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Vancouver city councillors still worried as 420 goes ahead without permit

Saturday’s forecast in Vancouver calls for a cloud of marijuana smoke over Sunset Beach and it’s got city councillors debating whether the 420 event should be given a permit for safety and insurance reasons.

Former northern Ontario tree nursery now grows pot for the province

Northern Ontario's first provincially licensed cannabis store is set to open its doors on Saturday. And some of the marijuana being sold across the province was grown here in the north.

Yes, you can smoke pot at your Yukon campsite this summer

The territorial government says the rules around marijuana use at campgrounds are the same as those for alcohol — keep it on your site.

Some in N.W.T. still waiting for green light on new cannabis stores

Plans for a cannabis dispensary inside a new marijuana accessory store in Yellowknife are on hold until the territorial government makes some decisions, says its owner.

April 16th, 2019 - Small towns in NB recruiting foreign workers to fill forestry jobs, Feedback on the six-month anniversary of the legalization of cannabis, Phone-in on rough play zones

Small towns in NB recruiting foreign workers to fill forestry jobs, Feedback on the six-month anniversary of the legalization of cannabis, Phone-in on rough play zones

April 15th, 2019 - NS homeowner on how a car crashed into her house, NB Indigenous artist who was detained by CBSA, Phone-in on cannabis

Nova Scotia homeowner on what happened when a car crashed into her house, New Brunswick Indigenous artist who was detained by CBSA, Phone-in on cannabis

Don't expect your doctor to prescribe CBD, says physicians' college

People are looking for cannabis products with CBD, citing anecdotal evidence. But until the research is there to support it, your doctor is probably not going to help you get it.

AGCO starts financially penalizing unopened cannabis stores

It’s been almost two weeks since recreational cannabis stores were supposed to open in Ontario, but the two in Sudbury are still waiting to open their doors.

Halifax trade show displays changing face of cannabis

The event organized by The Coast newspaper in Halifax aims to educate the public about the plant as well as demystify misconceptions about it. Cannabis businesses also had the opportunity to showcase their products.

RCMP stand by roadside pot testing after woman's false impairment test

RCMP said they would not be changing their testing practices after a medical cannabis user failed a roadside saliva test, but passed a sobriety test at a Halifax police station.

Can't find CBD oil? You're not alone — cannabis retailer frustrated by shortages

There's little solid research into the cannabis product, but that hasn't stopped people from swarming recreational stores for more of it.

Can pets benefit from cannabis?

If it's legal for people, can pets be far behind? We spoke with veterinarian Darryl Stinson about the possible medical benefits of cannabis for your pet.

Vets say medicinal cannabis could one day be a big help for family pets

As of April 1, you can legally buy weed in Ontario pot shops. Recreational cannabis has been legal since last October. And medicinal marijuana has been allowed since around the year 2000. But what about pets?

Two charged after drug seizure in Iroquois Falls

Two young people face drug charges after a police bust at a home in Iroquois Falls on Tuesday.

Lack of cannabis retail stores in Waterloo region means black market will carry on: Police chief

Police Chief Bryan Larkin says the underground pot market is doing well. With no retail cannabis stores set to open in Waterloo region this month, the black market will carry on. Meanwhile, Kitchener Centre MPP Laura Mae Lindo worries how that could impact young people here.

Opening delayed for 'Highlife,' Sudbury's first cannabis store

Sudburians will be waiting a little bit longer to step inside northern Ontario's first brick and mortar cannabis store. Employees have been preparing for the opening of Highlife on Marcus Drive. However, delays have pushed the April 1st opening back.

B.C. naturopath linked to illegal pot trade has licence cancelled

A B.C. naturopath with a history of discipline over actions connected to illegal cannabis sales has been ordered to pay $25,000 for practising without a valid licence.

Drumheller prison employee charged with trafficking meth, shatter

RCMP say a civilian staff member at the federal prison in Drumheller, Alta., has been charged with drug trafficking for attempting to bring narcotics into the penitentiary.

West Nipissing bans pot smoking in public

Smoking pot in public is now against the law in one northern Ontario town. West Nipissing has passed a bylaw banning the smoking of cannabis from any public place.

