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Roads washed out, Telegraph Creek cut off as flood, rainfall warnings persist across B.C.

Large areas of central and northern B.C. remain under flood and rainfall warnings Friday. B.C.'s River Forecast Centre has issued flood warnings and advisories for the upper Fraser River and its tributaries around Prince George, as well as the Quesnel River.

Here's how wildfires can burn underground for months or even years

"You have fires that can get into that deep, deep dried organic material, and with just a little bit of oxygen they can hang on for years."

As threat of wildfire grows, B.C. lets logging debris litter landscape for years

After managing the fight against last summer's massive Shovel Lake fire, a member of the B.C. Wildfire Service filed a complaint about all the dead wood he was seeing on the ground. But as it turns out, every logging company in the area had met their legal requirements under B.C.'s Wildfire Act.

Expect every year to be 'awful': Experts weigh how to protect B.C. public from wildfire smoke

If the last few years are any indication, wildfire smoke is becoming a fact of life in B.C. — and with that comes the inevitable questions about how it's affecting our health.

B.C. forests contribute 'hidden' carbon emissions that dwarf official numbers, report says

"Uncounted forest emissions" represent a major hole in B.C.'s climate plan and show the need for a provincial forest emissions-reduction strategy, according to a new report by an environmental group.

Climate change was the driving force behind destructive 2017 B.C. wildfire season, study says

The record-breaking B.C. wildfires of 2017 may have burned as much as 11 times more land than they would have without the influence of human-caused climate change, according to new research.

Christmas album by B.C. artist inspired by community resilience during wildfires

Francois Lake-based songwriter Rachelle van Zanten recorded her new Christmas album while wildfires raged across B.C. and she says the collection is inspired by the big hearts of the people in her small community during that time.

'It blows my mind': How B.C. destroys a key natural wildfire defence every year

Last year, 12,812 hectares of B.C. forest was sprayed with the herbicide glyphosate. It's an annual event — a mass extermination of broadleaf trees mandated by the province.

Community store that provided relief during B.C. wildfires burns down in Grassy Plains

The Grassy Plains Country Store burned down Wednesday morning. The store, located 265 kilometres west of Prince George, was known as a community hub and for providing relief during this summer's wildfire season.

Project aims to 'fire-smart' central B.C. properties by removing wildfire fuel

A program to help seniors and residents with disabilities remove wildfire fuel from their properties has been introduced in central B.C.

Evacuees prepare to return home 3 months after wildfire devastates Telegraph Creek

More than 250 wildfire evacuees from Telegraph Creek have been given the go-ahead to return home, after months of staying in hotels and with friends and family across B.C and Yukon.

Tahltan First Nation faces many more months away from home after wildfire devastation

Members of a First Nation in northwest British Columbia remain scattered across the province in hotels and relatives' homes after fleeing destructive wildfires this summer.

Record B.C. wildfire season inflamed by hot, dry and lightning-filled weather

Lightning, heat and desiccation — these are the weather conditions that helped fuel another record-breaking wildfire season in B.C.

'Sent chills down my bones': Bear seen eating another bear in central B.C.

Members of the Cheslatta Carrier Nation were in the middle of a helicopter flight to assess damage from this year's wildfires when they saw what they thought to be two dead bears. But one was very much alive.

Spike in crime, homelessness in Prince George linked to some wildfire evacuees

Officials say an increase in crime and homelessness in Prince George, B.C., can be partially attributed to a "small percentage" of wildfire evacuees from neighbouring communities choosing to stay in the city.

Fire tornado caught on video, snatching hose from B.C. crew

The video shows a fire tornado near Vanderhoof, B.C., sucking up and melting the hoses of the crew trying to fight it.

Caution urged as people head back into wildfire affected areas in B.C.

The Ministry of Forests says a number of safety hazards remain for those in the affected areas.

Wildfire near hospital in Trail, B.C., under control

First responders battled a wildfire burning near the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital after it ignited Tuesday.

