitoba

Finding a place to live is the number 1 issue when it comes to addressing the basic needs of Syrian refugees arriving in Manitoba, Hani Al-Ubeady says.

Don't push rosy portrayals of refugee crisis response, Steven Zhou urges

The danger of portraying a difficult and complicated process as a one-dimensional feel-good moment or story is that it indirectly encourages complacency among the wider community, Steven Zhou writes.

Syrian refugee benefit in Winnipeg raised $15K, organizers say

A benefit concert to raise funds for Syrian refugees brought in enough money that organizers now feel they'll be able to sponsor another family, they say.

Ottawa must answer Canadians' questions about refugee plan, Reis Pagtakhan says

While taking in Syrian refugees is the right thing to do, the government should say how much it will cost, whether processing times for other immigrants will get longer, and what the overall immigration plan is for 2016, a Winnipeg immigration lawyer says.

Winnipeg author's Facebook plea leads to pile of donations for refugees

After posting a plea on Facebook Monday, Winnipeg author Karen Dudley collected enough furniture, clothing and bedding to help one refugee family create a home in Winnipeg.

Welcome House staff work overtime to settle refugees in Winnipeg

Staff at Winnipeg's Welcome Place have been running off their feet for the past week, going back and forth to the Richardson International Airport — sometimes several times a day — to bring Syrian refugees to their new home.

Syrian refugees destined for Manitoba arrive in Canada on Friday

Manitoba is the final destination for 17 of the Syrian refugees in a larger group arriving in Canada on Friday.

Shawarma Time owner donates profits to help refugees

Talal Dalank is donating profits from his Winnipeg restaurant Shawarma Time on Sunday and Monday to the refugee agency Welcome Place.

Winnipeg dinner honours newcomers to Canada, welcomes Syrian refugees

A special dinner was held in Winnipeg's St. James neighbourhood on Thursday to honour the contributions that refugees and newcomers have made to Canada, as well as let incoming Syrian refugees know they are welcome here.

Command centre unveiled in Winnipeg ahead of Syrian refugee arrivals

Manitobans got their first look Tuesday at the new Syrian refugee command centre set up in Winnipeg.

Surrey's Muslim Food Bank sees refugee settlement demand triple

The Muslim Food Bank in Surrey says demand for its settlement and kosher, halal and vegan food services has almost tripled in the five years since opened its doors.

Canadian researcher worries teachers unprepared for Syrian students

A University of Winnipeg researcher is worried teachers may not be prepared to deal with the influx of Syrian families and what they might tell them about their experiences.

Red Cross, Manitoba government launch Syrian refugee info line

The Canadian Red Cross says it has already received dozens of calls from Manitobans who want to help Syrian refugees within hours of a toll-free information line being launched.

Welcome bags filled for Moose Jaw-bound refugees

People in Moose Jaw are collecting supplies for Syrian refugees who will soon be arriving in their city.

Winnipeg church focuses on non-Syrian refugees

The Meeting Place, a Winnipeg church, was asked to sponsor a non-Syrian refugee family because many of them have been in the queue for years.

Manitoba using emergency resources to bring in up to 2,000 Syrian refugees

The Manitoba government is using its emergency response resources and working with local agencies and groups to welcome between 1,500 and 2,000 government and privately sponsored Syrian refugees over the next few months.

Syrians in Manitoba grateful for refugee plan, regardless of limit

Syrian community members in Manitoba say they're grateful for any Syrian refugees the Canadian government allows into the country, even if single men won't be allowed in at this time.

Lower Mainland Sikh community rallies to help Syrian refugees

A weekend meeting of Lower Mainland Sikh organizations has resulted in a substantial offer of help to Syrian refugees slated to arrive in the coming months.

Refugee crisis: Slovenia steps up as Hungary closes border

Thousands of refugees surged into tiny Slovenia on Saturday as an alternative route opened in Europe for them after Hungary sealed its border, adding another hurdle in their flight from wars and poverty.

Refugees arrive in Germany

By foot, bus and train, refugees are arriving in Munich, Germany, and other cities.

How Canada resettles refugees — after a lengthy process

As armed conflicts overseas continue without an end in sight, thousands of families are turning to countries like Canada in hopes of finding a new home. But the process isn't easy.

