End of an era as cannabis giant Tilray sells land and leaves Nanaimo

The pioneering Nanaimo cannabis company Tilray has finally found a conditional buyer for its flagship property and pulled out of the city, taking with it roughly 170 jobs.

Black-owned cannabis accessory company working to change the industry

Three Halifax entrepreneurs who founded a cannabis accessory company in the middle of a pandemic are working hard to promote Black ownership in an industry that lacks diversity.


Cannabis companies could go bust in 2020, industry insiders predict

The pot industry has been plagued with supply problems, stiff competition from the black market and a resulting loss of enthusiasm from investors.

Tough to say if high holiday cannabis edible sales in Winnipeg a sign of coming trend: experts

If you tried to buy edibles as stocking stuffers before the holidays but stores were all out, you're not alone. Several retail cannabis shops in Winnipeg have been in a pattern of selling out and re-stocking ever since edibles became legal Dec. 17.

Sask. generated roughly $38M in cannabis sales in first year of legalization: Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada has released their one-year report on pot sales and Saskatchewan appears to be lagging behind many provinces. 

New Brunswick wants to ditch province's Cannabis NB for private pot retailer

Finance Minister Ernie Steeves announced Thursday the province issued a request for proposals for a single, private operator to “undertake the operation, distribution and sales of recreational cannabis in New Brunswick.”

Cannabis use highest in Halifax, while Edmonton had highest use of meth, wastewater samples show

Statistics Canada tested wastewater samples from five urban centres for illicit drugs and cannabis, and the results are a snapshot of what substances are more common in those Canadian cities.

How a B.C. mayor plans to rank reefer at the fall fair

Homegrown pot will join poultry, pies and preserves at exhibitions in Grand Forks and the Cowichan Valley.

B.C. liquor branch wants to hear from suppliers of pot-based edibles

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch wants to hear from licensed marijuana producers able to make and supply new pot-based creations as the province prepares for the soon-to-be legalized edible cannabis market.

Cannabis use jumped 40% in Canada between 2013 and 2017, UN report says

The United Nations' latest world drug report shows Canadians increased their use of cannabis leading up to the drug's legalization for recreational use.

Vancouver councillor calling for more pot shops to ease opioid crisis

Vancouver NPA Coun. Rebecca Bligh wants the city to revisit its exclusionary zoning that does not allow cannabis shops in the Downtown Eastside because she believes access to low-cost "social enterprise" cannabis can help address the community's opioid crisis.

Halifax trade show displays changing face of cannabis

The event organized by The Coast newspaper in Halifax aims to educate the public about the plant as well as demystify misconceptions about it. Cannabis businesses also had the opportunity to showcase their products.

Tech companies and pot producers becoming fast friends

A close relationship is developing between Canada's pot producers and the technology companies that support them. With pressure on producers to improve their yields and profits, technology will be a key factor in keeping plants healthy and improving harvests, say experts.

Corner Brook's BeeHighve is now N.L.'s first licensed cannabis producer

Retail stores will be able to order BeeHighve products through the NLC, said Mark German, the company's vice-president.

Gananoque, Ont., adopts tough rules on smoking pot outside

Smoking marijuana in any public place in Gananoque, Ont., will come with a hefty fine under new rules the community has passed.

Pot is a banned substance in sport despite little evidence it enhances performance

Cannabis is on the World Anti-Doping Agency's list of banned substances because its considered performance enhancing. But now that it is legal in Canada, high-performance athletes must establish their own set of rules.

Glenn Healy says NHL Alumni Association is 'all-in' on cannabis research

Former NHL goalie and current executive director of the NHL Alumni Association Glenn Healy says he's "all-in" when it comes to finding out if cannabis will be able to one day replace opioid-based painkillers.

St. Albert vape shop busted for selling illegal cannabis, police say

Three people have been charged with drug trafficking after RCMP raided a St. Albert vape shop police say had been advertising for months that it was selling cannabis products.

Seniors left out of cannabis public health information push

Even though the rate of pot use is growing the fastest among Canadians who are 65 and older, seniors — and their doctors — struggle to find information that addresses their specific health questions.

All the pot stories from CBC P.E.I. this historic week

Love it or hate it, cannabis legalization was the biggest story across Canada this week. Here's a roundup of CBC P.E.I.'s stories about the rollout of marijuana.

Don't count on pot pardons to wipe your record clean, legal experts warn

John Baxter was convicted in the 1980s for robbery and possession of a joint. He's spent 30 years trying to clear his name and says a pardon he got in 2014 did not help him at the border.

'Cannabis isn't as easy to grow as people think', and then there's the paperwork

Snags in the supply chains of legal retail pot stores across Canada are no big surprise for a fledgling industry trying to meet huge demand, experts say.

Tens of thousands of Canadians could soon be eligible for a pot pardon, but lawyers warn about limitations

The Liberal government's announcement that it will expedite the processing of pardons for people with minor cannabis-related crimes is welcome news to quite literally tens of thousands of Canadians who have been convicted of possession offences.

Not your garden variety, 1970s weed: Sask. doctor warns of 'bad cannabis'

There’s good cannabis, and there’s bad cannabis, says a Regina doctor — and young people in particular should know the difference. Dr. Senthil Damodharan says cannabis now is much more damaging and toxic than it used to be.

Canada's giant public health 'experiment' with legalized cannabis begins

Experts say making marijuana legal will help yield much needed insight into the drug's health effects — both positive and negative.