Online petition calling for inquiry into Colten Boushie shooting gets thousands of signatures

The Saskatchewan government says "there is nothing further to establish in this case that has not been covered by [the] public criminal trial."

'We deserve better:' Family of Colten Boushie calls for United Nations to study systemic racism in Canada

Family members of Colten Boushie delivered a fiery call for justice at the international table today, as they called for the United Nations to undertake a study systemic racism against Indigenous people in Canada’s judicial and legal systems.

Publisher 'alarmed' by emails after rejecting Gerald Stanley book pitch

A publishing house won't be intimidated by the hateful emails which have arrived since rejecting a book pitch from Saskatchewan farmer Gerald Stanley, says a spokesperson.

Gerald Stanley's book pitch rejected by publishing house

A Canadian publisher is saying it has no interest in sharing Gerald Stanley's side of the story when it comes to his trial and acquittal, saying it would be a continuation of injustice and would allow Stanley to profit from another man's death.

Gerald Stanley not in court as charges of improperly storing guns adjourned until mid-April

Charges against Gerald Stanley of improper storage of seven guns on the Biggar, Sask.-area property where Colten Boushie was fatally shot have been adjourned until April 16.

Gerald Stanley's defence of a hang fire 'accident' key to jury decision

By definition, a pure accident should rarely attract criminal consequences, but in the high-profile trial of Gerald Stanley, the accused told a jury this week that he didn't mean to shoot Colten Boushie.

'I grieve for you': Winnipeg students send poems to prime minister after Cormier, Stanley trials

A group of Grade 7 and 8 students from a Winnipeg school are sending poetry to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, inspired by a poem written by Sen. Murray Sinclair about the shooting death of a young Indigenous man and the acquittal of the man accused of killing him.

Human rights lawyers group calls for appeal of verdict in Colten Boushie shooting case

Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada is also calling for an independent commission to examine everything from the RCMP's treatment of Colten Boushie's family to the way Gerald Stanley's two-week trial unfolded.

Canadians divided on Gerald Stanley verdict: poll

A new Angus Reid poll suggests that most people surveyed in Saskatchewan think the jury’s decision to acquit Gerald Stanley was “good and fair.”

Sask. Archbishop calls on public to address 'systemic racism in our society'

Archbishop Don Bolen says he doesn’t think Stanley verdict will have a direct impact on reconciliation efforts.

Gerald Stanley due back in court on charges he improperly stored guns

The legal troubles of Gerald Stanley, the Saskatchewan farmer acquitted in the shooting death of Colten Boushie, are slated to continue in provincial court next month.

Gerald Stanley murder trial was 'not the right case' for cameras in the courtroom: judge

Media outlets including CBC News made a rare request to broadcast and live stream portions of a murder trial, but the judge in the Gerald Stanley case denied the request.

How some Sask. classrooms are navigating the Gerald Stanley verdict

The death of Colten Boushie and the trial and acquittal of Gerald Stanley have been top of mind for many in Saskatchewan, including the province's youngest and most impressionable.

'The world knows his name': rally for Colten Boushie held in Regina exactly one week after verdict

One week after the verdict in the Gerald Stanley murder trial came down, people gathered in Regina to remember the death of Colten Boushie.

Judge's verdict instructions to Gerald Stanley jury, explained in 1 minute

The seven women and five men who found Gerald Stanley not guilty of second-degree murder or manslaughter in the death of Colten Boushie had to consider three key questions before reaching that verdict. Watch our explainer video.

After Colten Boushie, where do we go from here?

Anger. Frustration. Rage. Sadness. All things expressed after the decision in Colten Boushie's death. This week on Unreserved, where do we go from here — can we continue to move toward truth and reconciliation?

Sask. religious leaders vow to 'work for peace and reconciliation' in statement on Gerald Stanley verdict

Colten Boushie's death and the verdict in the Gerald Stanley trial "have resurfaced profound pain to families and communities," says a statement from Saskatchewan's bishops and archbishops.

RCMP investigating whether Mountie wrote on Facebook that Boushie 'got what he deserved'

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says an investigation is underway into a report that an RCMP officer wrote on Facebook that Colten Boushie, a young Cree man who was shot and killed on a Saskatchewan farm in 2016, "got what he deserved."

Rival fundraisers reveal a country divided online post-Gerald Stanley verdict

The online response to the acquittal of Gerald Stanley in the death of Colten Boushie has taken on a life of its own with people hurling hate and throwing a substantial amount of money at two rival GoFundMe fundraising campaigns.

'Frustrated and helpless': Rural residents say Stanley trial highlights crime, police response time concerns

Feelings of frustration and helplessness are simmering in rural parts of Saskatchewan in the wake of the Gerald Stanley trial, which underlined long-standing concerns over crime and law enforcement's ability to adequately respond to it.

'He took my heart': Colten Boushie's father remembers kind, goofy son

Pete Boushie still remembers how beautiful the baby's mother, Debbie Baptiste, was and how excited he was for the arrival of their third son. And he remembers the smile on the boy's face after he was born. They named him Colten Cale Boushie but he quickly became Co Co.

It's time to let Canadian jurors speak freely about their verdicts, experts say

In Canada, jurors are prohibited by law from making any public comment about their deliberations or reasons for a verdict. But is it time to change the law and allow jurors to speak?

Colten Boushie's family appeals RCMP's internal investigation

Colten Boushie's family is appealing the decisions of an RCMP internal investigation into how police dealt with the family following the 22-year-old's death.

Was it wrong for Trudeau and Wilson-Raybould to tweet about the Boushie verdict? Two experts debate

Many criticized these statements as inappropriate, while others applauded the pair for pointing out an injustice. CBC Opinion asked two lawyers to weigh in on the debate.

Boushie family promised 'concrete changes' in meetings with Trudeau, ministers

Colten Boushie's family says they believe the Liberal government will go the distance to change what they see as systemic problems with Canada's justice system in the simmering aftermath of his shooting death.