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It's time to start charging people for using stalkerware to harass their partners, watchdog group says

A new report from The Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto says manufacturers and users of so-called stalkerware apps are potentially breaking a variety of laws, but so far police and prosecutors have turned a blind eye.

Man with severe asthma says new police powers unfair for people unable to do breath test

A B.C. man with severe breathing issues who recently had his car impounded and driver's licence suspended — twice — says new rules that allow police across the country to pull over any vehicle and force the driver to take a breath test are causing undue hardship for people who cannot blow into a breathalyzer.

RBC customer out of pocket after fraud: What you need to know if you e-transfer money

A Peterborough, Ont., woman says financial institutions and Interac are misleading customers by claiming e-transfers are "fully protected" after money she sent a friend was diverted to a fraudster's bank account. RBC blamed the theft on a weak email password and security question.

'I had to crawl': Amputee seeks damages after United Airlines and airport security seize scooter batteries

A B.C. man says airline officials and airport security agents were violating the law when they seized the lithium batteries he needed to operate a portable scooter. Now he's fighting to take his case to the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Bank regulator's report on aggressive sales tactics weakened after government — and banks — reviewed drafts

Last year’s report from Canada’s banking regulator about aggressive sales tactics underwent several drafts that eliminated proposed protections for consumers — edits that were made after the regulator sent early versions to the federal Finance Department and the big banks.

'How are we going to get the truth?' Family of man who died in ATV crash frustrated by flawed OPP probe

The family of a man who died in an ATV crash in Ontario’s cottage country in 2012 is relieved the RCMP is looking into what happened around their son’s death after a highly criticized OPP investigation left them with more questions than answers.

Panama Papers spur billion-dollar global tax windfall, with $15M found in Canada

Governments worldwide have discovered more than a billion dollars in unpaid taxes to date thanks to the Panama Papers and have obtained criminal convictions. But in Canada, despite finding nearly 900 Canadian taxpayers in the leak, the CRA hasn't laid a single charge.
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SNC-Lavalin insider's bribery allegations spark probe by Crown agency that loaned the firm billions

Export Development Canada has hired outside legal counsel to review some of its dealings with SNC-Lavalin. The review comes after a company insider told CBC News the engineering giant secured billions in loans from the Crown agency over the years, some of which he alleges was intended to pay bribes.

He survived a massacre as a child. Now he wants justice for those who died

After surviving a massacre in a Guatemalan village nearly 40 years ago, Ramiro Cristales eventually set off on a long, meandering quest for justice. It took him to a secret life in Canada and back to Guatemala, but now that lifelong pursuit is at risk of unravelling.

'He died because of his job': 12 OPP officers died by suicide after report warned of mental health failures

The OPP has failed to act on some of the most basic recommendations from Ontario’s ombudsman seven years ago to prevent suicide among its members, an investigation by CBC’s The Fifth Estate has found. The investigation also revealed a police service marked by bullying and harassment within its ranks.
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Chilean workers say they were lured to N.S. with false promise

The men were initially offered jobs that paid up to $8,000 a month, but ended up working at a fish plant for $14 an hour.
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Police hunted for secret church archives during probe of abuse allegations at St. Anne's residential school

Police investigating widespread allegations of physical and sexual abuse at St. Anne’s Indian residential school in northern Ontario looked for secret church archives that would have contained sensitive information about priests.

Teacher shown door after Christian school discovers she had sex 'outside of a heterosexual marriage'

A long-time teacher is questioning why taxpayer dollars are going to a B.C. Christian school that refused to renew her contract because she violated a rule forbidding employees from having sex "outside of a heterosexual marriage." A lawyer says exemptions in human rights law allow religious schools to discriminate.

'We didn't sleep for 3 days': How a network of women watched over Rahaf Mohammed's escape to the West

When Rahaf Mohammed made her risky escape from Saudi Arabia in January, a network of young women were advising her and others in the same way they’ve helped each other flee repression at home.
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City of Winnipeg manager in charge of police radios arrested after 2-year investigation

Winnipeg police have arrested a city manager for allegedly updating police radios with software he got from a person the U.S. Department of Homeland Security considered a security threat, CBC News has learned.

