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Ontario election gave First Nations a voice at Queen's Park, but will Ford government hear it?

With the dust from the Ontario election settling and the Doug Ford era about to get underway, many Indigenous voters are left wondering just how much of an impact their ballots will have on the future of the province.

As Ford Nation conquers Ontario, federal parties ponder what it means for them

Canada's most populous province is now under new management after PC Leader Doug Ford ended 15 years of Liberal government. His win presents a challenge for Prime Minister Trudeau's progressive agenda, and has the other federal parties pondering what it means for them.

Doug Ford promised to deliver the GTA for the Ontario PCs and that's what he did

The Progressive Conservative gains in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area alone were enough to win Doug Ford a majority government.

Doug Ford's next challenge is to make sense of his many nonsensical promises: Robyn Urback

Doug Ford will realize very quickly that making a bunch of conflicting, unrestrained promises is a lot more fun than actually running a government.

'Magic' of simple message, simple strategy led to Ford victory

He may be polarizing to a significant segment of voters, have run a messy campaign and come with his own political baggage, but Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford may just have been the "ideal candidate."

Andrea Horwath's NDP to lead opposition in a 'very divided province' after Ontario election

Andrea Horwath, the single mom from Steeltown who waited tables to pay for university, is the new head of Ontario's official opposition. And now she has four years to convince people she can be premier.

Ontario PCs dominate Toronto suburbs and 905, while NDP swipes urban seats from Liberals

Picture Toronto and Brampton and Oshawa as pockets of orange, surrounded by blue.

With a day to go, Ontario election is still Doug Ford's to lose

Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives began the Ontario election campaign on track for a landslide majority. They remain the favourites, but that is about the only thing that looks the same.

Green Leader Mike Schreiner 'cautiously optimistic' he'll win in Guelph

Green Party of Ontario Leader Mike Schreiner may win his seat in Guelph in Thursday's provincial election.

Will Toronto help give Doug Ford a majority government?

Both the PCs and the New Democrats are poised to make big gains in Toronto as Liberal support plummets in the city.

With NDP and PCs circling, Liberals look to save what they can in eastern Ontario

There are a few regions of Ontario where the Liberals are still competitive. Eastern Ontario is one of them. But can they hold off both the PCs and the surging NDP?

NDP, PCs look to pick up Liberal seats in southwestern Ontario

With the Liberals falling apart in southwestern Ontario, both the NDP and PCs are poised to pick up the pieces.

They want you to vote, but they're not political parties

Ontario Proud and are taking different approaches to motivate voters to head to the ballot box next week.

Vote Compass: Horwath taps those weary of Wynne, fearful of Ford

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath appears to be benefitting from a combination of low support for Kathleen Wynne and trepidation by many voters to back a Doug Ford-led PC party.

Wynne may have exceeded expectations in leaders' debate, but does it matter?

In the three weeks since the last debate, the NDP's Andrea Horwath has gone from third-place outsider to becoming the target of the front-running PCs and the third-place Liberals.

Leaders' debate was just as fierce on the social media stage

Sunday's leaders' debate capped the busiest day of election-related traffic Twitter Canada has seen since the campaign officially started.

What's at stake in final Ontario leaders' debate?

The PCs' huge lead has collapsed, the NDP has surged in popularity, and the Liberals face a potentially humiliating loss. Sunday evening's debate — the last before the vote on June 7 — could help decide who will be the next premier of Ontario.

How a 9/11 Truther may be influencing which Ontario election videos you see

He's a YouTube user who puts salacious titles and grabby headlines on otherwise innocuous videos, but he gets more views than many professional news organizations.

Ontario's NDP must face the cruel economic realities of government: Don Pittis

As Liberals crash in the polls and Ford Nation politics fails to satisfy, suddenly an NDP win in Ontario is no longer far-fetched. But will their economic policies survive?

Ontario election promises a tax-and-borrow-and-spend jamboree: Neil Macdonald

The battered, unpopular premier, Kathleen Wynne, and the apparently ascendant NDP leader, Andrea Horwath, are competing over how much they'll spend. And Doug Ford is no more credible than the other two.

With NDP momentum building, Horwath looks to conquer a Liberal stronghold in Ottawa

The NDP sees an opporunity to breakthrough in eastern Ontario in the Liberal stronghold of Ottawa Centre.

Doug Ford's PCs falter as Andrea Horwath's NDP makes gains: polls

With two weeks down in the Ontario election campaign, voters are on the move.

Can Ontario's election tell us anything about the federal race in 2019?

Ontario has a history of voting one way provincially and another way federally — but it isn't a two-way street.

Liberals get aggressive to win — and keep — important Ottawa ridings

In the first nine days of this election campaign, Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne has been in Ottawa twice and her team has targeted the PC candidate in a west-end riding as many times. It's an indication of how important the Ottawa-area ridings are to the Liberals.

Avalanche of detail overwhelms Kathleen Wynne's message

Election campaigns are all about having a clear and powerful message that resonates with voters. During the first week of Ontario's election campaign, it's not been totally clear what Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne's message is.