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Panama Papers spur billion-dollar global tax windfall, with $15M found in Canada

Governments worldwide have discovered more than a billion dollars in unpaid taxes to date thanks to the Panama Papers and have obtained criminal convictions. But in Canada, despite finding nearly 900 Canadian taxpayers in the leak, the CRA hasn't laid a single charge.

More than two years later, no Canadian Panama Papers charges have been filed

Two and a half years after the landmark Panama Papers leak of offshore financial information, the Canada Revenue Agency has yet to charge or convict anyone with offshore tax evasion.
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B.C. stock promoter led 'lavish lifestyle' while evading millions in tax, CRA alleges

Damien Reynolds is the first person named in the Panama Papers who the Canada Revenue Agency has brought criminal charges against. But it appears that's just a coincidence, and the CRA had no idea he's in the huge leak of tax-haven records.

Wealthy Canadians hiding up to $240B abroad, CRA says

Well-heeled Canadians have hidden up to $240.5 billion in foreign accounts and are dodging up to $3 billion a year in federal tax on those funds, according to the CRA's first ever attempt to estimate how much government revenue is lost from individuals stashing money abroad.
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More documents from Panama Papers law firm leak out, exposing its panic

More private documents from the Panamanian law firm at the centre of one of the biggest-ever leaks of financial records have been exposed, showing how enraged its clients were, global media outlets are revealing today.
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CRA's Panama Papers raids targeted oilpatch fixer with half-dozen offshore companies

An Alberta businessman who has quietly been teeing up hundreds of millions of dollars in oilpatch deals for Chinese investors is the first person known to be targeted by the Canada Revenue Agency's criminal investigations into the Panama Papers, court records reveal.

CRA audits just 5 Canadians out of hundreds of RBC Panama Papers accounts

Two years after it took aim at hundreds of Royal Bank clients exposed in the Panama Papers leak, the Canada Revenue Agency has decided just five cases require an audit — because the vast majority of the offshore accounts belonged to foreigners.

CRA raids locations in Toronto, Calgary and West Vancouver in Panama Papers probe

Canada Revenue Agency officers backed up by police raid locations in three provinces as part of a criminal tax-evasion probe stemming from the Panama Papers — a sign the taxman may be preparing criminal charges against people hiding money offshore.

$500M recouped worldwide from tax cheats due to Panama Papers — but none of it in Canada

Governments around the world say they've recovered a combined $500 million in unpaid taxes thanks to the Panama Papers leak in 2016. But none of that was in Canada, where the CRA says it will be at least 2½ more years before it can announce anything.

Doubts cast on Canadian citizenship of Mulroney's billionaire friend

A wealthy Syrian-British investor who Brian Mulroney calls a "close friend," and who parked much of his fortune offshore, obtained Canadian citizenship under unclear circumstances in the 1990s, a Radio-Canada/Toronto Star investigation has found.

New Mulroney Institute is bankrolled by billionaires steeped in scandal

A new $60-million university institute in Nova Scotia celebrating former prime minister Brian Mulroney got a good chunk of that financing from donors embroiled in international controversy, a joint investigation by CBC/Radio-Canada and the Toronto Star has found.

Murder in Malta; Reporting on Puerto Rico; 50 Years of 60 Minutes (The Investigators with Diana Swain)

A conversation with CBC News investigative producer about the death of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. Plus, a critical look at the coverage of the disaster in Puerto Rico. Watch The Investigators Saturdays at 9:30 pm ET and Sundays at 5:30 pm ET on CBC News Network.

Murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia sends shockwaves far beyond Malta (The Investigators with Diana Swain)

Murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia sends shockwaves far beyond Malta: A conversation with CBC News investigative producer Harvey Cashore about why the death of Daphne Caruana Galizia is being felt by journalists around the world. Watch The Investigators Saturdays at 9:30 pm ET and Sundays at 5:30 pm ET on CBC News Network.
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How 2 Canadians named in Panama Papers led nearly 200 companies they claim to know nothing about

A law clerk from Toronto and a paralegal in Montreal rented out their names to scores of companies, blindly signing documents for multimillion-dollar deals and other corporate transactions. It's a practice critics say makes Canada ripe for tax-haven-type abuse.
CBC Investigates

'Tax haven' Canada being used by offshore cheats, Panama Papers show

Far from the palm-fringed beaches of the usual offshore tax havens, Canada has quietly become a go-to destination for international tax cheats eager to exploit the country's twin benefits of a sterling reputation and rules that allow private companies to keep their ownership secret.

