Heavy police presence appears to curb protests in China

China's crackdown on protests has led to relative quiet on the streets of Beijing and Shanghai. But in Toronto, demonstrators came out to the Chinese consulate to stand in solidarity with protesters in China.

Province launches long COVID web page after N.B. group releases government documents

The New Brunswick government has launched a new web page about post COVID-19 condition, more commonly known as long COVID, including a list of symptoms, self-care tips for people suffering from the condition, as well as advice for their loved ones. 

Chinese authorities seek out protesters to explain themselves

Chinese authorities have begun inquiries into some of the people who gathered at weekend protests against COVID-19 curbs, people who were at the Beijing demonstrations told Reuters, as police remained out in numbers on the city's streets.

N.B. records 6 more COVID-19 deaths, increase in new cases after 5-week decline

COVID-19 has killed six more New Brunswickers and the number of new lab-confirmed cases of the virus has increased, following a five-week decline, weekly figures released by the province Tuesday show.



What would it take to get us to mask again? | About That

Health experts in Canada and the U.S. are recommending people start wearing masks again amid a "perfect storm" of respiratory diseases on the rise, a strain on our hospital systems, and a shortage of medication. But is that enough to get us to wear masks again? Dr. Susy Hota joins About That with Andrew Chang to take us through it all.

China's anti-lockdown protests suppressed for now, says analyst

China's government may make some modest adjustments to its strict COVID-19 health policies, but powerful social, health and economic concerns weigh on the country right now, says Karen Woods, co-founder of the Canadian Chinese Political Affairs Committee.



Expert questions efficacy of China's COVID-19 lockdowns

Stringent lockdowns in China should have afforded the country time to vaccinate large portions of the population against COVID-19, says Canadian infectious diseases specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch. Instead, China is now 'playing a rapid game of catch-up,' Bogoch says.



Chinese police tighten security amid growing anti-lockdown protests

Police in China have clamped down on protests against strict COVID-19 lockdowns, leaving streets empty after a weekend of outspoken demonstrations against President Xi Jinping.



Alberta premier shelves unvaccinated rights bill

Premier Danielle Smith says the Alberta government will work to protect the rights of the unvaccinated without promised legislation. She has already prompted at least one organization to drop its mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy.

Chinese police search people's phones after anti-lockdown protests erupt across country

Police on Monday stopped and searched people at the sites of weekend protests in Shanghai and Beijing, after crowds there and in other Chinese cities demonstrated against stringent COVID-19 measures disrupting lives three years into the pandemic.

Protests erupt in China over COVID-zero policy; the task ahead of Fady Dagher, Montreal’s next chief of police; and Japan launches inquiry into Unification Church, aka the Moonies

Protesters across China have called for an end to COVID-zero restrictions, and for President Xi Jinping to step down. Matt Galloway talks to freelance reporter Shawn Yuan; Haoyu Tong, a research analyst with the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a think tank focused on global security; and investigative reporter Tracy Wen Liu. Then, Fady Dagher has been appointed to be the next chief of police in Montreal, tasked with tackling racial profiling and systemic discrimination in the force. We discuss the task ahead of him with Alain Babineau, a retired RCMP officer and the director of racial profiling and public safety for the Red Coalition; and Michael Kempa, a professor in criminology at the University of Ottawa. And the government of Japan has launched an inquiry into the power and influence of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification — more colloquially as the Moonies, and sometimes accused of being a cult. We talk to Tokyo Bureau Chief for the Washington Post Michelle Ye Hee Lee; and founder of the Freedom of Mind Resource Center Steven Hassan, who was recruited into the organization as a young man and later left.

Protests erupt in China over COVID restrictions

Protesters across China have called for an end to COVID-zero restrictions, and for President Xi Jinping to step down. Matt Galloway talks to freelance reporter Shawn Yuan; Haoyu Tong, a research analyst with the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a think tank focused on global security; and investigative reporter Tracy Wen Liu.
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Canadian kids answer how they feel about mask mandates

Canadian kids share their thoughts about wearing masks in school again, as Alberta bans mask mandates in schools.



China's COVID-19 case numbers suspect, says expert

The fact that China announces high COVID-19 case counts but declares so few deaths means official numbers 'may not be that accurate,' says epidemiologist and cardiologist Dr. Christopher Labos.



COVID-19 lockdown protest spreads to more Chinese cities

Protests against COVID-19 lockdowns have erupted across China after a fire killed at least 10 in the city of Urumqi. Demonstrators are calling for President Xi Jinping to resign.



Anti-lockdown protesters in China chant 'Down with Xi Jinping!'

Protesters in Shanghai demanded an end to COVID-19 restrictions and called for China's president to resign, as police across the country struggle to contain an unprecedented wave of civil unrest sparked by a deadly fire in a western city.

China's Xinjiang region loosens some restrictions after pandemic lockdown demonstrations

Authorities in China's western Xinjiang region opened up some neighbourhoods in the capital Urumqi on Saturday after residents held extraordinary late-night demonstrations against the city's "zero-COVID" lockdown that had lasted more than three months.

Flu rising sharply in Canada, Dr. Theresa Tam says

Flu is rising sharply in Canada as another respiratory virus that was hitting young children starts to decline, Canada's chief public health officer says.

Severe influenza cases on the rise in Manitoba

Manitoba's ongoing battle against spiking influenza cases has been dealt a blow with yet another increase in the numbers and more children being admitted to hospital.

N.S. family wants masks back in classrooms to prevent kids from bringing viruses home

With few students wearing masks in the classroom and a rise in respiratory infections, some people are calling for more stringent infection-control measures in schools.

10 deaths from previous reporting period announced in N.S. COVID-19 weekly update

Nova Scotia has reported no new COVID-19 deaths within the latest reporting week from Nov. 15 to Nov. 21. But there are 10 more deaths from a previous time that the province has not specified, according to information released Thursday.



Schools, hospitals under strain of respiratory illness surge

According to Quebec's education ministry, more than 150,000 students were absent from school this week — more than 12 per cent of the entire student population. School boards across Canada say it's not just students who are out sick, but teachers and substitutes, too.

Climate change posing increasing risks to the health of British Columbians, new report finds

The B.C. Lung Federation says in its latest report that climate change and its effects — wildfires, smoke and heat domes included — pose the most significant risk to the health of British Columbians.


Violent protests erupt at iPhone factory in Zhengzhou amid pay complaints and COVID-19 containment measures

Employees at the world's biggest Apple iPhone factory were beaten and detained in protests over pay amid anti-virus controls on Wednesday, according to witnesses and videos on social media, as tensions mount over Chinese efforts to combat a renewed rise in infections.

3 deaths due to COVID-19 reported in N.L.'s weekly update

Three people have died due to COVID-19 in Newfoundland and Labrador over the last week, raising the total to 273 since the pandemic began.