B.C. promises $50 million to help municipalities and First Nations fund fire prevention projects

The B.C. government is changing its approach to wildfire prevention and has pledged to give $50 million over three years to help local governments and First Nations target fire risks in their communities.

Some troops heading home after record-breaking B.C. wildfire season

About half of the Canadian Armed Forces members who helped with the fight against B.C.'s wildfires this summer are heading home.

B.C. state of emergency ends as wildfire conditions improve

Cooler weather and progress by fire crews has led to the B.C. government ending the state of emergency covering the entire province Friday.

After 2 week wildfire evacuation, residents can return to Lower Post, B.C.

The B.C. Wildfire Service lifted the evacuation order on the community on Friday morning. Residents are now beginning what will likely be a long process of cleaning up and assessing the damage.

Highway 97 near Okanagan Falls reopened after brush fire closes route

Highway 97 was closed near Okanagan Falls, 20 kilometres south of Penticton, as fire crews fought a brush fire outside the community.

Bottle-fed fawn bucks up wildfire crews on ferry ride

The deer was spotted nuzzling up to a group of firefighters on the ferry from the area known as Southside, as people forced from their homes made their way toward Burns Lake — and it's not the first time the fawn has been a passenger.

B.C. wildfires remain a threat this long weekend, officials warn

While temperatures have dropped and much of the smoke has cleared from the skies, drought conditions persist and the wildfire danger rating remains extreme on the east coast of Vancouver Island and parts of the Central Interior.

Students in wildfire-affected areas of northern B.C. on standby for school start

Classes start across the province next week, but for students in wildfire affected areas of Northern B.C., it’s not clear when they will be heading back to school.

'Lied to and let down': Emotions run high in areas ravaged by B.C. wildfires

Emotions are running high in areas ravaged by wildfires in Northern B.C. in what some are calling a breakdown of trust between people affected by the wildfires and fire officials.

2018 now worst fire season on record as B.C. extends state of emergency

The B.C. government has extended the provincial state of emergency because of wildfires that have now burned more area than any other season on record.

B.C. maintains budget surplus, despite ICBC losses and wildfire spending

Finance Minister Carole James says the province maintained its budget surplus in the last fiscal year, even though it boosted spending on government programs by almost $3 billion.

The future looks grim after 2 years of devastating B.C. wildfires

For decades, scientists have predicted that B.C. would experience longer, more intense wildfire seasons as the climate warms. But the destruction of the last two years is still a bit surprising.

Drought worsens as fires continue to burn throughout B.C.

This weekend's rain was not enough to extinguish fires or replenish streams and rivers

Take a deep breath: Air quality advisory cancelled for Metro Vancouver and entire Fraser Valley

An air quality advisory for Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley has ended, as clean air continues to push smoke out of the region.

Forest cleanup underway in Central Kootenay to help prevent future wildfire damage

Potential fuel is being removed from eight square kilometres of forest to create a buffer zone for communities in the district.

Air quality advisory back in place for Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley

Smoke embedded in fog and cloud is a cause for concern, says a Metro Vancouver spokesperson.

B.C.'s wildfire season now 2nd-worst on record — behind only last year

This year's wildfire season is now the second-worst in B.C. history when it comes to the amount of land that's burned. More than 945,000 hectares have been scorched by fires since April 1.

As wildfires burn, B.C. First Nation fears for sacred cultural camp

As bright orange flames filled the sky and roared like a freight train, Beverly Ketlo thought it was time to say goodbye to the Nadleh Whut'en band's beloved cultural camp.

Locals protest in Burns Lake after B.C. officials turn away specialized firefighting gear

Dozens of people have gathered in Burns Lake, B.C. to protest after truckers with specialized firefighting equipment were told they couldn't help fight fires in the area.

Air freshens in Metro Vancouver, but other B.C. regions stuck under smoky skies

Environment Canada has lifted its air quality advisory for Metro Vancouver and the western Fraser Valley after nearly a week of stagnant, smoke-filled air, but its forecast wasn't as positive for people closer to the wildfires burning in the Interior region.