Canada's refugee claimants: Where they come from by the numbers

They may not get refugee status, but people from China top the list for the most refugee claims filed in Canada.

Canada's refugees: Where they come from by the numbers

Colombia has been the leading source country for refugees coming to Canada, people from China have the most refugee claims accepted and Syrians have the highest acceptance rate.

Syrian refugee strategy to be unveiled at Ottawa town hall

The City of Ottawa and partners such as the United Way will announce how they plan to help bring in Syrian refugees to Ottawa at a town hall meeting tonight.

Vancouver Whitecaps fans holding 'refugees welcome' banner told to leave

Three fans who were chanting "refugees welcome" at a Vancouver Whitecaps game last weekend were told to leave and had their banner confiscated.

Human trafficking in refugees: Smugglers rule camps in northern France

People smugglers get rich off desperate migrants, and their tentacles extend into nooks and crannies like Teteghem, France, a small town outside Dunkirk. Here the smuggling kingpins are firmly in control, and growing more violent.

Refugee crisis: Croatia lifts border blockade with Serbia

Croatia lifted a blockade on its border with Serbia on Friday, ending a week of trade war that had plunged relations between the two Balkan states to their lowest since Yugoslavia broke up in blood in the 1990s.

Refugee crisis: Demonstrators attack asylum seekers in Finland

Demonstrators threw stones and launched fireworks at a bus full of asylum seekers arriving at a reception centre in Lahti in southern Finland, late on Thursday, Finnish media reported on Friday.

Divided EU leaders commit another €1B for Syria refugees, but hike border controls

European Union leaders have agreed to give an extra €1 billion ($1.49 billion Cdn) to the United Nations refugee agency and World Food Program to help them offer food and shelter to people fleeing conflicts.

Refugee crisis: EU ministers agree on draft plan to relocate 120,000 people

European Union ministers have agreed to a draft proposal to relocate 120,000 refugees across the continent that will be presented at a meeting in Brussels on Wednesday, a media report says.

Germany takes a gamble on refugees but can't do it alone: Nahlah Ayed reports

As a new bulge of refugees coming up through the Balkans begins arriving in Germany, concerns about how the country is to absorb the growing ranks of refugees is increasing, writes Nahlah Ayed.

Refugees in Canada plea for government to speed up family reunification

Refugees and their advocates are calling on the Canadian government to speed up family reunification.

Russia-U.S. talks on Syria do little to stem flow of refugees

Russia and the United States are preparing to discuss a new political settlement to end the war in Syria, but most Syrians are not betting on international diplomatic efforts to bring about a ceasefire.

Refugee crisis: Hungary beefs up border with army

Hungary's parliament authorized the government on Monday to deploy the army to help handle a wave of migrants, granting the military the right to use non-lethal force.

Conservative government aims to resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees by September 2016

The Conservative government said Saturday it will speed up the processing of refugee applications in an effort to bring in "thousands more" Syrians and Iraqis by the end of 2015.

Baloney Meter: Has the UN asked Canada to take 9,000 refugees by Christmas?

During Thursday night's federal leaders' debate on the economy, a segment that was supposed to be about the impact of immigration levels suddenly veered into the Syrian refugee crisis and whether the current government should be doing more.

Refugee crisis spawns war of words among Eastern European leaders

Hungary and Croatia traded threats on Saturday as thousands of exhausted refugees and migrants poured over their borders, deepening the disarray in Europe over how to handle the tide of people fleeing violence.

Refugee situation at Croatia-Serbia border heats up — literally: Nahlah Ayed reports

Busloads of refugees from Syria and Iraq — many of them women and children — have arrived at a point near the border between Serbia and Croatia, CBC's Nahlah Ayed reports from the scene.

Refugee crisis: Croatia tells migrants keep moving toward Hungary or Slovenia

Faced with thousands of migrants streaming in, Croatia declares it is overwhelmed and would tell those on an arduous trek to reach the safety of Western Europe to keep moving on toward Hungary or Slovenia.

Torbay organizing group to help town sponsor refugee family

Geoff Gallant says he's hoping to put a committee together to figure out how the town can sponsor a family to come to Torbay, and hope other municipalities follow.

