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How to make the Ethiopian flatbread injera

Ethiopian Christmas is on Monday, and Asrdew Kebbebe and the rest of the folks at Tizita Bakeshop will be busy making this spongy bread for the celebrations.

Carb load with cauliflower curry for Ottawa Race Weekend

This week on D is for Dinner, Mad Radish executive chef Nigel Finley offers up carbohydrate-seeking racers a vegan spin on a classic Indian dish.

A taste of summer with beer braised short ribs

Since Ottawa has seen a lot of rain, why not take your summer feast inside and try your hand at braised short ribs instead of flipping burgers on the grill.

Hearty potato latkes for the holidays

Latkes are flat pancakes, usually made out of potato, eaten during the eight-day celebration of Hanukkah. Rabbi Menachem Blum stopped in to CBC Radio's All In A Day to show how to make traditional potato latkes.

Métis hamburger soup on D is for Dinner

Algonquin College's Mamidosewin Centre hosts monthly meals for the school's growing Indigenous population as a way of connecting with students far from their communities. Here we offer a recipe that for some, feels like home.

D is for Dinner: Korean fried chicken

Catherine Hou from The Fry introduces Alan Neal to Korean fried chicken.

D is for Dinner: add the tart, lemony taste of sorrel to a fall soup or beet cake

In this D is for Dinner challenge, two chefs stir sorrel into a sumptuous fall soup and beet cake to show the sweet benefits of this simple herb.

D is for Dinner: bloody dock a.k.a. sorel

Our chef's challenge this month stars bloody dock a.k.a. sorel. Find out what Briana Kim from Café My House and the Oat And Mill's Candace Tierney came up with.

D is for Dinner: these recipes for kushiyaki, karaage and salmon rolls pair well with sake

To celebrate a special sake tasting event being held Wednesday night, the executive chef at steak & sushi restaurant is sharing recipes for chicken karaage, beef kushiyaki and salmon rolls.

Chickpea salad with kale and beets on D is For Dinner

Chickpeas, a new vegan restaurant at Ottawa's Trainyards, soaks 30,000 dry beans every night to fulfil the next day's demands for hummus and falafel. Chef Omer Abdallah shared a recipe with CBC News as part of All In A Day's weekly food segment, D is For Dinner.

D is for Dinner: Finding culinary inspiration in the beauty of food

Artist Jennifer Barnaby has a way of instantly elevating the everyday foods she captures on film to art. Catch D is for Dinner at 3:40 Wednesday for Clover Food and Drink's Unnamed Carrot Salad recipe, inspired by Barnaby's Food Portraits exhibit.

D is for Dinner: Pasta all'Amatriciana

On Sunday — from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. — members of Ottawa's Italian community are hosting a fundraising brunch for the earthquake-stricken town of Amatrice. Chef Franco Balzano will be in the kitchen of St. Anthony's Soccer Club, pumping out the popular regional dish, pasta all'Amatriciana.

D is for Dinner: Mushrooms on toast

First came the bold but oddly beautiful El Camino. Then came the utilitarian yet sporty Datsun. Now, there's the beefy but luxurious Riviera. If you're following the gastronomical offerings of dining duo Jordan Holley and Matt Carmichael, you'll know we're talking about Ottawa restaurants, not used cars.

D is for Dinner goes gluten free with a hit of caffeine

After supplying Ministry of Coffee with desserts, pastry chef Sarah Farmer has joined the two-location coffee house as co-owner and pastry maven.

Chef challenge: Tragically Hip-inspired shrimp and coconut masala tacos, coconut cream pie

When it came time to choose a challenge for chefs on this month's D is for Dinner challenge, All in a Day listeners wanted something to do with The Tragically Hip.

Make your own sous-vide salmon tartines with caper aioli and fennel salad

These salmon open-faced sandwiches are perfect for summer eating.

D is for Dinner: Beets!

Listener Julia challenged this month's chefs to come up with a beet dish that doesn't involve her old faithfuls of boiling them or eating them in a salad. The chefs joined Alan with their creations.

