NDP apologizes for Saint John candidate's 'profane remarks' directed at other politicians

The interim leader of the New Brunswick NDP is condemning election-night comments by one of the party’s candidates and says he is looking at “disciplinary action.”

N.B. Women's Council hopes for cabinet parity

While more women were elected to serve as members of New Brunswick's Legislative Assembly in Monday's provincial election, Beth Lyons, the executive director of New Brunswick Women's Council says they still only make up less than 30 per cent of the total number of elected MLAs.

Technical glitch delays voting at 6 polling stations in N.B.

A technical glitch in some parts of the province will force five polling stations in four ridings across the province to stay open later.  

Liberal collapse in anglophone ridings sparks calls for party reform

In all, Liberals who won five of the 18 Saint John-, Fredericton- and Charlotte County-area seats in 2014, and two in 2018, took none this year and posted an historic low 15.7 per cent of the vote. That was third behind the PCs and Greens.

PC party members diverge on language split after Higgs shut out in northern New Brunswick

Look no further for evidence of a language divide in New Brunswick politics than the differing views emerging among Progressive Conservatives about whether that divide even exists.

Lessons learned from Canada's first pandemic election

New Brunswick's chief electoral officer says 28 days isn't enough time to throw an election together, especially not during a pandemic.

Premier Higgs has his majority government. Now what?

The premier's margin, 27 seats compared to a total of 22 for the three opposition parties, is a narrow one mathematically. But it's decisive in the context of a four-party election and his chronic weakness in northern New Brunswick.

Election night's biggest winners and losers

Election night was filled with stories of winners and losers, with Premier Blaine Higgs’ Progressive Conservatives winning a majority. Here are some other prominent candidates and how they did in this election.

New Brunswick Progressive Conservatives win majority in pandemic vote

New Brunswick's Progressive Conservatives won re-election Monday night with a majority government for leader Blaine Higgs, who last month called a snap election, the first provincial vote to be held during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Liberals win key ridings, lose big one in eastern New Brunswick

Ridings in eastern New Brunswick featured the shock of the night amid a series of key, albeit expected, victories for the Liberals and Greens. 

People's Alliance celebrates 'giant slayer' Michelle Conroy, but party takes a hit

The People's Alliance stopped Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers bid for a seat in Miramichi on Monday night, but it lost a seat and three percentage points in the popular vote overall.

More women heading to the legislature, but diverse candidates remain shut out

More women are headed to New Brunswick's legislature after Monday night's election, but no candidates of colour, members of a First Nations or people who identify as LGBTQ will be heading to Fredericton this fall.

Progressive Conservatives sweep southern New Brunswick ridings

The Progressive Conservative have swept all of the southern New Brunswick ridings, helping Blaine Higgs capture a majority government.

Kevin Vickers to step aside as Liberal leader

Liberal Leader Kevin Vickers says he'll step down after failing to win his seat in Miramichi.

Liberals gain one in northern stronghold on an otherwise disappointing night 

The Liberal Party was able to hold on to its fortress in the northern part of the province, even gaining a seat, but it wasn't enough to help the party stave off the Progressive Conservatives from forming government.

PCs turn Moncton area even bluer with the addition of two seats

Find out what's happened in these Moncton-area ridings: Dieppe, Moncton East, Moncton Centre, Moncton South, Moncton Northwest, Moncton Southwest, Riverview, and Albert. 

Battleground Fredericton ridings help deliver PC majority

Fredericton voters helped Blaine Higgs cash in on his snap election gamble, either flipping ridings blue or keeping them so, while giving the smaller party leaders another shot.

Western ridings remain a Tory stronghold

Western New Brunswick came out strong for the Progressive Conservatives on Monday night, helping Premier Blaine Higgs secure a majority government. 

Here's what to expect when you head to the polls today

New Brunswickers vote today in Canada’s first COVID-19 election. The process is essentially the same, but a few changes have been made to keep it safe for voters and poll workers.

New Brunswick vote switchers hold key to election outcome

Voters willing to switch from one party to another party are critical to the outcome of an election. When Blaine Higgs called the election this summer, he believed Progressive Conservatives would benefit the most this time from those inclined to change their vote.

NB Votes 2020: CBC New Brunswick coverage

CBC New Brunswick is your home for NB Votes 2020.

N.B. election candidates face hateful comments on sexual identity, orientation and gender

Researcher Gilbert McLaughlin was expecting to see comments about hate towards francophone issues when he began surveying candidates. But he quickly found out that wasn't the topic commenters were directing their hate at compared to the election in 2018.

Parties talk Lamèque-Shippagan bridge plans in final campaign weekend

Several of New Brunswick’s political parties are clarifying commitments for a new bridge connecting Shippagan with Lamèque and Miscou islands during the final weekend of the campaign.
Election Notebook

Green party promises to do away with interest on student loans

Party leaders travelled across the province Friday, making their final pitches to voters before Monday's provincial election.

Wolastoqey chiefs urge community members to vote Liberal or Green

Chiefs of the Wolastoqey Nation in New Brunswick are urging members of their communities to vote either Green or Liberal this Monday, depending on which party has the best chance of winning in their ridings.