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The Brexit brink and a Green '19

This week on The House, Britain's High Commissioner looks ahead to Tuesday's critical Brexit vote and what a no-deal Brexit would mean for Canada. Then, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May joins Chris Hall to talk Green Party strategy as she hopes to capitalize on provincial momentum in this fall's federal election. Plus, the In House panel discusses January 'House cleaning' as Trudeau prepares for a cabinet shuffle.

Canada's climate plan is fractured and inadequate: Don Pittis

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has invited the provinces to Paris for the global climate change summit, but Canada's economic plan to fight warming is dangerously fractured.

Day before Paris deal comes into effect, UN report warns promised cuts not nearly enough

The world is nowhere near on track to achieve the ambitious temperature goals adopted in the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change, the UN said Thursday in a sobering report that warned of a human tragedy unless governments stepped up efforts to fight global warming.

FAQ: Signing the Paris Agreement on climate change

Over 160 countries are expected to sign the Paris Agreement on climate change at a ceremony at the UN today, Earth Day. So what's the big deal?

Climate change is 'largest science communication failure in history'

Some climate change experts hope painting a grim picture of the future will get people to change their behaviour. But for many of us, it may actually do the opposite.

'Worthless words' or 'diplomatic triumph'? Climate scientists weigh in on Paris agreement

The general view of the Paris agreement reached last week among climate scientists seems to be that while it won't halt global warming, it's an important step in that direction, but some take a harsher view, calling the deal a straight-out fraud. We speak with three prominent climate scientist to get their take.

COP21: 5 ways Canadians can help reduce climate change

Governments around the world are expected to start implementing policies to reach the goals set out in a historic agreement to limit climate change. But there are things individuals can do to help reduce their own carbon footprint.

Paris deal on climate change met with calls to action from Canadians

Experts and environmentalists tried to inject a practical note into Saturday's celebration over the Paris climate agreement, pointing out Canada still doesn't have a federal emissions target.

COP21: Canada's new goal for limiting global warming 'perhaps a dream'

The Canadian government's goal for limiting climate change is ambitious, scientists say, and all governments will have to act now and garner enough buy-in from citizens to spark some big changes to make it possible.

Environmentalists warn of increased activism after Paris climate talks

The Paris climate change summit is invigorating environmental groups, who warn of a swell of protests over the next year.



Climate talks stretch through night as deadline for historic deal looms

What at the outset the French hosts called a "week of hope," is now coming to an end with frenetic, caffeine-fuelled all-nighters aimed at beating the clock.

Alberta's 'dirty oilsands' reputation is fading, Suncor CEO says

The head of Canada's largest energy company — who is in Paris for the United Nations climate change conference — says Alberta's reputation is changing, slowly.

New Fossil of the Day Award: Canada back in climate bad books

Canada is once again in the climate bad books, winning a so-called "Fossil of the Day Award" at the climate talks in Paris, a prize long associated instead with the days of the previous Conservative government.

Climate talks contend with both villains, heroes as deadline looms

The most effective obstacles to a strong Paris climate agreement are the countries like Saudi Arabia that aren’t standing on the sidelines, but instead are working at every level to block efforts at finding common ground, Nahlah Ayed writes.

COP21: Big Oil in hiding at Paris climate talks

Big Oil's low-key approach in Paris is understandable on one hand and absurd on the other.

Canada's youth call out Justin Trudeau before the world's cameras at Paris climate talks

On a day that was supposed to celebrate the contributions of youth at the Paris climate conference, a group of young Canadians stood before the world’s cameras and publicly called out their new young prime minister.


Polar bear researchers working on innovative ways to gather data

Scientists are trying out new, non-invasive ways to study and track polar bears in Canada's northern regions.

Bristol, England, shows what cities can do to fight climate change

Bristol, England is an old industrial city that's probably best known for giving the world trip-hop music. But it's also become a model for other cities in how to encourage people to play a direct role in fighting climate change.

Mark Carney wants companies to list climate-related financial risk

Disclosures would help investors and governments understand and manage a company's climate-related risks, which are expected to grow over time.

Polar bear scientists have high hopes, low expectations for Paris climate summit

The waters of Hudson Bay are warming fast, and climate scientists and residents in Canada's sub-Arctic are doubtful the UN's Paris summit will come up with a deal hearty enough to stop the impact of climate change.

Brad Wall and the elusive goal of carbon capture and storage

At the UN climate conference in Paris, Premier Brad Wall and SaskPower executives are showcasing their carbon capture and storage project, located at a coal power plant in Saskatchewan.

Fake ads mocking corporate sponsors of the COP21 climate talks pop up in Paris

The Brandalism group takes aim at world leaders, big oil companies, and corporate sponsors of the climate talks by installing more than 600 satirical ads around Paris.

COP21 must address the trade cost of carbon pricing: Don Pittis

Adding the price of carbon to everything a country produces is disruptive and expensive. That means countries taking the lead to save the world from climate change could face a serious trade disadvantage.

New tone by Canada and Alberta noticed at COP21 climate talks

Canada has changed its tone at the Paris climate talks and everyone from environmental groups to the International Energy Agency is taking note.

Canadian entrepreneurs seek path to fossil-fuel-free future

Right now, politicians from around the globe are meeting in Paris to figure out the next steps in reducing climate change. But a number of Canadian entrepreneurs have spent years sussing out technologies that may help us get to a future of cleaner power.