Telecom customers face 'unacceptable' harm from misleading sales tactics, CRTC says

New rules are needed to prevent telecom companies from using aggressive and misleading sales practices that harm consumers — particularly seniors and other vulnerable Canadians — to an "unacceptable degree," the CRTC says.
CBC Investigates

Public agencies paid millions to national translation firm that stiffs its workers

Government agencies have given millions of dollars in business to one of Canada's biggest translation firms in recent years in the face of mounting evidence the company was shortchanging its freelance workers.
CBC Investigates

Besieged by workers and the CRA, this once-mighty translation agency is facing financial ruin

Able Translations was once one of the biggest companies of its kind in Canada, but a CBC investigation has unearthed the vast extent of the firm's financial delinquency — and its machinations for dealing with it.

Air Canada employee says staff trained to 'dupe' passengers at risk of being bumped from oversold flights

A pair of Air Canada insiders are shedding light on the airline's policy of overselling flights, revealing what they say is a widespread practice of duping passengers into believing they have a seat on a plane and stringing them along until the last possible moment.

Why incels are a 'real and present threat' for Canadians

Criminologists and sociologists are sounding the alarm over extreme and violent internet subcultures that include incels, saying the threat they pose isn’t being taken seriously enough.
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Arsenic-leaking drillhole deliberately left unfixed by province, documents show

The hole drilled by gold exploration company has been spewing high-arsenic water since 2011.

Transport minister announces task force on school bus seatbelts

Three months after ordering his department to take a "fresh look" at Transport Canada’s no-seatbelt position, Transport Minister Marc Garneau has announced the creation of a task force to look into the possibility of outfitting school buses with the devices.
CBC Investigates

'They covered it up': 3 women go public with sexual assault allegations against former RCMP doctor

Three woman who worked for the RCMP are going public with allegations of sexual assault in the 1980s at the hands of an RCMP doctor that they say multiple agencies covered up.

A man 'cannot do that to a woman': Why polygamy in Canadian Muslim community could be another #MeToo moment

Some women in Canada's Muslim community who learned their husbands are married to second wives believe this is their own #MeToo moment, an opportunity to speak out and demand an end to the practice of polygamy in their community.

'Greed is a powerful weapon': Are illegal kickbacks in Ontario driving up the cost of your generic drugs?

A hidden camera investigation and confidential documents obtained by The Fifth Estate raise questions about whether Canada’s largest pharmaceutical distributor is profiting from illegal kickbacks on sales of generic drugs in Ontario.

Consumer group that battles the big telcos blames CRTC for its 'dire' financial troubles

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre, the voice behind some of the country’s most important consumer protections, is at risk of having to close its doors for good. And it says the CRTC, the regulator it has so often prodded over the past 42 years, is to blame for its financial troubles.

At least 3 construction-related fires broke out at Ontario wind farm weeks before massive wildfire

At least three construction-related fires broke out at the site of Ontario's largest wind energy project in the weeks leading up to Parry Sound 33, the massive wildfire that destroyed thousands of hectares of wilderness last summer. CBC News has obtained exclusive new footage.

Defective seats on school minibuses put students at risk of injury, leaked document shows

As far back as 2011, thousands of children across Canada have been riding school buses with a critical safety defect that puts them at an “increased risk of injury” if there is an accident or sudden stop, according to an industry document obtained by CBC’s The Fifth Estate.

'Cash envelopes' were 'funnelled' to Toronto councillor's election campaigns, OPP allege witnesses said

Police investigating Justin Di Ciano and his council colleague Mark Grimes set forth some eye-popping, but largely uncorroborated, allegations in their bid to search a high-profile Toronto polling firm for evidence, court records show.

Couple claims they were driven out of workplace for being 'too gay'

A lesbian couple says they had to leave their jobs in a small Alberta town because they were "too gay" for their colleagues. The women have filed a human rights complaint alleging discrimination.
The Implant Files

Why many Canadians face long waits or big bills to have painful medical devices removed

Women from across Canada describe how difficult — and expensive — it can be to get implanted medical devices such as pelvic meshes and contraceptive coils surgically removed when they cause debilitating pain.
CBC Investigates

Tests commissioned by CBC show lead contamination persists in North Point Douglas

Researchers at the University of Manitoba and residents are calling for action and more public awareness after a new round of soil tests commissioned by CBC reveal parts of North Point Douglas remain contaminated with lead.
The Implant Files

Insulin pumps linked to more reports of injury and death than any other medical device, records show

Insulin pumps are popular among Canadians with diabetes. The device is convenient and allows the user a greater degree of control over their blood sugar levels. But some experts warn that's precisely why it isn't necessarily the best — or safest — choice for all people with the condition.
The Implant Files

'We're guinea pigs': Canada's oversight process for implanted medical devices stuns suffering patients

Millions of Canadians rely on surgically implanted medical devices in order to function — to do everything from walk without pain to pump blood through their veins. But a new CBC investigation reveals some devices are approved with scant scientific evidence to show they are safe and effective.