Pot sector players welcome edibles tax change, disappointed medical tax remains

Cannabis industry players welcomed the change in the Federal Budget to tax edibles, extracts, oils and concentrates based on the amount of THC rather than weight, as it could ease pricing for some products and potentially boost product availability.

115 pounds of cannabis found in a vehicle in North Bay, police say

North Bay police say a man from southern Ontario has been charged after a traffic stop lead to officers finding 115 pounds of marijuana.

Talking to teens about toking: advice from a psychiatrist about post-legalization cannabis

Cannabis has been legal in Canada for nearly six months, but educators and parents still have plenty of questions about how to talk about toking with teens.

Kanesatake grand chief wants to banish arsonists as community reels from loss of CrossFit gym

A fire that destroyed a CrossFit gym may be "the last straw" for a community that has dealt with a number of suspicious fires over the last decade. The Mohawk Council of Kanesatake wants to banish those responsible.

Workers' compensation adjusting to cannabis claims

A CBC News Investigation has found that workers' compensation is slowly opening up to the idea of cannabis. For one Nova Scotia woman, getting cannabis approved through WCB has been a long battle. The CBC's Angela MacIvor has more.

District of North Okanagan sends application for cannabis facility on farmland to tribunal

Directors are allowing an application for a cannabis production facility on agricultural land to go forward, despite vocal public opposition to the project.

Sask. RCMP have laid 7 cannabis-related impaired driving charges since legalization

Saskatchewan RCMP say they have laid just seven charges of suspected cannabis-related impaired driving since legalization.

Both northern Ontario cannabis stores set to open in Sudbury

The first legal cannabis store proposed for Sudbury is making its way through the approval process, while a second pot shop is also being planned for the city's south end.

Scientists brew up cannabinoids using genetically-modified beer yeast

Researchers from University of California, Berkeley, say they have produced low-cost and high-quality cannabinoids out of brewer’s yeast which could aid in more research into medical uses of cannabis.

Sask. sales of cannabis lower than any other province in Canada in 2018

In the first months after the legalization of cannabis, sales at cannabis stores in Saskatchewan were lagging behind every other province in the country, according to the latest figures from Statistics Canada.

New program to train Indigenous Nova Scotians for cannabis careers

The Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre is partnering with one of the province's first licensed pot producers as it prepares to grow from 25 employees to more than 80 in the next year.

Cannabis store could replace ByWard Market restaurant

Alberta-based cannabis retailer Fire & Flower has reached a deal with a pot shop lottery winner to open two eastern Ontario storefronts, one of them on York Street in Ottawa's Byward Market.

Nova Scotia may add cannabis stores after slow online sales

Nova Scotia is considering expanding the number of retail cannabis stores, as online sales have been slower than expected.

Northern Ontario town considers banning cannabis smoking from sidewalk

Cannabis might be legal, but smoking it on the street in parts of northern Ontario could soon be against the law. West Nipissing is considering a bylaw that would ban the smoking of pot in any public place.

Aphria board rejects hostile takeover offer by Green Growth Brands

The board of Aphria Inc. has rejected a hostile takeover bid by Green Growth Brands Inc., claiming the offer undervalues the cannabis heavyweight.

Health Canada suspends licence of Winnipeg cannabis producer Bonify

Health Canada has suspended the sales licence of Winnipeg-based cannabis producer Bonify.

Tensions soar in Lumby over proposed cannabis facility on agricultural land

More than 100 residents from the North Okanagan community showed up to voice their concerns about Green Amber's application to build a 100,000-square-foot-facility with concrete floors.

'Wrong time to have a dispensary crackdown': Vancouver to 'escalate' enforcement on illegal pot shops

Dozens of dispensaries remain open after B.C. Supreme Court ordered them to cease operations.

Vancouver cannabis company wins lottery for POT stock symbol, stock rises 137%

The chief executive of cannabis company Weekend Unlimited Inc. says winning the POT stock ticker lottery was a 'wonderful surprise' for the small company which is hoping the catchy symbol will help it stand out in the sector.

Railroads re-write drug policies for workers in light of cannabis legalization

As of Feb. 1, Go Train drivers in southern Ontario are forbidden from ever consuming cannabis, but that's not the case for their northern counterparts.