Homemade muffaletta sandwich with arugula pesto a good choice for the cottage

This muffaletta sandwich recipe from Ottawa's Thyme & Again is a good choice to make at the cottage this summer.

CBC reporter declares lettuce pointless, 2 chefs respond with romaine-based recipes

Two Ottawa chefs have dreamt up some creative recipes for lettuce in an effort to please a CBC business reporter who admits she's no fan of the leafy green.

D is for Dinner: leche flan

For one Ottawa restaurateur, working alongside her two daughters makes every day feel like Mother's Day. Mom Liza Sare and her eldest daughter Jessica share their family recipe for leche flan, a Filipino version of crème caramel.

Chickpea and pancetta soup recipe on D is for Dinner

To celebrate the release of Goodness: Recipes & Stories, the community chef at The Table Community Food Centre in Perth, Ont., is sharing her simple recipe for chickpea and pancetta soup.

D is for Dinner: Sausage and wheat berry tabbouleh

The owner and the chef of the newly opened Clarkstown Kitchen and Bar share a recipe for sausage and wheat berry tabbouleh. This week on CBC Radio's All in a Day, Cloutier shares his reci

D is for Dinner: Buttermilk jerk grilled quail

After completely gutting their restaurant, the owners Segue are back with with a new name and new space. Chef Rich Wilson of The Pomeroy House delivered his buttermilk jerk grilled quail to the All in a Day studio.

D is for Dinner: Ad Mare's Fish Tacos

On this week's D is for Dinner, the owners of the Ad Mare food truck joined Alan in studio with a summery and spicy fish chipotle taco recipe that you can easily replicate at home.

Sorrel borscht, Ukrainian soup, featured on D is for Dinner

Ukrainian soup called summer borscht, made with sorrel, is featured this week on D is for Dinner on CBC Radio's All in a Day as the show talks about the first ever Capital Ukrainian Festival.

D is for Dinner: doro wet

Kiro Nirea makes Ethiopian cuisine at home that gets delivered to the doorsteps of E-celery customers. She teaches Alan Neal how to make doro wet.

D is for Dinner - mushroom and cheese pizza

Richard Valente shares a recipe named after his late brother Roberto. The brothers had dreamed of opening a pizzaria in Little Italy, but Roberto passed away earlier this year. Now the restaurant and a pizza are named in Roberto's honour.

Ragu arancini at the Ottawa Farmers' Winter Market

The Ottawa Farmers' Market has started a weekly winter market on Sundays at Lansdowne and one of the food vendors shares his recipe for arancini on CBC Radio's All in A Day Wednesday.

Christmas Eve Cranberry Cocktail for D is for Dinner

Cranberry is one of the flavours of the season and it's infused into a festive punch whipped up by Union Local 613 co-owner Ivan Gedz.

D is for Dinner: Tom Kha Gai soup

Absinthe chef Patrick Garland delves deep into his cupboards for the main ingredient in Tom Kha Gai, a traditional Thai soup.

Chef Marysol Foucault shares her pig ears fantasy food

To help raise money for the Ottawa Food Bank, CBC Radio's All in a Day is asking local chefs to share their fantasy foods. The first guest chef is Marysol Foucault, the owner of Chez Edgar in Gatineau, Que., and she's sharing her recipe for pig ears.

Giacomo Panico's bike hibachi pigskin pork tenderloin

CBC Ottawa's Giacomo Panico, a radio host, avid cyclist and football fan, is sharing his pork tenderloin secrets in advance of this Friday's Ottawa Redblacks home opener at TD Place stadium.

D is for Dinner - Beet Dumplings

Beets are always on-hand in the kitchen at Cafe My House. Owner Briana Kim tells All in a Day's Alan Neal how to give the often underappreciated root vegetable a spicy kick.
D is for Dinner

The 'real' French bread: Le Cordon Bleu's Pain de Campagne

This week's D is for Dinner on CBC Radio's All in a Day features French bread called Pain de Campagne, which is made into boules.