How Canada barred adoptions from Muslim countries — and used Shariah law to do it

Dozens of Canadian families were blocked from adopting from Pakistan and other Muslim countries after the Canadian government decided Shariah law prohibits adoption. But after an investigation by CBC's The Fifth Estate, that could change.
CBC Investigates

'I felt so violated': Ex-husband charged after Winnipeg woman finds hidden cameras in her home

She thought when she left her abusive ex she would finally be safe. But that illusion was shattered the day she discovered someone had broken into her Winnipeg home and installed hidden cameras in her bedroom and living area.

'I have to ask you to leave': Insurance adjuster tries to boot breastfeeding mom from meeting

A Calgary woman was asked to stop breastfeeding her infant or leave a meeting with her insurance adjuster.
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'I feel cheated': Telco customer set to speak on Day 1 of CRTC hearing into misleading sales practices

Over the next five days, the CRTC will hear from consumers, advocacy groups and telecom service providers, all attempting to influence how the regulator ensures Canadians are protected from aggressive and misleading telecom sales.
CBC Investigates

'He told me to sit on his lap': 2nd woman comes forward with accusation against Manitoba MLA Cliff Graydon

CBC News spoke to numerous people who worked at the Manitoba Legislature in various roles, including cabinet ministers, who said it was widely acknowledged that the Emerson MLA made inappropriate comments directed at women.

Minister in charge of OPP denies he's campaigning for politician questioned in police probe

Virtually anyone can take their picture with him, cabinet minister Michael Tibollo says, so the use of his image by a city council candidate in Vaughan — whose husband and cottage are under OPP investigation — should in no way suggest the probe will be compromised.

Rogers, Fido and Bell call centre workers penalized for reducing plans, offering credits

Current and former employees describe how incentive systems at call centres for Rogers, Fido and Bell mean agents can be penalized if they decrease service plans, leading to a culture of "doing as little as possible" for customers.

Seatbelts on school buses could have prevented thousands of injuries, numerous deaths

Thousands of injuries and numerous child deaths could have been prevented across Canada and the United States in the past three decades had school buses been equipped with seatbelts, an investigation by CBC’s The Fifth Estate has found.
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Jobless man told to pay thousands for government EI mistake

After the government incorrectly paid out thousands of dollars in EI payments, a jobless man was told he had to pay the money back, plus thousands more in taxes.

Bad week at the box office: Ticketmaster faces call for federal probe in the U.S.

A congressman is calling on the U.S. attorney general to investigate possible "corruption" and "market malfeasance" at global entertainment giant Live Nation after a recent CBC/Toronto Star report exposed a secret partnership between the company's Ticketmaster division and scalpers.
CBC Investigates

The CRA is tracking alcohol sales to nail tax dodging bars and restaurants

The Canada Revenue Agency has been gathering data on beer, wine and liquor purchases by bars, nightclubs and restaurants as part of an effort to clamp down on tax dodging in a sector it claims is ripe for it.

RCMP lawsuit that alleged sexist, racist workplace settled

There has been a settlement in the case of a Vancouver Island RCMP officer who alleged a supervisor made derogatory comments against women and First Nations people.

Wealthy would-be immigrants told to lie about their assets, intentions — even their identity

Rich foreigners seeking Canadian residency through a controversial Quebec program are advised to hide questionable assets, lie about their intention to settle in the province and even adopt a new identity, in a hidden-camera investigation by Radio-Canada.
CBC Investigates

Winnipeg CFS launches internal review after volunteer charged with sex assault

Winnipeg Child and Family Services Agency has suspended hiring new volunteers pending a review of recruitment practices, after a volunteer was charged with sexual assault.