We explain how Canada reports air pollution and what it means for your health

The air quality health index reflects the severity of air pollution and how it might affect both the general population and at-risk populations — such as seniors, infants and people with heart or lung conditions in the short-term.

Space running low for dogs, horses and other animals displaced by wildfires

Residents in Northern B.C. are helping take care of pets and livestock displaced by wildfires burning across the region.

Defying evacuation orders and wildfires: First Nations in Northern B.C. try to protect their homes

They’re staying to protect their homes, despite evacuation orders, hoping Mother Nature will give them a break.

Why air pollution apps may be misleading

App that shows the equivalent number of cigarettes you “smoke” a day by simply breathing in polluted air in your local area may not be applicable to wildfire smoke.

Air freshens in parts of B.C. while other regions still face air quality, fire risks

The B.C. Wildfire Service says nearly 600 wildfires are burning across the province.

Wildfire smoke darkens skies over Calgary

Wildfire smoke lingering over Calgary is giving the city a strangely dusky appearance.

Smoked out of great outdoors by wildfires, British Columbians stay active inside

It’s not just tourists who are feeling the heat. Residents of B.C. towns hit hard by smoke from ongoing wildfires are changing the way they play as poor air quality remains a concern.

Wildfire claims 3 houses near Takysie Lake in Northern B.C.

At least three properties burned down Wednesday night as residents and firefighters near Takysie Lake battled aggressive flames, according to area residents who have defied evacuation orders.

Change in the weather expected for fire-ridden B.C. this weekend

The B.C. Wildfire Service said the forest fire situation across the province remained dire Thursday, though a change in the weather is expected this weekend and into next week.

Cool ocean air clearing the South Coast haze today

Showery weather is in the forecast for the afternoon and through the weekend.

Justin Trudeau thanks firefighters, emergency workers in visit to Prince George

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Prince George, B.C. Thursday to meet some of the workers fighting wildfires and helping evacuated residents.

B.C. works to safeguard livestock during another tough wildfire season

British Columbia's agriculture minister says critical lessons learned from last year's wildfires that had ranchers and producers suffering devastating losses will help save animals during another season that could force more people from their properties.

Liberal cabinet retreat draws pipeline defenders and protesters

The federal environment minister says B.C.'s intense forest fire season is another indication of climate change, but she not backing down on the decision to buy and triple the capacity of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

B.C. Wildfire Service tests out new products to battle wildfires

With 563 wildfires burning in B.C., the province is looking at whether it can take advantage of a number of new firefighting technologies.

Fighting fires and fatigue: Veteran warns wildfire crews about risk of burning out

Jake Jacobson, who has spent 26 years in the line of fires, teaches crews to take care of themselves during training.

Change in weather could blow wildfire smoke out of B.C.

A change in the weather could blow away much of the smoke blanketing B.C., but things may get worse in some regions before they get better.

Wildfire smoke affecting Okanagan grapes and honey

Winemakers fear smoke taint as grapes change colour from green to red, while lethargic bees have caused a drop in honey volume.

How B.C. budgets for wildfires: 'Choose an arbitrary number. Put it in the books'

As B.C. once again blows through its budget for fighting wildfires, Premier John Horgan has acknowledged the government's usual method for estimating the need is "laughable."

'This is about what we breathe': Doctors warn about health impacts of climate change

While fires continue to burn, smothering the province under a cloud of smoke, a group of Canadian doctors says wildfires in British Columbia illustrate the threat to human health posed by climate change.

As B.C. burns, air quality remains poor for much of province, including Metro Vancouver

As smoky skies from the wildfires burning throughout B.C. persist, air quality has continued to plummet around the province, including in Metro Vancouver.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to visit first responders, evacuees of B.C. wildfires

B.C. Premier John Horgan said earlier Tuesday that destructive wildfires annually "may be the new normal."

Wildfire smoke not so hot for tourism businesses on B.C.'s South Coast

The impacts of lingering wildfire smoke are especially felt in places along the Sea-to-Sky Corridor, where spectacular views are the main draw.

