Sheree Fertuck's sisters still searching for closure, justice 7 years after disappearance

It's been seven years since Sheree Fertuck disappeared from a rural gravel pit near Kenaston, Sask. Four years after she went missing, police arrested her estranged husband for murder. The trial is still ongoing.

Greg Fertuck chooses to represent himself at 1st-degree murder trial after lawyers withdraw

A man accused of killing his wife has chosen to represent himself moving forward at his first-degree murder trial, following the withdrawal of his lawyers.

Defence witness testifies she saw Sheree Fertuck's truck after dark on the day she disappeared

Mary Ellen Lowdermilk testified Thursday at Greg Fertuck's murder trial that someone drove Greg's ex-wife Sheree's red-and-white gravel truck past her farmhouse on Highway 15 around 5 p.m. CST on Dec. 7, 2015.

Crown is '95 per cent' sure all evidence and witnesses called in the case against accused killer Greg Fertuck

The Greg Fertuck murder trial is set to shift gears to the phase where lawyers will argue what Justice Richard Danyliuk should admit as evidence in the case against the 68-year-old accused killer.

Greg Fertuck's girlfriend tells court that he confessed to killing estranged wife hours after alleged crime​

Greg Fertuck drunkenly admitted to killing his wife Sheree on Dec. 7, 2015 — just hours after the crime allegedly happened —  according to his girlfriend at the time. 

Anatomy of a Mr. Big sting: How RCMP manoeuvered Greg Fertuck into saying he murdered his wife Sheree

Undercover RCMP officers ran a sophisticated sting on Greg Fertuck to manoeuver him into confessing that he killed his wife, Sheree. This is how they did it.

Court sees interrogation video where Greg Fertuck realizes meeting with 'Mr. Big' was filmed by police

It's just past the two-hour mark in a police interrogation video shown at his murder trial when Greg Fertuck grasps that a meeting only days earlier, where he told a supposed crime boss that he murdered Sheree Fertuck, was secretly filmed by police.

Murder trial hears secret audio of 2-day bush search for body of Sheree Fertuck

Accused killer Greg Fertuck insisted to undercover police in 2019 that he dumped his dead wife's body in a stand of poplars north of a gravel pit, even though he spent two days leading them on a fruitless search for her remains through rain, mud and thick bush.

'Skate with your head up,' judge cautions defence at Fertuck murder trial

The Greg Fertuck murder trial took a dramatic turn Wednesday morning when one of the accused killer's lawyers accused the Crown of prosecutorial misconduct.

'Oh my God': Greg Fertuck recounted wife's last words while acting out shooting for 'crime boss,' court hears

In a secretly recorded video, a Saskatoon court heard Tuesday that Greg Fertuck showed undercover police how he claimed he killed his wife, Sheree, using a walking stick as a prop rifle in the demonstration and with one of the officers standing in as Sheree.

Greg Fertuck details fatal confrontation with wife Sheree in secretly recorded meeting with fake crime boss

Greg Fertuck tells an undercover police officer on hidden camera that he shot his wife Sheree twice with a .22 calibre rifle, once in the shoulder and then in the back of the head, during a confrontation at a gravel pit near Kenaston, Sask. six years ago.

Defence says Greg Fertuck a lying alcoholic with a head injury preyed on by police in Mr. Big sting

Greg Fertuck's lawyer says the 68-year-old accused killer drifted through the first six months of a police sting in a whisky and beer haze, collecting cash for doing nothing and chronically lying.

Undercover officers trudged mud-soaked field for remains with alleged killer, court hears at Fertuck trial

An undercover officer was on the stand for his third day as a key witness at Greg Fertuck's first-degree murder trial, commentating on audio recordings and a video of the vehicle's route as the accused led officers to the spot where he allegedly dumped his estranged wife's remains.

Court hears Greg Fertuck's chilling claim to undercover officer about body disposal

An undercover police officer says a road trip with Greg Fertuck went topsy-turvy when the man now accused of killing Sheree Fertuck spontaneously began talking about being the subject of a murder investigation, his wife's disappearance — and successfully dumping bodies.

Staged one-night stand shows tactics used by undercover police in Mr. Big sting on Greg Fertuck

Police testimony at the Greg Fertuck murder trial revealed how a staged one-night stand between two undercover officers played into the investigation.

Greg Fertuck tried to lead undercover police to spot where he dumped wife's body, officer testifies

According to testimony at Greg Fertuck's first-degree murder trial, Fertuck told an undercover police officer that his dead wife Sheree's final resting place was a bluff of trees off a "hunting highway," not far from the gravel pit where he shot her.

Court sees video of alleged murderer Greg Fertuck showing undercover RCMP around gravel pit

Greg Fertuck, accused of killing his wife, Sheree, is on trial for first-degree murder in Saskatoon. The judge-alone trial continues to hear details of an undercover RCMP sting operation.

'I'm the bump operator': Meeting the undercover players in the Greg Fertuck sting

The undercover officer known as "the bump operator" testified Wednesday at Greg Fertuck's first-degree murder trial in Saskatoon.

Greg Fertuck disclosed murder of wife Sheree to undercover police at hotel in Saskatoon, officer testifies

On June 21, 2019 Greg Fertuck thought he was meeting with a crime boss, a crooked cop, a crime scene cleaner and two of his criminal cronies in a sprawling suite at the James Hotel in downtown Saskatoon.

RCMP Mr. Big sting on accused killer Greg Fertuck began with fake contest at bar offsale in Saskatoon

The undercover police sting that led to the first-degree murder charge against Greg Fertuck began as a fake contest run out of the Mano's Restaurant offsale on 22nd St. W in Saskatoon, testimony revealed at his trial Monday.

Records show call to Greg Fertuck's phone near gravel pit where estranged wife disappeared, court hears

A cellphone expert tracked the footprint left by Greg Fertuck's phone to a cell tower within eyesight of the gravel pit where his wife Sheree disappeared.

Gravel hauler who competed for business with Sheree Fertuck clears his name in her disappearance

Jeff Sagen's voice cracked outside court Friday when he described waiting six years to clear his name in Sheree Fertuck's disappearance.

Crown wants expert witness to support Greg Fertuck gravel pit admission during police interview

The Crown and defence spent Day 17 of Greg Fertuck's first-degree murder trial sparring over the credentials of a proposed expert witness.

Greg Fertuck told undercover cops he 'wants to kill an individual' midway through Mr. Big sting

Greg Fertuck, already under investigation for allegedly killing his wife Sheree Fertuck, advised undercover cops posing as criminals that he wanted to kill a Saskatoon man involved in a drugs and prostitution, court heard Monday.

14 days, 35 witnesses: Who has testified so far at Greg Fertuck's 1st-degree murder trial

Crown prosecutors have called 35 witnesses since Greg Fertuck's first-degree murder trial began on Sept. 7, as the prosecution tries to build its case that he killed his estranged wife.