The business of legal pot is a clanking, wheezing, government-created Rube Goldberg machine: Neil Macdonald

What we now have was entirely predictable: gaskets blowing and tie rods breaking, widespread shortages of actual product, secretive bureaucrats intent on hoarding both power and revenues, and of course – of course – politicians blaming each other.

Expect weed supply woes for next 6 months or more, says NLC

Supply chain problems will continue to cause problems for Newfoundland and Labrador cannabis users, possibly into 2020.

Greater Sudbury police finding illegal cannabis products in convenience stores

Greater Sudbury police are finding illegal cannabis products on the shelves of some convenience stores, where the owners don't even know they're breaking the law.

A year before cannabis legalization, people in Ontario smoked up more

Cannabis use increased significantly in the year leading up to legalization among women and people over 50, a long-running survey in Ontario found.

Many pregnant women don't think cannabis is harmful, UBC study finds

A new report by researchers at the University of British Columbia has found that up to one-third of pregnant women believe it is safe to ingest cannabis during pregnancy.

Swift Current pot shop inspired by owner's use of cannabis candy during cancer treatment

Celeste Gerber says an unexpected experience with cannabis inspired her to open a recreational cannabis store in Swift Current, Sask. with her husband.

Legalization: A three month check-in

Now that cannabis has been legal in Saskatchewan for three months. We check-in with retail stores around rural Saskatchewan and hear from a cannabis consultant who takes your calls on everything from growing cannabis to packaging complaints.

Red River College hosts first cannabis-centred job fair

After its first marijuana-centred course exceeded enrolment expectations, Red River College held its first job fair for those interested in joining the budding industry.

Pot shops welcome in Sault Ste. Marie, while smoking banned from parks

Marijuana stores will be welcomed in Sault Ste. Marie, but the list of places you can smoke it just got shorter.

Higher price of legal pot, lack of convenient supply driving consumers to unlicensed dispensaries

The price of pot has jumped since recreational use was legalized but the thorny supply issues haven’t stopped people from lighting up.

Are First Nations legally allowed to sell cannabis on their territories?

A provincial lottery will select the first 25 operators of legal cannabis stores in Ontario, but there are already places you can go and buy marijuana right now in northern Ontario. They're on First Nations. Whether they are legal or not depends on who you ask. The CBC's Erik White brought us that story.

Price of pot is up since legalization, StatsCan finds

Prior to legalization of recreational cannabis Oct. 17, the unweighted average price per gram was $6.83. It has since risen to $8.02 per gram, according to data collected through Statistics Canada's crowdsourcing app.

Wellesley Township opts in to retail pot stores

Wellesley Township council voted unanimously to opt in to retail cannabis stores Tuesday night.

Wahnapitae First Nation pot shops raided by police

Six people are facing marijuana charges after police raids on two illegal dispensaries on Wahnapitae First Nation, north of Sudbury.

Two men arrested with drugs, concealed knife and stun gun after traffic stop

A 43-year-old man and an 18-year-old man are facing numerous charges.

Perth, Ont., votes to allow cannabis stores after all

Cannabis retailers will be allowed to set up shop in Perth, Ont., after the town voted in favour of permitting the stores — despite the wishes of the town's mayor.

Executives dismissed from beleaguered Winnipeg cannabis producer after product recalls

Bonify, a Winnipeg-based cannabis producer, has been stripped of its senior management team after a third-party investigation found the company sold unauthorized product in Saskatchewan. The contractor hired to investigate said three executives are accused of bullying and threatening employees who tried to speak up.

BC Hydro lineman fired over legal pot grow-op wins back job

A BC Hydro lineman who was fired after being accused of stealing electricity to feed a cannabis grow-op on his property should get his job back, the Labour Relations Board has found.

Cannabis producer at centre of recall and Health Canada investigation has removed execs, hired consultant

Health Canada released new details Friday about its investigation of Bonify, which had its cannabis yanked off shelves in Manitoba after two strains were recalled in Saskatchewan over contamination issues.

What you need to know when travelling with pot outside Ontario

While it's illegal to take cannabis across the Canadian border, the rules for travelling across provincial lines can get hazy.