Panama Papers to pesticide problems: 10 memorable I-Team stories from 2016

The CBC I-Team takes a look in the rear-view mirror at their most memorable stories of 2016.
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Senator reports herself to ethics czar over tax-haven revelations

A Conservative senator is taking the unusual step of reporting herself to a parliamentary ethics czar after leaked tax-haven records revealed she was a director of an offshore corporation for 12 years — without, she says, ever knowing about it.
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3 Canadian banks served 2,000 offshore corporations, Bahamas leak shows

Three of Canada's big banks provided services to nearly 2,000 offshore corporations since 1990 in the Bahamas, one of the world's premier tax havens, leaked records show — a revelation that is eliciting concerns they may be inadvertently aiding illicit activities.

Canadian ties exposed in leaked Bahamas tax-haven data

Records on tens of thousands of largely secrecy-clad companies registered in the Bahamas, including thousands with ties to Canada, have been divulged as one of the world's premier tax havens becomes the first to suffer a large data leak since the Panama Papers.

Search the Panama Papers and offshore leak database

A chunk of key data from the huge Panama Papers leak, and now a follow-up leak in the Bahamas, has been opened to the public. Search for prominent people, secret offshore companies — even your neighbours.

Denmark to spend up to $1.8M for leaked Panama Papers data on tax evaders

Denmark will buy leaked data from the so-called Panama Papers, a trove of documents detailing the dealings of a Panamanian law firm that helped customers open offshore companies to avoid paying taxes, in an attempt to identify several hundred potential Danish tax evaders.
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Panama Papers billionaire honoured at York U despite bribery case

A Canadian billionaire involved in a $400-million global bribery scheme encouraged students to be "good citizens" Monday as he received an honorary doctorate, with York University remaining steadfastly silent about what it knew of his past when it decided to give him the degree.

How Canada got into bed with tax havens

With little fanfare and a mostly empty House of Commons, the Liberal government passed a piece of legislation 36 years ago that has had a profound effect on Canada's economy.
CBC Investigates

Deals Canada signed to catch tax cheats allow billions in taxes to escape

Agreements Canada has signed in recent years with offshore jurisdictions — ostensibly to enable a crackdown on tax evasion — have instead permitted tens of billions of dollars to flow into those locales, totally above board.
CBC Investigates

Panama Papers confirm Canadian billionaire and university benefactor as mystery man in global bribery case

He has hobnobbed with the Queen and Bill Clinton, donated a small fortune to Canadian universities, and glides effortlessly in the highest echelons of power. Now, the Panama Papers provide the closing chapter in a years-long corruption saga involving a Canadian tycoon.
CBC Investigates

SNC-Lavalin paid $22M to secret offshore company to get Algeria contracts: Panama Papers

SNC-Lavalin paid a secret Caribbean-registered company — whose owner is unknown even to the executives who signed the deals — to intercede on its behalf to obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in business in Algeria, the Panama Papers show.

Panama Papers reveal investors fighting boxer Donny Lalonde

In the 1980s, Winnipeg boxer Donny Lalonde went toe to toe with the likes of Sugar Ray Leonard. Now, the Panama Papers reveal that he's battling angry investors.

CBC INVESTIGATES - 'Golden Boy' boxer Donny Lalonde, named in Panama Papers, in Costa Rican investment controversy

Donny Lalonde, a former boxing champion once known as Winnipeg's "Golden Boy," has drawn the ire of more than two dozen investors who say he didn't deliver on real estate projects in Costa Rica.

