Nadine Machiskinic's aunt says Regina police did not reveal findings of RCMP probe

On Wednesday, Nadine Machiskinic's aunt delivered a teepee to the Saskatchewan Legislature. She's disappointed with the Regina Police Service's decision not to disclose findings from the RCMP review into the investigation of Machiskinic's death.

'That was a nightmare': delayed toxicology reports one of top concerns in Sask. coroner review

A recent report on Saskatchewan's coroner indicates one of the top concerns is delays in toxicology reports.

Calls to reopen Nadine Machiskinic case as Regina police accused of 'botched job'

Anti-racism groups and family members of Nadine Machiskinic are calling for Regina police to reopen the investigation into her death, calling the initial case "a botched job."

Police chief's comments on Nadine Machiskinic's death adds to family's frustration

Chief Evan Bray says the investigation wasn’t influenced by who Nadine Machiskinic was.

Jury reverses coroner's decision on manner of Machiskinic's death

The jury for the coroner's inquest into the death of a woman who fell down a Regina hotel laundry chute has concluded her manner of death is "undetermined."

Testimony concludes in Machiskinic inquest, but many questions remain

The lawyer representing the family of Nadine Machiskinic said the coroner's inquest established at least a couple key facts. The 29-year-old mother of four fell 10 storeys down a hotel laundry chute to her death. And then she fell through the cracks.

Identity of mysterious men, missing kids explored in Machiskinic inquest

The forensic pathologist who conducted the autopsy on Nadine Machiskinic said her injuries indicate she went down the laundry chute one of two ways, and either option raises troubling questions for the lawyer representing her family.

60-hour delay 'most frustrating' part of Machiskinic investigation, police say

In a case riddled with errors, delays and unfortunate events, Staff Sgt. Kelly Trithart says likely the "most frustrating" thing about the investigation into the death of Nadine Machiskinic was the fact it took 60 hours before police were called in.

Nadine Machiskinic's aunt hopes coroner's inquest gets answers, sends message

Delores Stevenson says she hopes the coroner's inquest into the death of her niece Nadine Machiskinic helps uncover why she died. But she also hopes it shines a light on an investigation that she feels was marred by errors.

Inquest into death of Nadine Machiskinic scheduled for end of March

An inquest into the death of Nadine Machiskinic has been scheduled for March 27 to 31.

Death of Nadine Machiskinic leaves more questions than answers

A vigil was held in Regina on Tuesday night to remember the life of Nadine Machiskinic, who died in January 2015. An upcoming inquest is being held regarding the circumstances surrounding Machiskinic's death which leaves more questions than answers, says one speaker at the vigil.

'It's been very frustrating': Family still seeking answers 2 years after Regina woman fell down laundry chute

On the two-year anniversary of the day Nadine Machiskinic fell to her death down a hotel laundry chute, Delores Stevenson plans to focus on the memory of her niece’s life. But questions around the circumstances of her death, and the investigation that deemed it accidental, remain a source of frustration for her family members.
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Regina Police 'breakdowns' in Nadine Machiskinic case not a 'one-off problem'

A six-month delay in a Regina mother’s death investigation after she fell down a laundry chute is “not just a one-off problem”, according to an email obtained through access to information. There have been delays identified in other cases too.

5 questions for MMIW inquiry about disputed 'no foul play' cases

Canada's inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women began Thursday, but questions remain about whether commissioners will look into unresolved cases where families disagree with authorities that there was no foul play.


'No foul play' found in deaths of dozens of Indigenous women, but questions remain

In dozens of cases where police say there is no evidence of foul play, the families of missing and murdered Indigenous girls and women maintain their loved ones may have been victims of homicide, a CBC News investigation has found.
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Inquest called in death of Indigenous woman who fell down Regina laundry chute

Saskatchewan's chief coroner says he will review the circumstances in the 2015 death of an Indigenous woman, Nadine Machiskinic, at a Regina hotel.
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Inquest needed into death of Indigenous woman who fell down laundry chute, forensic pathologist says

A high-profile forensic pathologist has concluded that the case of an Aboriginal woman who fell to her death down a hotel laundry chute "needs to go to an inquest."
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Families of 34 missing or dead Indigenous women demand 'proper' investigations

CBC is investigating the deaths or disappearances of 34 Indigenous women — all cases where police said there was no evidence of foul play. But families say their loved ones may have been murdered and that police investigations were riddled with problems.
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Unresolved: Case Closed or Murder? CBC finds questionable circumstances in some Sask. cases

In seven Saskatchewan cases where officials say there is no evidence of foul play, the families of missing and murdered Indigenous women say they disagree with that conclusion.
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Pathologist found that Nadine Machiskinic likely didn't go down laundry chute 'on her own'

An autopsy report into the death of Nadine Machiskinic concluded she was severely intoxicated due to a cocktail of drugs in her system, which “would make it unlikely that she would have been able to climb into a laundry chute on her own.”

Mystery remains in laundry chute death but police say case closed

Despite the fact that Saskatchewan’s Chief Coroner released his autopsy report last week, the last 40 minutes of Nadine Machiskinic’s life remain a mystery. And her family says that is due in part to a lacklustre, error-filled investigation.

Coroner finds woman's death at Delta Hotel in Regina was accidental

The coroner's report into a woman's death after she fell ten storeys down a laundry chute at Regina's Delta Hotel says her death was accidental and caused by trauma from the fall.

Opposition says Sask. families wait too long for coroner's reports

The Opposition's justice critic says families in Saskatchewan are waiting far too long for answers about how their loved ones died.
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Aboriginal woman found at bottom of laundry chute may be 'the author of her own misfortune': Delta Hotel

The companies that owned Regina’s Delta Hotel when an Aboriginal woman was found fatally injured at the bottom of its laundry chute say if Nadine Machiskinic did fall down the chute “she is the author of her own misfortune.”
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60-hour delay before Regina police called in laundry chute death

A letter obtained by CBC’s iTeam shows there was a 60-hour gap between the time Nadine Machiskinic was found fatally injured at the bottom of a laundry chute at Regina’s Delta Hotel, and when police were called in to investigate.