Manitoba suspends pot producer's sales amid recall

The Manitoba government has suspended sales of all products from a Winnipeg-based licensed pot producer after Health Canada recalled two of its strains over contamination concerns.

Times are changing, says N.L. judge before sparing man from jail for weed possession

A Supreme Court Justice says the country is in an "embryonic stage" when it comes to sentencing people for marijuana-related offences after the legalization of cannabis.

Calgary International Airport braces for 750,000 passengers over holiday season

Thursday is expected to be the busiest travel day before Christmas and Dec. 27 is expected to be the busiest day overall during the holiday season.

Guelph to vote on retail pot sales

Guelph city council will decide if it wants to opt in or out of retail cannabis stores tonight, but it could be a while before there are any pot stores near Waterloo region.

Ottawa opts in: Says yes to pot shops

After four hours of presentations, pointed questions and a passionate plea from rookie Coun. Carol Anne Meehan to opt out, Ottawa city council has voted to allow retail cannabis stores to open for business starting in April 2019.

Survey finds strong support for pot stores in Guelph, city says

A majority of people in Guelph want to see retail cannabis stores, according to results from two surveys conducted by the city. City council is set to decide whether or not to allow the stores at its meeting on Monday.

Legal cannabis arrives in Thompson in partnership with Manitoba First Nation

People in Thompson, Man., can now buy cannabis legally in their community.

What you need to know about giving pot to your sick pooch

More research is needed to determine whether giving sick pets pot helps or hurts them, according to a Nova Scotia veterinarian who has seen an increase in the number of animals brought to his practice after consuming the drug.

Kahnawake passes its own cannabis law, but businesses will have to wait a bit longer to set up shop

Even though the Mohawk community passed a Cannabis Control Law on Monday, a moratorium on distribution and sales of cannabis remains in effect until regulations under the law are developed and implemented.

Musical theatre fans will want to take a toke of giggle-inducing Reefer Madness

The creators of Reefer Madness: The Musical take on a tall order — how do you make comedy out of source material so ridiculous that it’s laughable to begin with?

Aurora Cannabis to supply medical pot to Mexico

Aurora Cannabis says it will supply medical cannabis to Mexico through a partnership with pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor Farmacias Magistrales.

Marlboro maker places $2.4B bet on Canadian marijuana company

One of the world's biggest tobacco companies is diving into the cannabis market by taking a 45 per cent stake in Cronos Group, the Canadian medical and recreational marijuana provider.

Cannabis producer Aphria to review acquisition slammed by short sellers

Marijuana producer Aphria Inc. says its board of directors has appointed a special committee of independent directors to review the company's acquisition of Latam Holdings Inc., which has been criticized by short sellers. One of those short-sellers levelled fresh allegations against the company Thursday.

Snack food maker Neal Brothers makes cannabis edibles deal with Newstrike Brands

Cannabis company Newstrike Brands Ltd. has struck a deal to create co-branded edibles with specialty foods company Neal Brothers Inc., best known for its chips and salsa.
The Lowdown

How to have cannabis in your car without getting in trouble with the law

CBC Investigates gets The Lowdown from RCMP Cpl. Jolene Garland about how to safely and legally carry cannabis in your car.

WRPS chief says it's 'business as usual' 1 month into cannabis legalization

It's been a little over a month since pot became legal in Canada, but Waterloo Regional Police Chief Bryan Larkin says not much has changed in the day-to-day realities of policing.

Why the shortage of medical cannabis post-legalization has these 2 seeing opportunity

A couple behind an online cannabis smokeware business wants to expand to become medical producers to help fill a void left post-legalization.

Tech companies and pot producers becoming fast friends

A close relationship is developing between Canada's pot producers and the technology companies that support them. With pressure on producers to improve their yields and profits, technology will be a key factor in keeping plants healthy and improving harvests, say experts.

Manitoba's cannabis retailers hit with 6% tax to cover 'social costs' of legalization

Cannabis retailers in Manitoba will be slapped with a six per cent levy to cover the province's "social costs" in legalizing the drug.

