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CBC News/Radio-Canada distributing 50,000 postcards to learn more about mystery illness

Canada Post is delivering about 50,000 postcards from CBC News and Radio-Canada to mailboxes in the Acadian Peninsula and North Shore areas beginning this week, with the aim of learning more about a mystery neurological illness that’s sickened at least 48 people.

New committee to review cases of mystery brain disease in N.B.

Health Minister Dorothy Shephard says the province has created an oversight committee to come up with a diagnosis of a mystery neurological syndrome in New Brunswick.

Public Health interviews with people with mystery brain disease could take 6 to 8 weeks

New Brunswick Public Health has started contacting people with a mystery brain disease to answer a questionnaire they hope will yield vital clues about what’s causing the illness.

Mystery brain disease patient was told Public Health would call. Months later, he's still waiting

Luc LeBlanc thought he'd finally start getting answers when he was diagnosed with a mystery brain disease. Instead, there have just been more questions.

Family blasts Health Department over lack of updates on mystery brain disease

Steve Ellis has been waiting more than a month to hear from Health Minister Dorothy Shephard after requesting updated information about a disease that has stricken 48 New Brunswickers so far.

Blue-green algae to be investigated as possible cause of mystery neurological disease

A researcher involved in studying a mystery neurological disease in New Brunswick that has killed six people says cyanobacteria — also known as blue-green algae — will be investigated as a potential cause.

Nothing held back from public about unknown neurological disorder, says minister

New Brunswick’s health minister said nothing was held back from the public about an unknown neurological disease in the province, even though it wasn’t publicly acknowledged before Radio-Canada unveiled a leaked memo from the province.

Mystery neurological disease prompts Horizon to launch special clinic

Horizon Health Network has launched a special clinic to assess people experiencing quick or early-onset cognitive decline as cases of an unknown brain disease continue to pop up.

New Brunswick launches webpage dedicated to tracking mystery neurological disease

The Government of New Brunswick has launched a webpage dedicated to tracking a mysterious neurological disease that's infected 47 people and killed six in the province.

Cases of mysterious neurological disease rise to 47

There are now 47 cases of a mysterious neurological disease that's been identified in a cluster of individuals living in the northeastern and southeastern parts of New Brunswick.

Families frustrated by 'wall of silence' on N.B.'s mystery brain disease

One month after mystery disease was made public, residents say they aren't being given enough information.

As toll rises from N.B.'s mystery brain disease, Public Health pledges 'regular updates'

The death toll of a neurological disease found only in New Brunswick has risen from a previously reported five people to six, according to the neurologist leading the province's investigation.

How researchers are tracking down N.B.'s mystery neurological disease

Expert investigators are working to find out what caused the 43 cases. First, they say, you have to find out what didn't.

Where exactly are N.B.'s mystery neurological disease cases? Public health agencies won't say

Public Health officials won't reveal specifically where in New Brunswick more than 40 cases of a mystery neurological disease have been identified, citing the "sensitive" and "confidential" nature of the information.

What's causing N.B.'s mystery neurological disease? Worried residents want answers

News this week that a cluster of more than 40 cases of an unknown neurological disease has been identified, and found only in New Brunswick, has residents of several communities on edge.

Environment a chief suspect in mystery neurological disease found only in N.B.

An unknown neurological disease appears to be a new condition found only in New Brunswick and is believed to be linked to environmental causes.

New Brunswick monitoring more than 40 cases of unknown neurological disease

Public Health is closely monitoring a cluster of more than 40 New Brunswick patients with symptoms similar to those of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a rare and fatal brain disease.