Ontario Votes 2018

Eastern Ontario election results

The Progressive Conservatives dominate eastern Ontario and the NDP picked up two seats from Liberals as results from the region come in. Check here for the latest results.

'We have taken back Ontario': Doug Ford leads PCs to majority government

Led by Doug Ford, Ontario's Progressive Conservatives secured a considerable majority government on Thursday, handily defeating the rival NDP and ending nearly 15 years of Liberal power in the province.

'It's not news': Doug Ford's Ontario News Now attempts to muzzle media, experts say

The Progressive Conservative government's production of a TV-news-style video under the banner of "Ontario News Now" is a "pure example of fake news" that aims to undercut the pillars of democracy and muzzle media, political policy experts say.

3 motorcycle crashes closed roads across the GTA late Tuesday

Police around the GTA and Hamilton responded to three separate motorcycle crashes late Tuesday night. At least one rider suffered life-threatening injuries.

Here's how Doug Ford's political views measure up against the PC voters who elected him

What kind of conservative is Doug Ford? Here's a look at where Ford stands on issues compared with the views of the average PC supporter who filled out CBC's voter engagement survey.

Unregistered groups targeting Ontario voters with online ads

Two dozen groups who aren’t registered as third parties under Ontario’s election rules have been quietly targeting Ontario voters with Facebook ads on a range of issues during the provincial election campaign, CBC News has learned.

Ontario NDP won't seek recount in Ottawa West—Nepean

The Ontario NDP has confirmed it won't seek a recount in the hotly contested riding of Ottawa West—Nepean, where PC candidate Jeremy Roberts narrowly defeated the NDP's Chandra Pasma by 176 votes in last Thursday's provincial election.

Doug Ford's environmental policies light on details, advocates say

Advocates for the environment say the Progressive Conservative platform doesn't contain a lot of detail and they're concerned Ontario's leadership in the fight against climate change could weaken under the incoming premier, Doug Ford.

No recount in Thunder Bay-Atikokan despite close provincial race

Despite a very close result in Thursday's provincial election, there will be no recount in the Thunder Bay-Atikokan riding.

Ontario election gave First Nations a voice at Queen's Park, but will Ford government hear it?

With the dust from the Ontario election settling and the Doug Ford era about to get underway, many Indigenous voters are left wondering just how much of an impact their ballots will have on the future of the province.

As Ford Nation conquers Ontario, federal parties ponder what it means for them

Canada's most populous province is now under new management after PC Leader Doug Ford ended 15 years of Liberal government. His win presents a challenge for Prime Minister Trudeau's progressive agenda, and has the other federal parties pondering what it means for them.

Doug Ford promised to deliver the GTA for the Ontario PCs and that's what he did

The Progressive Conservative gains in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area alone were enough to win Doug Ford a majority government.

Doug Ford's next challenge is to make sense of his many nonsensical promises: Robyn Urback

Doug Ford will realize very quickly that making a bunch of conflicting, unrestrained promises is a lot more fun than actually running a government.

PC promises for wind turbines, 401 safety has advocates asking 'when?'

One day after the provincial election, and it's already time for PC MPPs to pay the piper, according to advocates.

5 Toronto issues to watch as Doug Ford becomes Ontario's premier

Doug Ford has big plans for Toronto, but can he afford them?

'Very unclear what he is going to do': Wynne declines to support any PC campaign pledges

Outgoing Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne on Friday said she hopes that the PCs will allow the Liberals to retain party status, but declined to identify a single Tory campaign pledge that she supports.

Donna Skelly, 'offside' on key city issues, now Hamilton's only government voice

One councillor says she governs with a tinfoil hat. The mayor accused her of treating her ward as a novelty. Now Donna Skelly is Hamilton's sole voice in the governing provincial party.
The Campaigner

Introducing Ontario's new premier: Doug Ford

After an intense, hard-fought election campaign, Doug Ford woke up this morning as incoming premier of Canada's largest province. Here's how things are looking on the first day of his incoming premiership and the last day of The Campaigner.

By the numbers: How we voted in Waterloo region, Wellington County

Voters in Waterloo region and Wellington County elected five new political representatives and re-elected two incumbents in Thursday's election. Here's a summary of the election, by the numbers.

Sandra Pupatello, former Liberal leadership contender, not ruling out another run

After leaving politics in 2011, Sandra Pupatello ended up making a run at the provincial Liberal leadership two years later — but lost to Kathleen Wynne, who became premier as a result.

Jagmeet Singh calls the NDP surge in Ontario a 'promising sign' for upcoming federal election

Despite a landslide win for the Ontario PCs on Thursday night, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said he’s taking his party’s showing as a portent of good things to come in next year’s federal election.

'Magic' of simple message, simple strategy led to Ford victory

He may be polarizing to a significant segment of voters, have run a messy campaign and come with his own political baggage, but Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford may just have been the "ideal candidate."


Ottawa Liberals hold on to some seats, but victory is bittersweet

While the Progressive Conservative party picked up new seats across the province, it wasn't quite a clean sweep for the PCs in eastern Ontario.

Windsor-Essex holds orange in Ontario election, but PCs came close

It was an unpredictable provincial election campaign, but the NDP incumbents of Windsor and Essex managed to hold their seats. Although one riding held a particularly close race.

Rookie New Democrat Terence Kernaghan takes London North Centre

The people of London North Centre have voted for a change, choosing an elementary school teacher turned rookie New Democrat MPP to replace a seat left vacant by a retired veteran Liberal cabinet minister, who stepped down as deputy premier of Ontario after serving the riding for the past 15 years.