Rich investors granted Canadian residency despite suspicions of fake documents and dubious assets

Some rich foreigners seeking Canadian residency under a special Quebec program for wealthy investors couldn't point to the province on a map while others submitted fake documents or disguised their assets — yet many of them were still accepted for immigration, former civil servants say.
CBC Investigates

'I'm getting ripped off': A look inside Ticketmaster's price-hiking bag of tricks

Buying a ticket for Saturday's Bruno Mars concert in Toronto was probably never going to be cheap, but what many of the star's 17,000 fans who scored a seat might not realize is it wasn't just scalpers driving up prices.
CBC Investigates

Tinder date threatened to share nude photos if woman didn't agree to sex, warrant alleges

What started as a Tinder date ended with criminal charges after a 25-year-old man allegedly threatened to distribute intimate images of a 22-year-old woman who refused to have sex with him, according a warrant from the RCMP. The charges have not been proven in court which resumes Sept. 21.

BMO didn't inflate losses or dodge tax in $1.7B loan arrangement, judge rules

The Bank of Montreal won't have to pay potentially tens of millions of dollars in disputed taxes after a judge ruled a complicated shell-company structure it used to lend money to its own subsidiaries didn't run afoul of the law.
CBC Investigates

'Absolutely floored': Residents never told of lead contamination in Point Douglas soil because NDP sat on info

Testing done on soil in several Winnipeg neighbourhoods more than 10 years ago showed potentially dangerous levels of lead, but residents were never told about the results because the NDP government withheld the information, according to documents obtained by CBC News.
CBC Investigates

B.C. stock promoter led 'lavish lifestyle' while evading millions in tax, CRA alleges

Damien Reynolds is the first person named in the Panama Papers who the Canada Revenue Agency has brought criminal charges against. But it appears that's just a coincidence, and the CRA had no idea he's in the huge leak of tax-haven records.

Accountant accused of fudging up to 1,400 tax returns won't face criminal charges

A tax preparer who the Canada Revenue Agency had claimed was possibly behind widescale fraud won't face criminal charges due to lack of proof of intent.

Body of Nigerian man who died in CBSA custody remains in limbo 3 weeks later

The widow of a Nigerian man who died in Canadian custody three weeks ago wants to bring him home to Lagos, but his body remains at a funeral home while authorities investigate.
CBC Investigates

Halifax man charged with violating Syria sanctions continues to conduct business in war-torn country

A Halifax man who is the first person charged with violating Canada's economic sanctions against Syria is back in Damascus doing business there, CBC News has learned. Nader Kalai, a Syrian national with permanent residency in Canada, is known to be a close associate of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
CBC Investigates

HempWorx cannabidiol oil sales in Canada put on hold… again

An American hemp oil manufacturer that was previously caught selling its product illegally in Canada is once again putting its Canadian market plans on hold after telling its sellers to partner with a company that isn’t licensed by Health Canada and is run by a man with a criminal record.

Renata Ford faces growing cash crunch as she pursues Premier Doug Ford in court, records show

Sworn financial statements filed last year by Renata Ford, widow of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, suggest she could be in significant financial trouble as she tries to force Ontario Premier Doug Ford to hand over funds from Rob's estate.

Radiohead frontman says people 'not being held accountable' after stage collapse 6 years ago

"The people who should be held accountable are still not being held accountable — in your city," said Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke during a show at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto.

'Inexcusable' mistakes: Radiohead still wants answers 6 years after fatal stage collapse in Toronto

Radiohead drummer Philip Selway is calling the mistakes outlined in a report into the fatal 2012 Toronto stage collapse that killed the band’s drum technician “inexcusable.”
CBC Investigates

Stroke victim who fled Philippines church granted asylum in Canada

An elderly and ailing woman who fled the Philippines has been granted refugee status in Canada — the Immigration and Refugee Board ruling she is a "person in need of protection" from her former church, the "Iglesia Ni Cristo."
CBC Investigates

The filth and fears inside one wing of Nova Scotia's largest jail

Documents show guards at the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility were so fearful for their own safety that for two stretches last year they refused to work in a section of the west wing. The provincial Labour Department ordered changes.
CBC Investigates

Biggest immigration fraudster in Canadian history left $900K fine unpaid

The man imprisoned for committing the biggest immigration scam in Canadian history was released on early parole even though he refused to pay more than $900,000 in fines and "minimized his criminal behaviour," according to a Parole Board of Canada decision in November 2017.
CBC Investigates

Leading obstetrician hopes to reassure public after coverage of Cullan Chisholm case

Dr. Robyn MacQuarrie says she wants to reassure the public about how the system handles poor outcomes with patients, following CBC's coverage of the $6 million birth injury settlement for Cullan Chisholm.
CBC Investigates

Probe launched into allegations N.S. 'Métis cards' used to buy tax-free cars and gas

