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Canada, U.S. researchers gathering virtually to report on endangered right whales

The North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium is expected to release the latest population estimates and updates on how the North Atlantic right whales are faring.

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Deep Trouble

Rescuing whales 'high-risk' work government doesn't want to do, DFO email shows

Whale rescuers are in limbo, as they wait for the completion of a five-month-old Transport Canada investigation into Joe Howlett’s death while disentangling an endangered whale.

New model confirms endangered right whales are declining

Researchers with the U.S. government and the New England Aquarium have developed a new model they say will provide better estimates about the North Atlantic right whale population — and the news isn't good.

Citizen scientists track humpback health 1 photo at a time

Save your photos of whale tails. You could be a citizen scientist!

7 right whales entangled this summer, new data shows

New figures show at least seven North Atlantic right whales got entangled in fishing gear in the Gulf of St. Lawrence this summer, and two died as a result.
Deep Trouble

What's killing right whales? P.E.I. wildlife pathologists spend summer searching for answers

Solving the mystery of what's killing North Atlantic right whales is the goal of a team of scientists and volunteers from the Atlantic Veterinary College, work that also involves pathologists from the University of Montreal. Solving the "unprecedented" deaths in the Gulf of St. Lawrence sometimes amounts to a race against time.