Canadian firm AggregateIQ used to sidestep Brexit campaign spending limits, whistleblower alleges

A Canadian online advertising company widely credited for its outsized role in convincing British voters to leave the European Union was also used in an effort to sidestep Brexit campaign spending limits, according to a whistleblower.

Canada, Europe 'not building walls', says EU trade chief

Canada and the European Union are "powerful partners" in a fight to combat the protectionist, anti-trade rhetoric that has gained momentum in the United States and United Kingdom, the EU's Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom tells Power & Politics' Rosemary Barton.

Brexit voters may have been driven by fear more than reason

Britain has voted to leave the European Union after a bitterly divisive referendum campaign, toppling the David Cameron government and sending global markets plunging. It's a choice that may have come from the gut rather than the head.

Theresa May seeks strong EU ties, clean break, in Brexit deal

Prime Minister Teresa May promises a parliamentary vote on Britain's final deal to leave the European Union and stresses it would seek to remain a key European partner as she sets out her priorities for divorce talks.

Power & Politics: Top 5 political blunders of 2016

What were the biggest political blunders of the year? CBC News Network's Power & Politics counts down the top cringeworthy moments of 2016.

No clear end to financial uncertainty after Brexit vote: Don Pittis

Experts predicted a clear Brexit decision would clear the air and put markets back on track. Maybe so if the vote had been for Britain to remain in the European Union. But the vote to leave means uncertainty could continue to roil financial markets for months or years to come, Don Pittis writes.


Nigel Farage, UKIP leader and top Leave campaigner, to step down after Brexit victory

Nigel Farage, leader of Britain's anti-European Union U.K. Independence Party, said on Monday he would stand down after having realized his ambition of winning last month's referendum in favour of Brexit.

U.K. Tory leadership candidate Theresa May won't invoke Brexit legal process this year

Home Secretary Theresa May, the front-runner in the race to be Britain's next prime minister, says the U.K. should be clear about its negotiating stance on a post-Brexit deal with the EU before triggering Article 50. Her rival, junior energy minister Andrea Leadsom, says Britain must "get a grip and make progress."

What's next for Britain and the European Union

The recent divorce of the United Kingdom from the European Union has left many surprised, including Willem Maas, a research fellow at the European University Institute. In spite of that surprise, Maas is now looking ahead to what lies in the future for England, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

'It's not the country I know': British government responds to spike in hate crimes after Brexit

Reports of hate crimes have increased 57 per cent following the Brexit referendum. Politicians and the public are fighting back.

Jeremy Corbyn under fire for Israel, ISIS comments days after losing post-Brexit confidence vote

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of British opposition Labour Party, is facing backlash for his comments about ISIS and Israel just days after he lost a confidence vote and refused to step down.

Boris Johnson drops out of U.K. leadership race, Internet explodes

After leading the U.K. out of the European Union, former London mayor Boris Johnson decides he's unlikely to win the Conservative leadership and become prime minister. Twitter users begin sharing their impression of #Borexit.

Is Brexit a sure thing? How the U.K. could still ditch its EU divorce

None of the options are particularly enticing, but there's still time for the U.K. to reverse course on its plan to leave the EU.

Global markets oversold unless Brexit is a sign of something worse: Don Pittis

Market signs show that cooler heads may be prevailing on Brexit. But a much more disruptive crisis may only be diverted by a new political economy in Britain and elsewhere.

After Brexit vote, EU ready to 'start the divorce process' with Britain

European leaders pushed Britain toward the exit door Tuesday, warning Prime Minister David Cameron that there's no turning back after his country's unprecedented vote to leave the EU and pressing for a quick and clear British departure plan to quell worldwide anxiety about the continent's future.

Stock markets show some signs of life after Brexit doldrums

World stock benchmarks stopped bleeding Tuesday as investors started shaking off the jitters from Britain's vote to quit the European Union and its messy aftermath.



'You're not laughing now': Nigel Farage booed at EU general assembly

Speaking to the EU general assembly in Brussels, Nigel Farage predicts that "the U.K. will not be the last member state to leave the European Union."

Brexit vote: How the U.K. could benefit from ending its 'spent tea bag' relationship with the EU

Amid the onslaught of dire warnings suggesting the Brexit results will surely lead to the end of civilization, there are voices offering a more optimistic message.

David Cameron insists Brexit won't sink U.K. economy

Prime Minister David Cameron insisted Monday that Britain's shock vote to leave the European Union won't send the economy into a tailspin.

Brexit fallout continues as pound hit new lows

The British pound hit fresh new lows Monday as investors who drove the currency to its lowest level since 1985 last week found new reasons to worry about the prospect of Brexit.

Desperately seeking alternatives to Brexit financial mess: Don Pittis

On Friday the Brexit vote to leave Europe seemed like the end. But suddenly, as the British union threatens rip itself apart and a rudderless Britain is seeking an alternative. Don Pittis examines the failure of the referendum process and how the United Kingdom is struggling to search out a second chance.

Why it's time to reform the EU, with or without Britain

Will the real European Union please stand up? For that matter will the real Great Britain please stand up? Because last week's talk of an “Independence Day” was a bit confusing.

5 ways Brexit could hurt Canadian pocketbooks

We may not be headed for another global financial crisis. But financial experts warn that Brexit could affect everything from Canadian housing prices to your retirement savings.

British pound, euro slip as Brexit worries marks start of week

Sterling fell more than two per cent, the euro took a hammering and stocks dropped again on Monday as Britain's vote to leave the European Union drove investors to seek safety in the yen, gold and low-risk government debt.

Brexit result sparks revolt against U.K. Labour Party leader

Britain faced political chaos Sunday as Scotland's leader declared the Scottish parliament might try to block Britain's exit from the European Union and lawmakers in the opposition Labour Party revolted against their chief for his lacklustre efforts to convince British voters to stay in the bloc.