Syria's Bashar Assad blames Europe for refugee crisis

Syrian President Bashar Assad has blamed Europe's refugee crisis on Western support for "terrorists", as people fleeing his country's civil war stream towards the European Union.

For many Syrian refugees, fleeing to Europe isn't the answer

Hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees seeking shelter in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon have been watching with mixed emotions as relatives and neighbours flee Syria's civil war in search of better, safer lives in Europe.

Why Germany is taking in so many refugees - the benefits and risks

Germany stands to make some big gains by adopting refugees, but the decision also carries risk, says Oliver Schmidtke, director of the Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria.

Syrian refugees' window for a storybook ending in Europe may be closing

As new laws and border controls come into effect in Europe, time is running out for Syrian refugees hoping to reunite their families there.

Refugee crisis: Lloyd Axworthy calls for Canadian action on global crisis

Canada's former foreign affairs minister is calling for more action from the federal government as the world hits what he calls "a tipping point" in the Syrian refugee crisis.

EU refugee crisis: Germany adds temporary border controls to stem influx

Germany will introduce temporary border checks on the Austrian frontier in a bid to limit the influx of refugees, a "significant move" for the EU, which prides itself on borderless travel.

What do voters hear in Conservatives' message on refugees?

Often times when a politician is speaking, you need to read between the lines to find what they are really saying. That's often most important when the topic is race or religion.

Government creates emergency relief fund to aid Syrian crisis victims

International Development Minister Christian Paradis has announced a Syrian emergency relief fund that will match donations from Canadians up to $100 million.

P.E.I. preparing to welcome Syrian refugee family by month's end

Prince Edward Island's Syrian community is gearing up to welcome a family of Syrian refugees.

Kathleen Wynne pledges to bring 10,000 refugees to Ontario

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says the province will provide $8.5 million over 2½ years to help bring 10,000 refugees to Ontario by the end of 2016.

EU refugee crisis: Germany strains as thousands of Syrian refugees arrive, Poland protests

Germany is renewing calls for a European solution to the refugee crisis, as Angela Merkel defends her decision to allow in tens of thousands of people. Meanwhile, anti-refugee protests have erupted in largely Catholic Poland despite Pope Francis's call to take in those in need.

For Syrian refugees, smartphones are a lifeline — not a toy

Some of the pictures of young refugees taking selfies on smartphones have raised eyebrows among certain skeptics. But these days, a smartphone is actually a lifeline for many asylum-seekers. Here's why.

Conservatives rule out airlifts of Syrian refugees to Canada

Airlifting Syrian refugees en masse is not one of the measures Stephen Harper's Conservatives are contemplating as they prepare to announce new measures to expedite the process for resettling refugees to Canada, says Jason Kenney in an interview airing Saturday on CBC Radio's The House.

Alan Kurdi's father not a people smuggler, family says

The B.C.-based family of Abdullah Kurdi says allegations that he is actually a people smuggler are 'ridiculous.'

Couillard, Wynne press feds to do more on Syrian refugee crisis

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne came together on Friday to urge Ottawa to speed up its process to welcome more refugees to Canada.
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Mytilene's tent cities gone, but refugees still major issue for Greek island

The Greek port city of Mytilene seems to have changed back to its old self overnight as many of the migrants who were living in tent cities move on. But refugees are still an issue for the island of Lesbos.

Do more for refugees is P.E.I. rally's cry

Prince Edward Islanders gathered outside Province House Thursday evening, singing songs, lighting candles and calling on the province to do more to help refugees from Syria and Iraq.

Syrian refugee recounts harrowing tale of bribes, threats, sinkings

For one Syrian refugee, the journey to western Europe has been a harrowing tale of thefts, bribes extracted by border guards and surviving two boat sinkings as he and those with him crossed open seas.

Refugee crisis: Hungarian camerawoman apologizes for kicking, tripping migrants

A Hungarian camerawoman caught on video kicking and tripping migrants near the Serbian border has offered a qualified apology for her behaviour.

Stephen Harper pledges $10M to research terrorism, radicalization

On the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks on the U.S., Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is committing new money to research terrorism and radicalization.