How smoky skies from wildfires are affecting British Columbians' mental health

Extreme smoke seems to be a new feature of summers in British Columbia with back-to-back years of heavy wildfires in the province and, for some, the overcast skies are taking a toll on mental health.

Smoky skies in Metro Vancouver hurting homeless people

Wildfire smoke covering the South Coast of B.C. has caused people to worry about the health effects of the poor air quality, but for Vancouver's homeless population, the risks are far greater.

Fire crews contain small wildfire in West Vancouver

West Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services said its crews have contained a small wildfire burning near the district's shoreline.

North Shore Rescue warns of long response times as helicopters used in fire fight

The majority of calls North Shore Rescue (NSR) respond to require the use of a helicopter. Now, it says response times may be longer as the company that supplies NSR with its helicopters is sending the choppers to help in B.C.'s fire fight.

Intense wildfire season gives forestry students up-close experience

Firefighters from New Brunswick are among those from across Canada who have been called to help fight forest fires in British Columbia.

B.C. wildfires 2018: Thick smoke grounds firefighting aircraft

The thick smoke that's blanketed much of B.C. in recent days has forced some firefighting aircraft to ground and made it difficult to detect new wildfires, officials say.

Air quality plummets in Metro Vancouver as wildfire smoke blankets South Coast

More smoky, hazy air blanketed much of the province Monday as hundreds of wildfires continued to rage across British Columbia.

Heavy smoke and poor air quality force cancellation of two Okanagan triathlons

Officials say two triathlons in the Central Okanagan have been cancelled due to heavy smoke and poor air quality from wildfires burning throughout the province.

B.C. Wildfires 2018: Flights cancelled as smoke chokes airports

Flights at several airports in B.C.'s Interior and West Kootenay regions have been cancelled or delayed as wildfire smoke continues hang over the province.

'Disjointed' communication hinders B.C. First Nations in wildfire fight, leaders say

A fragmented system that makes British Columbia responsible for regional districts but gives the federal government authority for First Nations is hampering Indigenous groups in the wildfire fight, community leaders say.

B.C. wildfires prompt further evacuation alerts, lingering smoky skies

Smoke from hundreds of wildfires burning across B.C. has left virtually all of the province in a haze.

British Columbians capture photos of province burning

Across British Columbia, hundreds of fires have been burning all week, with some of the largest blazes being several times bigger than Vancouver.

Alberta firefighters, RCMP head to B.C. to assist with raging wildfires

About 100 first responders have temporarily left Alberta’s smoke-filled air behind, moving a province west, where conditions are much worse.

B.C. to match Red Cross donations for those affected by wildfires

The pledge was made Friday, two days after B.C. declared a state of emergency, for the second year in a row, because of wildfires.

B.C. wildfires 2018: frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the B.C. wildfires during the wildfire season of 2018.

Blanketed by wildfire smoke, morning skies were an eerie orange in Prince George, B.C.

Hours after the sun had risen on Friday morning, the street lights in Prince George, B.C., remained lit as thick smoke and ash smothered the city.

Kimberley, B.C., under evacuation alert as winds fuel nearby wildfires

The second-largest city in B.C.'s East Kootenay region has been placed on evacuation alert as wildfires fed by strong, unpredictable winds become more intense in several areas of the province.

B.C. wildfires 2018: Crews watch winds closely as biggest blaze burns west of Prince George

More than 150 firefighters and thousands of residents will be watching the weather in northern B.C. on Friday as the largest fire in the province continues to burn, leaving people in nearby cities and communities on edge.

B.C. Wildfire Service warns of potential for 'extreme fire behaviour' from Shovel Lake blaze

The B.C. Wildfire Service has issued an "extreme fire behaviour" warning for the Shovel Lake fire burning west of Prince George.

Air quality 'high risk' for parts of B.C. due to wildfire

As wildfires continue to burn across the province, Environment Canada says the air quality in some B.C. municipalities is poor while others improve as smoke moves away.