Manufacturer says no B.C. customers received mislabelled cannabis spray

The manufacturer of a cannabis spray suspected of being sold with incorrect labels says no B.C. customers actually received the mislabelled product.

Agribition panelists encourage Sask. First Nations to explore economic potential of cannabis production

Cannabis has been a hot topic all year — and a Wednesday panel discussion at the Western Canadian Agribition aimed to explore the economic potential for First Nations communities following legalization of recreational pot.

Regina's only legal pot shop temporarily closed, out of product

Signs on the front window of The Cannabis Co. YQR said the store is temporarily closed due to a product shortage.

Corner Brook's BeeHighve is now N.L.'s first licensed cannabis producer

Retail stores will be able to order BeeHighve products through the NLC, said Mark German, the company's vice-president.

A month into legalization, Alberta is blowing away B.C.'s claim as Canada's pot capital

Alberta has issued nearly 70 private retail licences, while British Columbia has issued just one to a public retailer and another to a private store.

Kids will find cannabis edibles irresistible, experts warn

As the legalization of cannabis edibles approaches, health practitioners are anticipating an increase in the numbers of kids accidentally eating cannabis-infused gummies, chocolates and baked goods.

Canada's rushed rollout of legal cannabis has been a gift to the illegal market

All 12 stores in Quebec have closed Monday to Wednesday as a result of supply shortages. A rotating Canada Post strike has throttled online sales deliveries. Meanwhile private storefronts, though illegal in Quebec, are as close as a Google search away.

Why some mothers keep using cannabis during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Three mothers tell Daybreak's Shari Okeke why they continued to use cannabis while pregnant and breastfeeding and how their children are doing so far.

Cannabis tourism looks to flourish but regulations may be holding it back

With recreational cannabis now legal in Canada, the tourism industry sees an opportunity. It's looking to build a new market for pot-curious visitors, everything from weed-and-wine tours, to smoke-friendly accommodations.

Regina's 1st legal cannabis shop open for business

The store in Regina to sell legal recreational cannabis opened on Saturday.

'I made a mistake,' says headmaster who expelled boys for eating cannabis fudge

The headmaster of King's-Edgehill School said after reflecting on the expulsion, he realized it could have unintended consequences.

N.L.'s largest cannabis facility planned for Bay St. George

Biome Grow promises to produce marijuana for 20 years and employ 200 people in its operations, headquartered in Barachois Brook.

Smell of weed as driver passes cop leads to tickets

Driver ticketed for having open cannabis in car; passenger ticketed for smoking in vehicle.

Packaging problems causing delays for P.E.I.-based pot supplier

The only licensed cannabis producer based on P.E.I. says problems with its packaging have led to delays getting products on store shelves.

Pardons don't go far enough. Convictions for cannabis possession must be expunged

In the case of convictions for simple possession of cannabis, the disproportionate harm it has exacted on black and Indigenous communities points to the expungement of convictions as the only way to permanently – and purposively – erase the scarlet letter.

No smoking, and other rules to know about weed in your car

Three people have already been charged for improperly storing marijuana in a vehicle. Don't be the next.

Steinbach, Winkler and 4 other communities vote against sale of legal cannabis

Two southern Manitoba cities with a history of alcohol prohibition have decided to say no to cannabis.

Legal cannabis rakes in close to $130K in first 4 days in the N.W.T.

Finance Minister Robert C. McLeod takes questions re: cannabis sales and stock, says stock shortages are a problem across the country.

Cannabis Act could infringe on freedom of expression, says St. John's lawyer

Mark Gruchy weighed in on legislation on the heels of a weed accessory shop told not to use word 'cannabis' in its promotion.

Canopy growing pains should even out in a couple of weeks, CEO says

Yes, N.L. is out of marijuana — but Bruce Linton says that's a national problem, and one this province shouldn't have to worry about once a production facility is completed.

NLC tells St. John's weed accessory store it can't use 'cannabis'

The owner of the Dabber Hashery says NLC employees told him he needed to “reread the legislation” on cannabis.

Vancouver pot smokers have mixed experiences after legalization

B.C. still only has one licensed cannabis store, leaving dozens of Vancouver shops in limbo, with customers patronizing those willing to work outside the new legal regime.