N.W.T. steps up efforts to help Syrian refugees

Yellowknifers and the territorial government are stepping up to help with the Syrian refugee crisis. This morning, the premier pledged to donate $25,000 to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Migrants heading for Europe shift to overland route

Record numbers of migrants have foregone a perilous Mediterranean crossing for an overland route through the Balkans, flooding Hungary's borders in the hopes that passage through the country's visa-free Schengen zone will speed their entry into Western Europe.

6 iconic photos that captured the world's attention

A photograph of a drowned Syrian boy face down in the sand after his body washed ashore in Turkey has captured the hearts of people worldwide, and refocused attention on the international refugee crisis. Here are six other iconic images that have had an an impact through history.

Desperate migrants tired of waiting walk out of Hungary

Thousands of migrants resumed their journey to Germany on foot Friday after days of frustration waiting for trains outside Budapest's main international station. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban blames Germany's open-door policy for spurring the flight through his country.

A heart-wrenching photo of Alan Kurdi and more in the week in pictures

A widely circulated photo of the body of three-year-old Alan Kurdi, whose aunt in B.C. hoped to bring to Canada, ignites a debate about the plight of refugees. This iconic image and more in the week in pictures gallery for Aug. 29-Sept. 4.

Refugees make their way to Munich from Budapest

By foot, bus and train, refugees make their way from Keleti station in Budapest to Munich, Germany, with stops in Austria along the way.

Refugees overwhelm Greek island of Lesbos

Thousands of refugees are mired in despair, anger and frustration on the scenic Greek island of Lesbos — the first step on their journey to Western Europe.

Migrants welcomed in Europe after gruelling journey

People gathered with signs and supplies at train stations in Germany, Austria, France and Spain, eager to greet incoming migrants, after Hungary unexpectedly opened its borders, allowing thousands of asylum seekers to pass following days of confrontation and chaos.

Father of drowned Syrian boy Alan Kurdi blames Canada for death of wife and son

The father of a three-year-old Syrian boy whose body washed up on a Turkish beach has told a German newspaper that he blames Canadian authorities for the tragedy that also killed his wife and another son.

Extra refugee aid must wait for federal election, says province

Any changes to programs to help Syrian and Iraqi refugees will have to wait until after the October federal election, says the P.E.I. minister responsible for refugees.

Syrian family finds refuge in Saint John

Three years after Syria's civil war forced Grace Samaan to go on the run with her family, she has found safe harbour in New Brunswick, where three of her five children are going to school and one dreams of being a doctor.

Refugee crisis: Record number of migrants cross Mediterranean, agency says

More than 430,000 refugees and migrants have crossed the Mediterranean to Europe so far in 2015, a record number that is more than double the total for the whole of last year, the International Organization for Migration said on Friday.

Syrian refugee family in P.E.I. appeals for support to bring others here

A couple that arrived in P.E.I. last year after fleeing their home country of Syria with their family are appealing to government to allow more refugees into Canada.

Refugee health–care services limited

Funmi felt hunted, trapped and terrified in Nigeria after marrying outside of her religion. As a refugee to Canada 11 years later, her life is once again at risk.

Margaret Evans reports on the treacherous sea crossing for refugees

Thousands of asylum-seekers — many fleeing Syria — have risked their lives crossing the sea in small, often flimsy boats. Many have died.

Stephen Harper suggests Canada will do more to help Syrian refugees

The Conservatives, after facing continued criticism they are not doing enough to address the Syrian refugee crisis, are expected to announce within days some new ways Canada can help.

U.S. to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees in 2016 fiscal year

The United States is making plans to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees in the coming budget year, a significant increase from the 1,500 migrants that have been cleared to resettle in the U.S. since civil war broke out in the Middle Eastern country more than four years ago, the White House said Thursday.

Stephen Harper has no political will to help refugees, ex-CSIS spy says

A former CSIS senior intelligence officer accused Stephen Harper of fear mongering to delay the acceptance of Syrian refugees to Canada during a calculated re-election bid.

Margaret Evans reports on refugees awaiting registration in Lesbos

Thousands of refugees are finally leaving the Greek island of Lesbos with registration papers in hand, but there are still thousands more streaming in and hoping for the same outcome.

Pressure mounts on Stephen Harper to do more over refugee crisis

Pressure continues to mount on Stephen Harper to do more to help ease the Syrian refugee crisis. Here's a look at what more Canada can do to help.