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Filipino restaurants in Metro Vancouver face uncertain Christmas amid flood aftermath, COVID-19 restrictions

Filipino restaurants hoping for a busy, festive season are facing another challenging December, following disruptions to the supply chain after November's floods, and new restrictions forcing families to cut back on gatherings.
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Woman with hearing loss makes hearing aid accessories inspired by Filipino culture

Ruzzelle Gasmen is selling custom-made hearing aid accessories in the form of motifs from her Filipino heritage to raise money for people who can’t afford hearing aids in B.C.

How non-binary Filipinos reconcile their identities with their language's lack of LGBT terms

Non-binary Filipino are pushing for more discussion on how the Tagalog language can develop to be more inclusive of LGBT people.

Filipino authors are reclaiming their myths and monsters from colonial exploitation

The Filipino horror genre consists of gruesome mythical creatures known as Aswang. But these authors in B.C. are recasting the ghastly nature of these monsters by contrasting how the Philippines' colonizers portrayed them.

Filipino artists keep traditions alive through ancient and modern tattoos

Ancient calligraphy and tribal markings are seeing a rise in popularity among younger Filipino Canadians looking to reconnect to their heritage.

Why Filipino names and nicknames are quirky, expressive and rich with culture

Unpacking centuries of Filipino culture and colonial history in the wonderful and quirky world of Filipino names.

Why these Christmas lanterns are more than just ornaments to Filipinos

Oral cancer survivor Rosalyn Salanguit shares why the parol, a traditional star-shaped lantern from the Phillippines, means so much to her.
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Filipino Canadians call for support of Indigenous Peoples over shared colonized history

Filipino Canadians are calling on each other to support Indigenous people while also embracing their own — often forgotten — Indigenous roots in the Philippines.
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B.C. authors are taking back the monsters of Filipino folklore from colonial influences

Through their art and writing, these authors hope not only to enlighten both Filipinos and non-Filipinos about the colonial atrocities committed in the country, but also to reclaim the narratives of traditional folklore.
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Why Filipino names are quirky, expressive and rich with culture and history

Concepts of love, kinship and family are written into the thousands of unconventional names Filipinos have been given over centuries.



Filipino Canadian artists keep pre-colonial art alive through tattoos

Vancouver-based Filipino Canadian tattoo artists Mayo Lendicho and Romeo Reyes are keeping their heritage alive by performing ancient styles of art with modern tools and techniques.
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These B.C. podcasters are calling out toxic attitudes in Filipino culture

Podcast hosts and sisters Archieta and Archierose Natividad are using their show Filipino Fridays to call out harmful attitudes in Filipino culture and unite the millennial diaspora.
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