The investigation by Indigenous Services Canada follows criticism on social media of the Eastern Woodland Métis Nation Nova Scotia, and accusations it had encouraged its members to use their cards "illegally."
CBC Investigates

Antigonish boy, 7, receives $6M settlement for brain damage at birth

Dr. Allison Ball, an obstetrician, and the former Guysborough Antigonish Strait Health Authority have agreed to pay $6 million to Cullan Chisholm due to severe brain injuries he suffered during his delivery.
CBC Investigates

More documents from Panama Papers law firm leak out, exposing its panic

More private documents from the Panamanian law firm at the centre of one of the biggest-ever leaks of financial records have been exposed, showing how enraged its clients were, global media outlets are revealing today.
CBC Investigates

Manitoba premier fails to have Costa Rica vacation home reassessed

Manitoba’s premier has failed to reassess the value of his tropical vacation home for the past decade, contravening Costa Rican property tax rules and adding more questions as to whether he owes unpaid taxes to the government.

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross denies any wrongdoing in shorting stock

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross made a trade betting that the stock in a shipping company with Russian-government ties would fall, a transaction coming just days after he learned of a possible negative news story about his investment in the company.
CBC Investigates

Ex-MP received 'secret' cut of $12.4M deal in resort town run by his sister, OPP probe alleges

A former Liberal MP may have used his connections with municipal officials in Collingwood, Ont. — including his sister, the mayor — to secure a $756,000 consulting fee that was hidden from taxpayers in the fast-growing resort town northwest of Toronto, police documents obtained by CBC News reveal.
CBC Investigates

Owner of suspended trucking company recruiting drivers while under investigation for Humboldt Broncos crash

The owner of a suspended trucking company involved in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash began recruiting drivers on Kijiji as early as one month after the tragedy, for another trucking company based out of his Calgary home, CBC News has learned.

Winners and losers in the plan to equalize access to medication

Ottawa is one step closer to implementing a national prescription drug program that aims to give all Canadians equal access, but has some patients wondering why their costs for devices and treatments are not part of the plan.
CBC Investigates

Police probing Vaughan ex-mayor scrutinize ties to city contractors

Provincial anti-corruption police are pondering what, if any, charges they might lay against the beleaguered former mayor and deputy mayor of Vaughan after a three-year investigation into the building of his family cottage, CBC News has learned.
CBC Investigates

How a woman came to be temporarily banned from visiting her disabled daughter

Sunset Community in Pugwash has placed restrictions on a mother’s access to her intellectually-challenged daughter.
CBC Investigates

'That's all it takes, is one spark.' A year of safety violations at Donkin coal mine

In the Cape Breton mine's first year of operation, the province issued 35 compliance orders and 71 warnings for violations of mining and workplace safety regulations.

Drivers take on car insurance companies for coverage you can't get in Canada

It's the insurance claim you can't make — for the diminished value of a vehicle after being damaged in a crash.

Did former Canadian ISIS member lie to the New York Times or to CBC News?

Contradictory stories from a Canadian man about his time with ISIS in Syria raise questions about whether what he’s told two major media organizations about his role in killings overseas is true, and what should be done about it?

Former Winnipeg investment adviser fined $485K for 'misappropriating' wife's RRSP money

In the biggest fine it's ever imposed in Manitoba, an investment dealer regulatory body has levied penalties of $485,000 against a member who worked at a Winnipeg branch of RBC Dominion Securities.
CBC Investigates

The unsettling real-life confrontation that begins Classified's song about abuse

Powerless weaves together stories of sexual abuse and has received national attention. It begins with the recording of a mother walking into a church office and challenging a clergyman.
CBC Investigates

What it means when one school can fundraise $70K — and another just $15K

A CBC analysis of financial records from seven Halifax-area elementary schools shows a large disparity in the ability to fundraise for everything from class trips to new musical instruments, library books and classroom supplies.
CBC Investigates

No room at the inn: Small B.C. lodge claims Expedia listed 'rooms unavailable' for 2 years

The owners of Moon Water Lodge near Victoria say Expedia perpetually listed their inn as having "rooms unavailable" and directed potential guests to their rivals for two years—even though their 13-room lodge was usually half empty.
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Frustrated by fine print, car-buying couple learns you don't always get what you pay for

Couple told they should have read the fine print after their new vehicle didn't come with everything they paid for.
CBC Investigates

Tragically Hip legacy law on ticket scalping a 'toothless disaster,' critics warn

Ontario’s new law promising to cap prices of scalped sports and concert tickets is doomed to fail, critics warn. The law is just weeks away from taking effect and the province isn't adding any new staff to help enforce it.

