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Royal Bank ordered to reveal who's behind 97 offshore accounts

A Federal Court judge has ordered Royal Bank of Canada to divulge the real owners of 97 offshore corporations that used its services, but a critic is wondering why it's taken the Canada Revenue Agency so long to acquire the information.
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Rapper wants justice after Ottawa police 'tore house apart' in failed no-knock raid

All charges have been dropped against Chris Woof of Ottawa, but his lawyer and an expert on policing say his case highlights major problems with no-knock drug raids — including the key question of whether there's any data the tactic is effective.
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Family wasn't told of long-term care resident's death for almost a month

Family members of a woman who was in long-term care in London, Ont., want to know why it took nearly a month to be told she had died. The care home said it can’t comment on the case because of privacy legislation but that when a resident dies, “it follows all proper procedures for notification of substitute decision makers and powers of attorney as outlined in the resident’s chart.”

CAFE landlord cleared of all cannabis charges as latest attempt to crack down on illegal pot shop fails

Authorities have resoundingly lost the latest round in their long-running battle to shutter a notorious chain of illegal Toronto pot shops, as a court this afternoon acquitted the landlord of CAFE’s flagship store on all six provincial cannabis charges he was facing.
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Nova Scotia Health orders workplace assessment of cardiac surgery unit amid complaints

The cardiac surgery unit has been reviewed multiple times since 2010.

Stuck in bed 23 hours a day: What's wrong with home care in Canada and how another country changed course

Margot Algie suffers from a neurodegenerative disease and needs home care for all her daily activities. But she’s often only up for only one hour a day before another home care worker arrives to put her back to bed. A leading geriatrician says Canada needs to take a page from Denmark.

Liv died alone: Why it can be so hard for parents to help drug-addicted kids

In B.C., where it can seem easier for kids to get high on illicit drugs than it is for their parents to get them help, it has some of them asking: Why do the laws of the province render them virtually helpless when it comes to taking care of their own children?
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Russian billionaire is behind mansion that housed Harry and Meghan, leaked files show

For two years, it's been an international mystery: Who really owns the $18-million Vancouver Island mansion where Prince Harry and Meghan wintered in 2020? Canada's lack of transparent land records means it's not easy to find out, but the Pandora Papers led CBC to the answer.
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Money manager for ultra-rich has almost $5M tax bill, but CRA can't get its hands on assets

He's a multimillionaire investment adviser for the ultra-rich who likes big bottles of pricey champagne. Charles Shaker also owes almost $5 million in taxes, the Canada Revenue Agency says. But thanks to a lack of transparency, in tax havens and also in Canada, it's a bill that's proving hard to collect on.

This police officer has a history of violence. Now he's on trial for assault

A police officer in Ontario’s Niagara region has been charged with assaulting a fellow officer. An investigation by CBC’s The Fifth Estate has found that the case of Const. Nathan Parker raises questions about a system that allows officers to stay on the job despite serious disciplinary records.

Canadian Forces rescinds appointment of high-ranking military police officer sanctioned for sexual comments

The head of Canada’s military police has revoked his appointment of a military police officer who faced sanctions three years ago for making sexual comments about three women at a Christmas policing function.

$10,000 wire transfer disappears after bank puts it in wrong account

It's advertised as a safe and reliable way to move money, but an Ontario couple says the $10,000 wire transfer they sent their adult son in Alberta was deposited into the wrong account, and then disappeared. An expert says Canada's wire transfer system is flawed and prone to errors.

Paralyzed man says he's risking his health because he can't afford medical supplies he needs to urinate

A Toronto man who was paralyzed in a fall years ago finds himself struggling to pay for basic medical supplies he needs, including catheters. Advocates say thousands of Canadians with spinal cord injuries are in the same situation and governments need to step up and better fund medical equipment.

She begged for help as husband struggled: Why home care is failing thousands while companies profit

Nearly one million Canadians rely on some sort of home care support, but a Marketplace investigation has found a shroud of secrecy around for-profit companies’ use of public funds. Critics say the broken system is providing substandard care – and sometimes no care at all – for those most vulnerable.

Canadian Olympic sliders' call for change gets support from U.S. counterparts

Canadian bobsled and skeleton athletes have received public support from their American counterparts.
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From concussions to coercion: Why Canada's Olympic sliders say their safety is at risk

More than 80 of Canada's bobsleigh and skeleton athletes say the organization that governs their sport in Canada doesn't prioritize their safety.

Why Canada is losing affordable rental housing faster than it's being built

Research shows that in the last decade, Canada has been losing affordable rental homes far faster than new ones are being built, and it’s forcing some renters out of the homes and communities they know.

CanSino-McMaster deal may turn out to be 'case study of what not to do in partnerships with China': expert

A vaccine collaboration between McMaster University in Hamilton and a former Chinese partner stalled years ago and they are now independently racing to develop similar COVID-19 boosters, The Fifth Estate has found.

New sex abuse allegations target son of former headmaster at now-closed Christian boarding school

More former students of a now-shuttered Christian boarding school in eastern Ontario are coming forward with allegations of sexual abuse against a son of the former headmaster, fearing he continues to be a danger to children.

Kamloops residential school survivors recall students going missing, digging graves for classmates in orchard

For survivors who attended the Kamloops Indian Residential School, the discovery of suspected graves has brought about a reckoning and stirred troubling secrets and memories of abuse they saw and endured decades ago.

Infiltrator wanted to 'kneecap' a violent neo-Nazi group

An anti-fascist activist who infiltrated a neo-Nazi organization walked away with a trove of audio and video recordings that provide a rare insight into the minds of members of such groups and their radicalization, a researcher says.
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U.S. SEC seeks $68M from B.C. 'mastermind' of huge alleged stock fraud

U.S. authorities are moving to seize bank and stock accounts of Fred Sharp, a private banker from Vancouver who allegedly set up dozens of offshore shell companies to enable a billion-dollar series of pump-and-dump stock frauds by other Canadians.

Elvis Stojko took out $6.5M in life insurance on his parents and says he has no idea why it ended up offshore

The Pandora Papers reveal that former world figure skating champ Elvis Stojko had a multimillion-dollar insurance policy in a trust in Belize. He says it's the first he's hearing that his money went there.

Peter Nygard won't be charged in Winnipeg cases involving 8 women, police say

Disgraced clothing manufacturer Peter Nygard will not face charges in his hometown of Winnipeg, after a 10-month police investigation into allegations of sexual assault from eight women, The Fifth Estate has learned.

Got something in self storage? What you need to know amid rising thefts

A Vancouver woman says she trusted a big self-storage company to keep her cherished belongings safe. Instead, they disappeared with no sign of a break-in. A security expert warns that theft at storage lockers is on the rise and says many companies don’t provide adequate protection.