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As summer approaches, how can parents prepare for another season of COVID-19?

Warmer weather can conjure up lazy days spent at the beach and backyard barbecues with friends. But as B.C. grapples with its third wave, are we in for a cruel summer?
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Are rules made to be broken? How parents can help kids understand why some people don't follow pandemic rules

As we continue to ask our children to follow provincial health orders, what about the adults who don’t? Is it time to impose a stern time-out on the people who don’t comply?

Friendships play a huge role in child development. But what role is the pandemic playing in child friendships?

Friends can mean the world to kids, but those bonds have been tested over the past year.
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Happy anniversary…? Marking the highs and lows in a year of pandemic parenting

It’s been one year of parenting through a pandemic. Through the good and the bad, families have made it through the lows and celebrated the highs.
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How to raise an ally: Kids need to learn about racism and what they can do to fight it

Race and racism can be a difficult subject to tackle as a parent, no matter what colour your skin or your child's may be. 
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How getting your kids to do chores does so much more than keeping the house clean

Helping out around the house can give kids faith in their abilities, as well as a sense of belonging, control and usefulness.
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The strength kids have found in adversity might be the silver lining to COVID-19

One of the lasting legacies of 2020 might be the strength and the resilience our children continue to show and develop. 
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The pandemic shouldn't be an excuse for not exercising, but a chance to get your kids moving

I'm not the only one who was struggling long before the pandemic to keep my kids off their devices and on the move.
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Families face tough decisions as return to school risks bursting social bubbles

Does sending kids back to class mean our hard-won time with grandparents and a small circle of friends will come to an end? And for the families that can choose online classes, how will their circle of friends — some of whom may have kids that do attend class — be affected?
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Who are you to judge? Parents are increasingly calling out others for their pandemic behaviour

From screen time to sleep schedules, parenting has always been ripe with opportunities to judge. But as COVID-19 has forced families to make difficult choices, judgment of those choices can be swift and particularly harsh.