In Malta, Donny Lalonde talks to the CBC's Katie Nicholson about the leak of documents in the Panama Papers

Donny Lalonde, once known as Winnipeg's "Golden Boy" from the sport of boxing, has drawn the ire of some investors who say he didn't deliver on real estate projects in Costa Rica.

Panama Papers reveal middlemen between Canada and offshore secrets.

The CBC is one of only two news outlets in Canada with complete access to all the information that was leaked from the Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca.

Canada Revenue Agency scouring Panama Papers for possible tax cheats

The federal government won't say exactly how it got its hands on the Panama Papers, but investigators are already scouring the leaked documents for tax dodging, and criminal charges will eventually be laid if at all possible, Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier says.

Panama Papers reveal middlemen between Canada and offshore secrets

The CBC is one of only two news outlets in Canada with complete access to all the information that was leaked from the Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca.

Panama Papers

CBC News' Frederic Zalac on the release of Panama Papers documents

What's in the Paradise Papers database of tax haven records and how to search it

A public database containing a slice of key data from the giant Paradise Papers leak, as well as older records from the Panama Papers, is now public. Here's what you will and won't find, and how to search it.

Panama Papers reveal Canada's top offshore middleman, Fred Sharp of Vancouver, linked to fraudster

A Vancouver company led by former lawyer Fred Sharp created more Canadian-linked offshore companies using Mossack Fonseca than any other Canadian middleman, and stood up for a convicted fraudster, according to a joint CBC News/Toronto Star investigation based on the Panama Papers.
CBC Investigates

Panama Papers reveal middlemen between Canada and offshore secrets

When names from the huge Panama Papers leak go public today, they will include some prolific Canadian offshore operators. Among them: a convicted fraudster and a former lawyer whose business was sought out by wealthy people who wanted their assets kept private.

Panama Papers' data release

Investigators hope public scrutiny of the material will generate hundreds of tips about possible corruption and tax dodging

Panama Papers names going public

Confidential details of more than 200,000 offshore accounts in the Panama Papers — including the names of at least 625 Canadians — are being revealed, in the hope that public scrutiny of the material will spur hundreds of tips about possible corruption and tax dodging.

RBC to turn over files on Panama Papers clients to Canada Revenue Agency

Royal Bank of Canada has agreed to hand over 40 years of records on hundreds of its clients revealed in the Panama Papers to tax auditors from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Panama Papers reveal billions hidden in anonymous paper shares

The Panama Papers revealed various complex, labyrinthine ways in which the world's wealthy have tried to distance themselves from their money, but one of the most common is surprisingly simple: paper stock certificates, long the preferred choice of money launderers and tax evaders and only recently banned in many jurisdictions.

Is this Nazi-looted art?

Panama Papers may help solve mystery of Modigliani masterpiece missing for 50 years, fifth estate finds

Panama Papers may help solve mystery of Modigliani masterpiece

In this excerpt from the fifth estate's "Stolen Treasures," Frederic Zalac investigates the International Art Center
CBC Investigates

Panama Papers may help solve mystery of Modigliani masterpiece missing for 50 years, fifth estate finds

Documents from the Panama Papers reveal that a powerful family of international art dealers may be using a Panamanian-registered company to obscure its ownership of a Modigliani painting that is at the centre of a high-stakes court battle, a joint investigation by the fifth estate, the Toronto Star and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has found.

Panama Papers expose Chinese elite's secret dealings

Close relatives of China's top leaders — including an in-law of the country's most powerful man — have been hiding assets in offshore companies and accruing sometimes vast wealth, according to the Panama Papers' latest revelations.

Panama Papers taunt the masses with more proof that game is rigged

Sunday's data leak from a secretive Panamanian law firm exposed a private club of the ultra-entitled, writes Neil Macdonald. It comes at a time when everything from popular entertainment to the conservative Economist magazine is telling us that the game is rigged.

Shell game

Allison Christians, associate professor at McGill University and an expert on tax law, discuses the Panama Papers

Tax havens explained: How the rich hide money offshore

A look at the various ways wealthy investors move money in and out of offshore companies and accounts, often staying under the taxman's radar.