Why the 'sucker's payoff' is one of B.C.'s biggest obstacles this Christmas

In the past two weeks across British Columbia, people have been having "the talk": older millennials with their baby boomer parents, Gen Xers with elderly parents and university-aged children, people who live alone and people who live in multi-generational households. 

B.C.'s mask mandate an about-face in a province struggling to replicate its 1st wave success

After months of debate and surging cases, Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry finally broke the fire extinguisher glass to combat B.C.’s COVID emergency.

Why B.C. is flattening the COVID-19 curve while numbers in central Canada surge

The COVID-19 outbreak is currently less severe in British Columbia than in Canada's two largest provinces. The reasons why are part preparation and part luck, say public health experts.

B.C. is no longer a model for COVID-19 prevention — and getting back to that stage is not guaranteed

The months when British Columbia could pat itself on the back for dealing with COVID-19 better than nearly any other place in Canada or the entirety of the United States has come to an end.

Why 'be kind, be calm and be safe' is more than just a catchphrase in B.C.'s COVID-19 fight

B.C. is handling COVID-19 nearly as well as one could hope. Now comes the tricky part — keeping the virus in check, slowly easing some restrictions and maintaining social cohesion. All at the same time.