D is for Dinner: Japanese-inspired curry by Caroline Ishii

Chef Caroline Ishii, co-creator of Zen Kitchen, is taking part in the Chinatown Remixed arts festival this weekend by creating a curry with 100 ingredients added by 100 people. That's a little labour intensive, so for D is for Dinner she submitted a 10-ingredient curry that takes just 10 steps to make.

D is for Dinner: Mom's baklava

Alex Ibrahim, one of the vendors at the Desserts of the World Festival in Ottawa on Thursday, is sharing his mother's recipe for baklava in honour of Mother's Day.

D is for Dinner: baklava

For Mother's Day, All in a Day plans to skip the traditional brunch and dive into dessert. Alex Ibrahim from Boulangerie Beirut shares his mom's baklava recipe with Stu Mills.

D is for Dinner - Egg rolls

Chinese take-out restaurants are duking it out for egg roll supremacy at a charity event in Ottawa this weekend. Dave O'Neill from The Piggy Market (sort of) shares a top secret family recipe.

D is for Dinner - Vegetable Jalfrezi

Roger Bull is the DNA lab co-ordinator at the Canadian Museum of Nature, but during Artic expeditions, he slips on the chef's hat. He trekked into studio to share one of his favourite recipes.

Locro, an Argentine stew, for first ¡Fiesta Latina! in Ottawa

The Canadian Film Institute holds its Latin American Film Festival each year, but this year's event will featurse the first ever ¡Fiesta Latina! with Latin dishes. On D is for Dinner, we feature the hearty stew, locro.

Celebrating Persian New Year with herbed rice and fish

For this week's D is for Dinner, Alan Neal talks to Ensieh Namazikhah of Shaliz Catering about her recipe for herbed rice and fish, a traditional dish to celebrate the Persian New Year.

D is for Dinner - fish with herbed rice for Persian New Year

Ensieh Namazikhah of Shaliz catering shares her recipe for Sabzi Polo va Mahi (fish with herbed rice) in honour of Nowruz, which begins on March 20th at 12:57:07 pm.

Scotch eggs by foodiePrints blogger Don Chow

Don Chow of Ottawa’s foodiePrints blog will appear on CBC’s Recipe to Riches on Wednesday night, but in preparation he stopped in to cook up a storm for D is for Dinner on CBC Radio’s All in a Day.

D is for Dinner: Russian blini

The 24th annual Russian Blini Brunch is taking place this Sunday in Kanata, and its organizers are using the opportunity to share their blini recipe.

D is for Dinner... Brazilian cheese bread

We've brought a taste of Brazil into the studio for D is for Dinner this week. Guil Fernandes grew up in Brazil and now owns Delightful Tastes -- a bakery here in Ottawa. He's sharing a recipe for traditional Brazilian cheese bread.

D is for Dinner: Spicy, zesty baked salmon

Blair Horvath owns Chilly Chiles in Manotick, which claims to have the largest selection of hot sauces in Canada, and he's sharing a recipe for spicy baked salmon on D is for Dinner this week.

D is for Dinner: Baked bananas with black garlic

This week on D is for Dinner, Alan Neal speaks with Andrew Craig of Major Craig's, who brought in a dessert topping that features black garlic. It's his food obsession.

D is for Dinner: Sufganiyot or Israeli doughnuts

This week on D is for Dinner, Alan Neal speaks with Yitzah Kamil, a baker at the Rideau Bakery, who will talk about Sufganiyot, jelly-filled doughnuts made for Hanukkah.

D is for Dinner: Coconut sweet bread

A celebration of Trinidad and Tobago's popular Parang music is happening this Sunday at city hall and the Ukrainian Banquet Hall, and with that in mind, All in a Day was looking for some tasty treats to accompany the festivities.

D is for Dinner: Moroccan red lentil soup

With temperatures starting to approach the freezing mark, All in a Day's weekly food segment tries out a soup recipe that is part of a new charity drive.

D is for Dinner: a recipe for lacto-fermented sauerkraut

Jen Coorsh, who makes sauerkraut at Juniper Farm in La Pêche, is Alan Neal's guest on the CBC Radio show All in a Day for D is for Dinner, a weekly food segment that airs every Wednesday afternoon.