Coalition wants people-centric LeBreton Flats deal

A new coalition is pushing the National Capital Commission to ensure the next plan for LeBreton Flats comes with real benefits to the community. 

LeBreton Flats reset 'unacceptable,' Devcore head says

A Gatineau developer who took part in the ill-fated procurement to redevelop LeBreton Flats maintains that process unfolded in an unfair way, and its demise means the capital has missed an important chance to create a landmark in the city's downtown.

NCC to develop LeBreton Flats in stages

The National Capital Commission is taking a different approach to LeBreton Flats by offering up pieces of the 21-hectare property for development in stages, but isn't saying if that will necessarily include a new arena.

New plan for LeBreton Flats expected today

Just a week after the Ottawa Senators' bid to revitalize LeBreton Flats finally gasped its last breath, the National Capital Commission will announce a new plan to redevelop the area after its board meets Thursday morning.

NCC promising prompt redo for LeBreton Flats process

The National Capital Commission will launch a new process to redevelop LeBreton Flats, and is pledging to get it underway soon.

NCC's bill for failed LeBreton deal reaches $2M

The National Capital Commission has spent nearly $2 million on the LeBreton Flats redevelopment project that's now dead in the water, according to documents obtained by Radio-Canada.

Senators won't give up on move downtown, Melnyk says

The Ottawa Senators say they'll start scouting out other central locations for a new arena now that their redevelopment plans for LeBreton Flats have fallen through.

Mayor lashes out at Melnyk as LeBreton deal falls through

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson lashed out at Eugene Melnyk Wednesday, telling reporters the Senators owner has been difficult to deal with throughout the now-collapsed LeBreton Flats redevelopment process.

No overtime in bid to salvage LeBreton deal, minister says

Eugene Melnyk and John Ruddy, the warring partners who won the bid to redevelop LeBreton Flats, will be given no extra time to iron out their differences, the minister responsible for the National Capital Commission confirmed Tuesday.

When will the public get back in on LeBreton talks?

There will be no public update of the controversial LeBreton Flats redevelopment project at the National Capital Commission meeting Thursday morning, while billionaires negotiate in secret to keep an NHL arena in the game. When will the public get to weigh in on what happens next?

Rival bidder playing role in LeBreton mediation

Rival bidder Devcore Canderel DLS (DCDLS) is taking part in mediation talks aimed at salvaging RendezVous LeBreton Group's faltering plan to redevelop LeBreton Flats, CBC News has learned.

NCC to consider extension for RendezVous LeBreton deal today

Last-ditch negotiations between the parties pegged to develop LeBreton Flats have led to a request to have the termination deadline for their $4-billion development deal be extended by more than a month, CBC has learned.

RendezVous LeBreton partners want to salvage deal

One of the parties in the legal battle over the redevelopment of LeBreton Flats says companies run by Eugene Melnyk and John Ruddy are again turning to mediation, just more than two weeks before their deal officially dies.

Joanne Chianello's city issues to watch in 2019

From LRT — both Phase 1 and 2 — to the future of LeBreton Flats, 2019 will start with a bang on the city front. Here are four issues to watch for in the first half of the new year.

LeBreton runner-up says NCC must give it a shot

The runner-up in the contest to redevelop Ottawa's LeBreton Flats says the National Capital Commission has a legal obligation to negotiate with it now that the deal with RendezVous LeBreton Group has fallen through.

Take a look at LeBreton Flats — then and now

All the recent tumult over the redevelopment of LeBreton Flats has us hearkening back to the days when it was a bustling, blue-collar community.

Senators players disappointed by Ottawa downtown arena setback

Mark Borowiecki and other Ottawa Senators players were left wondering what lies ahead after the National Capital Commission moved to terminate a development deal that would have included a new NHL rink in the city's downtown.

NCC pulls plug on RendezVous LeBreton deal

The National Capital Commission is ending its deal with RendezVous LeBreton Group after its board of directors voted Wednesday to terminate the agreement.

Melnyk didn't want to pay for new arena, Trinity claims

Trinity Development and its founder John Ruddy are countersuing Eugene Melnyk and his sports company for $1 billion, effectively killing any chance of the two ever redeveloping LeBreton Flats or building a new downtown hockey arena.

Arena no longer key to public support for LeBreton project, poll shows

A new poll suggests most people in the National Capital Region would be disappointed if the current dispute over LeBreton Flats ices plans to redevelop the prime downtown land, but don't necessarily see a new NHL arena as the project's key element.

LeBreton runner-up says it's still ready to roll

The group that finished second to the disentegrating RendezVous LeBreton bid to bring an NHL arena to downtown Ottawa says it's still ready and willing to take over the project.

The LeBreton Flats redevelopment needs a fresh start

The only logical — and ethical — end to the fraught journey to build a new neighbourhood in central Ottawa is a new bidding process.

Heritage minister leaving LeBreton Flats with NCC

Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez said it's "very disappointing" that a plan to redevelop Ottawa's LeBreton Flats has fallen apart, but he doesn't intend to get directly involved.

LeBreton Flats residents react to latest twist in development saga

People who live near the proposed LeBreton Flats say the lawsuit is the latest disappointment in the project that has been slow moving.

Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk sues partners in 'failed' arena venture

Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk is suing his partners in the "failed" LeBreton Flats redevelopment plan, a twist that almost certainly spells the end of a plan to move the hockey team downtown.