'Let's replace it with the Trump deal,' says U.K. PM

Boris Johnson says if U.S. President Donald Trump doesn't like Barack Obama's Iran deal, he should make up a new one

Iranian student fears for the future as Trump pulls out of nuclear deal

Donald Trump's plans to pull the U.S. out of the Iranian nuclear accord has brought fears of an even deeper crisis in a country already gripped by economic struggles.

'A high-risk, high-reward gamble': What happens next with the Iran nuclear deal?

Reaction to Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Iran deal has been swift — and mixed. While some experts argue there is now a risk of Iran restarting its nuclear program, others say the move gives the U.S. a strong negotiating position.



President Trump Targets Iran's Elite Militia

CBC News Network's Natasha Fatah spoke to Kamran Bokhari to get his thoughts on the role of Iran's Revolutionary Guard and what President Trump's recent comments about the Iran deal mean for the country.

Siri interrupts White House briefing to answer a reporter's question

Siri, Apple's voice-controlled personal assistant, interrupted a White House briefing Thursday to offer an answer before the press secretary could.

John Kerry pushes importance of approving Iran nuclear deal

The U.S. secretary of state says if Congress refuses to accept the Iranian nuclear deal, it would undermine President Barack Obama's ability to act throughout the world.

John Kerry, U.S. secretary of state, defends Iran nuclear deal in Washington

U.S. officials brushed off attacks on their nuclear agreement with Iran as critics scolded the Obama administration Thursday in Washington for getting "bamboozled" by Iranian negotiators.

Kerry vows to 'push back' against Iranian influence in Gulf Arab states

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will seek to reassure Gulf Arab officials at a meeting in Qatar soon that Washington will work with them to "push back" against Iranian influence in the region, he told a pan-Arab newspaper.

Iran nuclear deal: UN Security Council approves agreement

The United Nations Security Council has unanimously endorsed the landmark nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers.

Iran nuclear deal: Canadian journalist tortured by Iran urges closer ties

Iranian-Canadian Maziar Bahari was interrogated and tortured by Iranian officials after of being accused of being a spy. Yet he tells CBC's Nahlah Ayed that he is still strongly supportive of the nuclear deal.

Iran's ability to skirt nuclear deal highly overblown

The central lesson of our nuclear age, Brian Stewart writes, is come to a formal compromise with your enemies and let the spies go to work. In the case of Iran, there will be no end of countries angling to keep its nuclear ambitions under control.


Iran nuclear deal 'achieves our top priority,' Obama says

U.S. President Barack Obama says the nuclear deal with Iran is a peaceful way of resolving a major threat with "unprecedented," around-the-clock monitoring.

Iran nuclear deal could change country's place in the world: Nahlah Ayed

The nuclear deal announced by Iran and western powers this morning is no grand bargain, but it opens a diplomatic door for a pariah nation, writes Nahlah Ayed.


Iran nuclear deal likely to pull down oil prices long term

After economic sanctions on Iran are lifted, common sense suggests oil-rich Iran will flood the market with product, bringing the price of oil down. But analysts say it will take time for Iran to get that oil to market, and any major impact on oil prices is months away at least.

Iran nuclear deal divides U.S., world leaders

The so-called P5 Plus 1 leaders — the United States, France, China, Russia, Britain and Germany — emerged from the meeting rooms of Vienna with a unanimous Iran nuclear agreement, but reaction from the rest of the world has been mixed.


Iran nuclear deal: 'Historic' agreement reached in Vienna

World powers and Iran struck a landmark deal Tuesday to curb Iran's nuclear program in exchange for billions of dollars in relief from international sanctions. "This deal offers an opportunity to move in a new direction," President Barack Obama said.

Nuclear deal opens new chapter in U.S., Iranian relations

After 18 days of fractious negotiations, world powers and Iran inked a historic deal Tuesday to curb the country's nuclear program in exchange for billions of dollars in relief and, Iranians hope, the lifting of international sanctions.

Iran nuclear deal: headlines from around the world

The historic deal reached between Iran, the United States and other world powers to curb Iran's nuclear program made headlines around the world. Here is a sampling of how news websites covered the story.

Iran nuclear deal: Israel to try to hinder agreement in U.S. Congress

Israel will ramp up its lobbying of the U.S. Congress to try to hinder the nuclear agreement struck with Iran on Tuesday and minutely monitor the deal for any violations in the hope of getting sanctions reimposed on Tehran.

6 things you need to know about the Iran nuclear deal

Iran and six Western countries have agreed to a deal limiting Iran's nuclear program and ending severe economic sanctions. Here are six things you need to know about the pact.



Obama's entire statement on Iran deal

U.S. president on the landmark nuclear deal reached with Iran

'Historic' Iran nuclear deal is weak, say critics

A deal has been made with Iran to curtail its nuclear capacity. The U.S. and Europe say the world is a safer place because of it. But in Israel, Canada and the U.S., critics say the deal is weak, and Iran should not be left with any nuclear capacity.



'Obama could come in with a cure for cancer and they would reject it'

Interview with Joe Cirincione, an arms control and global security expert, and president of the Ploughshares Fund, an organization focused on reducing nuclear proliferation

The new deal with Iran and what it means for the West - Nov 26, 2013

It didn't take long for the congratulatory mood of six nations pleased with an interim nuclear deal with Iran to be countered by the skeptical, suspicious and wary. Iranians outside the country watching this unfold are also very careful.