Topic: ottawa street talks for election 2018

Nepean families just looking for a break this election

In the fast-growing and relatively youthful riding of Nepean, parents and students alike are calling on politicians to improve the education system and make post-secondary programs more affordable.

Health-care promises ignore 'dangerous' issues, west Ottawa voters say

Promising to abolish "hallway medicine" has become a common slogan among candidates during this year's Ontario election campaign, but some Ottawa voters want to know what else politicians will do to protect their health.

'Not looking for a handout': Ottawa–Vanier voters want affordable housing

From Montreal Road to Beechwood Avenue, people in Ottawa–Vanier want their local candidates to do something about housing and making life more affordable.

Dissatisfied Carleton voters contemplate change

Amid surging support for the NDP, even some diehard Progressive Conservative voters in Ottawa's new Carleton riding admit they're wavering.

Hydro 'screw-ups' haunt Wynne in rural Ottawa

When voters in Kanata–Carleton head to the polls, many say they'll be thinking about a political misstep that's hitting them where it hurts each and every month: Hydro One.

From crime to crumbling roads, Ottawa South voters look for local help

Ottawa South residents want provincial candidates to take a hard look at gang problems and issues with infrastructure, as well as ways to make life more affordability.

Patients, staff 'suffer': Rural Ottawa voters demand better health care

For Ottawa voters in the Glengarry–Prescott–Russell riding, improving hospital wait times and the quality of care in long-term care homes is a top election issue.

Taking care of seniors, reducing bills are front of mind in Orléans

In the rapidly growing riding of Orléans, voters say they're looking for tax cuts and other incentives to lower costs for seniors and families.

Ottawa Centre wants 'fresh ideas' for improved housing, education

With a mixture of wealthy and low-income neighbourhoods, the ballot box question for voters in Ottawa Centre varies depending on where you are, but most say they're looking for whatever "levels the playing field."