Unpaid fines imposed by investment industry regulator reach more than $900K in Manitoba

More than $900,000 in fines imposed by an investment industry regulator in Manitoba over the past decade remain unpaid, but a provincial law in the works could improve the regulator’s track record on collecting fines.
CBC Investigates

A seafood empire and a court battle over Trudeau's push for Indigenous reconciliation

A Newfoundland First Nation is challenging Ottawa's awarding of a lucrative Arctic surf clam quota to a rival Indigenous group. The case is exposing divisions among First Nations and the behind-the-scenes jockeying by seafood giant Clearwater.
CBC Investigates

Universities should protect students, not reputation: Professors call for elimination of confidentiality deals

A University of Windsor law professor is criticizing her employer for remaining silent about a former tenured colleague who was investigated following allegations of harassing students and left the university but has since found work at another school.
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'They did play God,' says woman who was not told about grandchild placed in foster care

A woman is fighting for custody of a granddaughter she didn't know she had after discovering the government kept the girl's birth from her for years — putting the child into the foster care system instead.

Who's doing the dirty work of cleaning up the internet?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the company will have 20,000 people screening for disturbing content by the end of the year. The makers of a new documentary say such work is often done in the Philippines by people who are not offered psychological support.
CBC Investigates

CRA's Panama Papers raids targeted oilpatch fixer with half-dozen offshore companies

An Alberta businessman who has quietly been teeing up hundreds of millions of dollars in oilpatch deals for Chinese investors is the first person known to be targeted by the Canada Revenue Agency's criminal investigations into the Panama Papers, court records reveal.
CBC Investigates

Toronto socialites behind high-end fashion business admit leaving a trail of unpaid debts

A Toronto fashion designer who has dressed international classical music and opera stars owes tens of thousands of dollars to former friends, business partners and employees, a CBC Toronto investigation has found.
CBC Investigates

Cattle-rearing accountant investigated for possibly fudging 1,400 tax returns

Mohamed Ali Jesow makes cheese, speaks three languages and designed his own resort in East Africa. But the Canada Revenue Agency also alleges he may have swindled the federal treasury by submitting millions of dollars in potentially bogus expenses on his clients' tax returns.

'Dr. Lipjob' ordered to stop injecting botox, impersonating doctor

The B.C. College of Physicians and Surgeons has won a court order against an unlicensed woman who posed as a doctor and administered botox injections to people in homes, cars and at parties.

The luckiest place in B.C.? It's 50/50

The tiny village of Burns Lake has become a hot spot for 50/50 lottery sales after someone noticed there are more winning tickets per person bought there than any other place in B.C.
CBC Investigates

Air Canada faces seatbelt, vehicle defect charges after death of Toronto baggage handler

Air Canada has been charged with a string of offences in the 2016 death of an employee killed at Toronto's Pearson International Airport after the baggage-handling tractor he was driving flipped over, ejecting him onto the tarmac.

To censor the internet, 10 countries use Canadian filtering technology, researchers say

Technology developed by a company in Waterloo, Ont., is being used by regimes and democracies throughout the world to censor online content, according to a new global investigation conducted by Citizen Lab.

Loblaws squares off with CRA in $400M tax fight

Loblaws and the Canada Revenue Agency faced off in Tax Court this morning over allegations that the grocery giant misused a Barbados-based subsidiary for tax avoidance — a long-running dispute that could lead to a tax bill of more than $400 million.
CBC Investigates

Air Canada accused of mishandling female pilot's concern of sexism

Jane Clegg had been a military and commercial airline pilot in Canada for three decades. But she tears up talking about her last day on the job as a first officer at the controls of an Air Canada plane in 2013.
CBC Investigates

1,200 patients 'high and dry' after 2 Chilliwack doctors lose medical licences

A pair of Chilliwack doctors have been stopped from practising medicine after six years because they failed Canadian qualifying exams, leaving their patients wondering about their diagnoses and scrambling to find new doctors in a community already facing a shortage.
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Use of force: Knowing when to pull the trigger is harder than it looks

The guy in the yellow tank top is coming at me with a heavy chain in his hand. "You better do something," a voice to my right says.