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Charity Drive

BGC Dawson's music program keeps lessons accessible to kids

Anyone enrolled in the community centre's after-school programs can get music lessons for free.

Young Laurentians artist explores the idea of vaccines in the animal world with illustrated book 'Alpha Vaccination'

Young artist Benjamin Lachapelle is autistic and has more than 10 illustrated books to his name. Guest Host Peter Tardif spoke to Lachapelle and mother Julie Chou about his latest book and what CBC Quebec's charity of the year, 4Korners, means to them.
Charity Drive

Therapy for men teaches how to avoid violence, domestic abuse

With a rise in domestic violence incidents provincewide, a bit of additional funding and the growing acceptance of online therapy, 4Korners created an English-language program to offer therapy to men who need it.
First Person

First as a child and now as a mother and educator, BGC Dawson has always been there

I knew Dawson was home when my colleagues held a little baby shower for me, complete with gifts and food, in the hospital, writes Sarah Croteau.

4Korners helps young Laurentians student overcome obstacles to study in CEGEP

18-year-old Emma Toth tells the CBC's Marika Wheeler how 4Korners helped her achieve her goal of studying at Dawson College. 4Korners is CBC Quebec's charity of the year.
Charity Drive

BGC Dawson's snow-shovelling brigade is ready to dig out Verdun residents again this winter

This will be the community centre's second year running the initiative which is designed to assist those who have limited mobility, while giving youth some work experience.

Laurentians caregivers benefiting from 4Korners' help

The holiday season is upon us. That means it’s time for CBC’s charity drive. This year, CBC Quebec is partnering with 4Korners, a community organization in the Laurentians. Alison brings us the story of two caregivers who benefitted from the group's help.

Help spread kindness this holiday season

Has someone extended an act of kindness to you this year? We want to hear about it. Nominate them for CBC Quebec's Make the Season Kind recognition campaign.
Charity Drive

4Korners' move to Zoom helped seniors combat COVID loneliness

When COVID hit, the 4Korners staff had to find a way to keep their programs running though they couldn’t meet in person. Like many, they turned to Zoom.
Charity Drive

BGC Dawson's frozen meal program tackles food insecurity and waste in Verdun

On any given Wednesday, you can go to BGC Dawson in Verdun with a $10 bill and get yourself three full, healthy meals for the rest of the week.

Getting seniors moving at BGC Dawson community centre

Many of us may have been a little less active than usual. For seniors, that can come with the risk of losing mobility. That’s why the BGC Dawson community centre in Verdun has been offering weekly classes to help seniors get moving. Daybreak's Ainslie MacLellan brings us the story.

31-Day "Acts of Kindness" calendar

As part of our December "Make the Season Kind" Campaign in support of BGC Dawson and 4Korners, we've created a 31-day "Acts of Kindness" calendar for the month of December. Each day offers small acts of kindness suitable for all ages.



BGC Dawson: making a difference in Verdun

Debra Arbec speaks with Chad Polito, executive director of BGC Dawson. The group is CBC Montreal's partner for this year's Make the Season Kind campaign.
Charity Drive

'It saved our lives in one sense': How BGC Dawson helps Verdun families

BGC Dawson has been active in Montreal's southwestern Verdun borough since the 1960s and was originally a way to keep kids active and out of trouble. In the late '70s, they expanded their offering and today they have everything from children's programs to a food bank, music lessons, and seniors' programs to stave off loneliness.

Your tips for avoiding food waste

Shawn talks with a community chef at BGC Dawson in Verdun and other guests about how to avoid throwing food out.

Donate to BGC Dawson

BGC Dawson has been selected as our charity this holiday season.

Donate to 4Korners

4Korners has been selected as our charity this holiday season.

Meet our 2021 CBC charities of the year

Throughout November and December, CBC will collaborate with two charities to showcase the work they do, as well as bring you stories of people in our communities who are making a difference.