'Emotions are running high': B.C. minister defends provincial response to wildfires

Many across the province are calling for more to be done to better manage wildfire season going forward and are expressing concern that the province took too long to respond to the fires.

Forced out by B.C. wildfires, evacuees frustrated by rules preventing return to rescue pets and valuables

Some B.C. fire evacuees are frustrated they aren’t being allowed to return to their homes to rescue personal belongings, while others are defying the leave order and staying put as wildfires grow.

Here's what British Columbians are facing under a blanket of smoke and blazing wildfires

Dozens of evacuation orders and alerts are in effect in the north and central regions of B.C., impacting more than 20,000 people.

B.C. declares state of emergency as hundreds of wildfires burn across province

The British Columbia government has declared a state of emergency to support the provincewide response to the ongoing wildfire situation.

Canadian troops come to fight B.C. fires as some ask what took so long

Firefighters from around the world are battling wildfires across B.C., with more assistance on the way from the Canadian Forces. But there are concerns the province’s requests for help took too long.

B.C. Wildfires 2018: Smoky skies raise air quality concerns

Metro Vancouver and much of south and central B.C. are once again under a blanket of smoke and haze, and there is little relief in the forecast.

Ottawa deploys 200 troops to B.C. to help with wildfire fight

British Columbia formally asked the federal government for assistance after more than 3,000 people were ordered to leave their homes in another destructive season of wildfires.

B.C. communities left under-resourced to fight fires, says regional district chair

Fires, alerts and evacuation orders continue to grow across British Columbia and, in the worst affected areas, those fighting the fires are frustrated at what they describe as a lack of support from the provincial government.

Smoke from hundreds of wildfires darkens skies over B.C.

Hundreds of wildfires burning across B.C. have blanketed large areas of the province in smoke and triggered air quality warnings.

B.C. watching weather closely after lightning sparks nearly 150 new wildfires

Residents living to the west of Quesnel, B.C., are preparing for a possible city-wide evacuation as wildfires continue to rage nearby.

B.C. Wildfires 2018: evacuation alerts expanded in northwest as crews battle new fires across province

Fires burning across B.C.'s northwest region prompted expanded evacuation orders and alerts Saturday morning as crews battled forty new wildfires elsewhere in the province.

Fight against wildfire near Nanaimo could take weeks, says B.C. Wildfire Service

The suspected human-caused fire has been burning for nearly a week several kilometres from a rural neighbourhood.

B.C. Wildfires 2018: Fire season shaping up to be more intense than average

Potentially dangerous wildfires continue to burn across British Columbia in a season that's worse than average, but still better than the record-breaking destruction of 2017.

As wildfires closed in, 9 hikers rescued by helicopter from B.C. mountain

A group of nine hikers out in the wilderness near Telegraph Creek found themselves in danger over the weekend as out-of-control wildfires advanced toward them.

Vancouver park rangers focus on fire risk as hot, dry weather ramps up

Park Rangers in Vancouver are always on the lookout for people smoking at the beach or lighting bonfires, but that vigilance is amplified when the city is blasted with a heat wave.

Independent firefighters join government crews on fire line

As officials continue to report new and growing wildfires across the province, independent contractors for wildfire fighters are working to get more people out on the fire line.

Rancher fears for 30 horses left behind near Telegraph Creek as fire rages on

After the Alkali Lake and South Stikine River fires merged into one giant blaze, residents worry about what they left behind.

Illegal campfires trigger $48,000 in fines over B.C. Day weekend

B.C. Conservation Office Service says it issued 42 tickets for unlawful campfires while vast areas of the province burn.

B.C. Wildfires 2018: New fires popping up across southern half of province

As two major fires merged in the northwest, B.C. firefighters have had to contend with several new fires that have popped up in the southeast and the Okanagan.

Logging company worker dies while aiding crews at Vancouver Island wildfire

"Early information indicates the worker may have been transporting water to firefighters at the Nanaimo Lakes fire," a WorkSafeBC spokesperson said.