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Garde-Robe eases the stress of shopping for trans, non-binary people

Launched in the fall of 2017, Garde-Robe is run by community group Divergenres. The shop is tailored specifically to trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people. The words "men" or "women" are nowhere to be seen.

5 Books to check out from our Close Up on Gender series

As part of CBC Montreal's series Close Up on Gender, our arts contributor Nantali Indongo asked authors, publishers and bookshop owners in the city for their top picks of books that are related to the topic of gender, or written by queer, transgender, or non-binary authors.

Meet Émilie Castonguay, Canada's only female NHLPA-certified hockey agent

Émilie Castonguay is a name on the rise in the hockey world: she is the only female NHLPA certified hockey agent in Canada. 

Men, these girls would like a word with you

For CBC Montreal's series Close Up on Gender, Daybreak's Shari Okeke meets up with 14-year-old girls who play for Les Amazones, a Laval-Montreal Bantam Triple-A girls hockey team. The teens discuss their heartbreak over the Canadian Women's Hockey League deciding to fold and why they believe gender stereotypes are to blame.

PERSONAL ESSAY | Not what I seem: How I discovered I was non-binary

R.C. Woodmass was 31 when they first started to feel that they were not a woman.
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New basketball program in Montreal gets girls in the game

Olivia Brown and her friends, all basketball players themselves, created Uptown Montreal Basketball after the inner-city girls’ basketball team they coached shut down last summer with little notice.

'My child was depressed, my child was anxious': Where to turn when you learn your kid is transgender

Connie Chabot didn't know where to turn when her daughter began struggling with her gender identity. Now, she's a chair of the board of Gender Creative Kids, a group that provides resources to parents and children alike.

An advocate asks: Why should it take a viral post to increase campus security?

A Concordia University student's Instagram post about the lengths she had to go to in order to complain anonymously about a stranger's on-campus harassment has garnered thousands of shares — and an outpouring of similar stories.

"I don't see myself as male, [or] as a woman either": Non-Binary Montrealers share their experiences

Our Close Up on Gender series continues, as we speak to two Montrealers about what it means to be non-binary. R.C. Woodmass is the founder of Queer It, a web design company, and the creator of the #NonBinaryInTech hashtag. Carlo De La Fuente works in cloud computing, and moved to Montreal from Peru in 2013.

A drag queen and king break down their art beyond boobs and beards

What makes a drag king or drag queen? As part of CBC Montreal's Close Up on Gender series, we spoke with Uma Gahd and Slick Hardwood about creating their onstage personas.

Figuring out and revealing your gender identiy

Shawn talks to Kris Woodside and Simon Gannon, who talk about feeling different from the gender they were assigned at birth, figuring out what felt right, and revealing that to family and others.

Pushing for maternity leave benefits at a Montreal startup

Shari Okeke sat down with Montrealer Laura Gray, who says her gender played in role in creating a new policy for employees at a local start-up. This item is part of our series Close Up on Gender, which explores how people are thinking and acting differently when it comes to gender in 2019.

How can we make Montreal nightlife safer?

As part of CBC Montreal's series Close Up on Gender, learn about how some Montreal bars and clubs are hiring or training special staff to look out for non-consensual behaviour on the dancefloor, in a bid to prevent sexual harassment and increase safety.

Close up on Gender: Drag Kings and Queens

CBC Quebec's arts and culture contributor Nantali Indongo met up with Drag King Slick Hardwood. She tells Quebec AM guest host Ainslie MacLelland how the drag community in Quebec has been evolving over the years, and why the art form is so much fun.

Point of View: When I wear makeup, I am embracing masculinity

My makeup is like a helmet that unleashes my inner warrior, says Sam Kaizer, who started wearing makeup at age 21.

How can Montreal nightlife be safer?: A part of our series Close Up on Gender

More Montreal bars and clubs are looking to make sure their dance floor is safe, as well as fun. With an eye to preventing sexual harassment, one venue has hired the group PLURI, which focuses on party safety. Rebecca Ugolini found out what they do, and hit St-Laurent boulevard to speak to bar-goers about their experiences. She spoke to Homerun's Sue Smith.

Why Front Row Ventures wants more women in venture capital

Is venture capital a 'macho' industry? That stereotype doesn't reflect the talent pool that's out there, says Nicolas Synott from Front Row Ventures. He speaks to Homerun's Sue Smith about diversifying the industry as part of our series Close Up on Gender.

"They finally feel like it's OK to be them": Garde Robe is about more than clothes

Alexys Guay knows that not all stores can be welcoming or safe for transgender or non-binary shoppers. That's why their organisation, Divergenres, created Garde Robe, an inclusive thrift shop in Quebec City. Étienne Lajoie checked it out for our series Close Up on Gender.

"Who's taking care of your little ones?": Why it can still be difficult to be a female entrepreneur

As part of CBC's Close Up on Gender series, Sue Smith speaks with Marina Byezhanova, the co-founder of the Pronexia recruitment company in Montreal, about why it's still sometimes hard to encourage women to become entrepreneurs, and her own experiences with latent sexism as a female business owner.

Dresses, rainbows and unicorns for boys: Raising children without gender norms

As part of CBC Montreal's series, Close Up on Gender, CBC spoke to two parents aiming to raise their children without gender norms.

30 years later, Montreal's gay community reflects on the murder of Joe Rose

In 1989, Montreal's gay community was enjoying new freedom, recalls gay activist Michael Hendricks: gay bars were operating with relative openness, and homophobia was on the wane. "Then Joe Rose got murdered. On a bus. In public."
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What's on your mind when it comes to gender? CBC Montreal wants to know

Close Up on Gender is coming to CBC Montreal this spring. Here's how you can participate.

Anishnabeg teen calls on her peers to end violence, stigma of gender inequality

16-year-old Mia Tenasco, from the Kitigan Zibi Anishnabeg First Nation, is standing out as a leader of her generation, speaking out about violence against women and the potential she sees in her generation to push through gender inequality.

Girls Who Code event aims to close gender gap in Quebec's tech field

The Montreal initiative Les Filles et le code, or Girls Who Code, dedicated a career day to young women interested in information technology.

Sex ed is coming to Quebec daycares. What will the kids learn?

Starting this fall, 1,200 daycare-aged children across Quebec will take part in a sex ed pilot project.

DJ workshop returns to Montreal to encourage more diversity in what's still a 'boys club'

Intersessions is a workshop aiming to teach DJ skills to women, LGBTQ and non-binary people and include them in an industry where they've historically been shut out.

Meet Gabrielle Bouchard, the first trans president of the Quebec Women's Federation

Gabrielle Bouchard, elected last month as president of the Fédération des femmes du Québec, says her goals at the helm are simple: equality for all women and equality between all women.

'We're writing history': Canada's 1st trans mayor elected in village west of Montreal

The small village of Très-Saint-Redempteur, Que., near the Ontario border, is known for its towering historical Catholic church — and now, for being home to Canada's first openly transgender mayor.