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Insurers warn federal government Canada can't wait a decade to update flood maps

Canada plans to focus its next budget on tackling climate change and its effects, but the insurance industry, amid skyrocketing costs, is concerned the government will move too slowly on the key first step of mapping flood risks.


Child care won't be a 'magic bullet' that sparks post-pandemic recovery: Freeland

Ottawa’s plan to lower early learning and child-care costs was a centrepiece of last week’s federal budget, but Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland warns that such a system won’t quickly repair the economic damage wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Manitoba budget has 'a lot of positives' for small businesses, but many question where money's going

Many are criticizing where the Manitoba government is allocating money in the new fiscal year, but a business lobbyist says there are still some positives coming out of it for small businesses.

Climate change means even more parts of Canada will need to prepare for stronger hurricanes, report suggests

When it comes to climate change, experts say few things have been as tricky to predict as its impact on hurricanes. However, a new report suggests that many regions affected by hurricanes will likely experience storms of greater intensity as a result of Earth’s changing climate.

B.C. is 1st province to set reduction targets for carbon emissions from industries, communities

British Columbia is the first province in Canada to set greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for major sectors of the provincial economy, including the oil and gas industry, says the environment and climate change minister.

How green is your grocery list? N.S. MP proposes environmental labels on products

A member of Parliament from Nova Scotia wants food products in Canada labelled so consumers can clearly see their impact on the environment.

Any imminent Biden-Trudeau meeting will be virtual

Any imminent meeting between U.S. President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will have to happen virtually. A White House spokesperson made clear Tuesday that the president has no immediate plans for face-to-face encounters with foreign leaders because of the pandemic.

Ontario students call on teachers to pressure pension fund to divest from fossil fuels

An environmental coalition is appealing to Ontario teachers to pressure their pension fund to divest from companies that develop or transport fossil fuel products.

Federal government proposes regulations for Clean Fuel Standard

The federal government has proposed rules for its Clean Fuel Standard that producers and distributors would have to follow under its climate plan.

This 15-year-old climate activist sent a letter to Trudeau every week for a year

A Grade 10 student in Halifax spent 2020 writing a letter a week to the prime minister urging him to take swift and immediate action on climate change.

B.C. sets new 2025 emissions target after falling behind on climate goals

The British Columbia government is setting a new target for cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 after determining it is further from reaching its goals than previously forecast.

A gory 'pinata': Here's what happens when a whale dies in the ocean

Whales enrich the ecosystem around them by falling to the depths of the ocean when they die and serving as a feast for a “bewitching menagerie of strange organisms,” says an award-winning Australian science writer who has been studying the marine mammals.

New report finds vast Siberian wildfires linked to Arctic warming

This year's vast wildfires in far northeastern Russia were linked to broader changes in a warming Arctic, according to a report Tuesday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Expect to pay a lot more for groceries next year, thanks to climate change and COVID-19

The average Canadian family will pay up to an extra $695 for food next year, as the pandemic, wildfires and changing consumer habits drive up grocery bills to the highest increase ever predicted by an annual food price report.

'A price on carbon… is the way forward,' P.E.I. premier says about next deal with Ottawa

P.E.I.’s current agreement with Ottawa over carbon pricing expires Mar. 31, 2021, and while negotiations on a new pact have been underway for some time, there’s no agreement yet on a replacement deal, according to Premier Dennis King.

Young people taking climate change lawsuit to Federal Court of Appeal

A group of 15 young people will try again to have the courts force Ottawa to develop a climate recovery plan after it was denied by the Federal Court.

Heading to the lake for some shinny this winter? New study finds more children dying due to unstable ice

A study published on Wednesday in the journal PLOS One found that more children and youth are dying as a result of unstable lake ice, mainly at the beginning and end of winter.

A new children's book on climate change

A new children's book series is trying to teach children kids about climate change and the importance of the environment. We speak with the author, Cheryl Rosebush, a former Montrealer now in France.

Quebec government unveils climate change plan

The Quebec government unveiled its plan today to fight climate change and go greener. For more on this, we talk to Patrick Bonin, a climate and energy campaigner with Greenpeace Canada.

CBC Radio's The House: Second wave rising

On this week’s show: The House takes stock of Canada's patchwork response to the COVID-19 pandemic and considers Australia’s response as cases surge. We catch up with new Green Party leader Annamie Paul. Alberta's representative in Washington talks about working with the incoming Biden administration. And a Canadian special adviser to the World Health Organization speaks about equitable global access to COVID-19 vaccines.

Hurricanes could reach farther inland due to climate change, study suggests

Hurricanes that make landfall are maintaining their strength longer because of climate change, a new study suggests, meaning such storms could have more of an impact than in the past.

City's path to 'net zero' emissions by 2050 to cost billions

City staff calculate it will cost more than $30 billion in today's dollars to hit Ottawa's targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, but they also say the savings will more than offset that daunting price tag.

Holding back the waves on the Acadian Peninsula

Paul-Marcel Paulin has a very precise memory: he can tell you that he bought his house in the village of Sainte-Marie-Saint-Raphaël on July 2, 1966.

66 Million years of climate history give present day perspective

Bob McDonald's blog: We're in the midst of an unprecedented rate of climate change



How climate change is worsening West Coast wildfires

Climate scientist John Abatzoglou says though climate change does not cause the heat waves or fires, it sets the stage so that when conditions are ripe, as they are right now, heat waves are more intense and fires burn more fiercely.