When B.C. had more measles cases than the entire United States

Thirty-four years ago, a sharp increase in Canadian measles cases had made thousands of children ill and many doctors upset.

B.C. judge orders vaccinations for 2 boys over their mother's objections

A B.C. judge has ordered the vaccination of two children over the objections of their mother, who questioned the safety of immunization.
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If the U.S. loses its measles elimination status, could Canada be next?

The U.S. could lose its measles elimination status for the first time in almost 20 years this week, and experts say declining vaccination rates and the threat of outbreaks may put Canada at similar risk in the future.

Parents of unvaccinated B.C. children must speak to health staff under new reporting program: ministry

Parents who choose not to vaccinate their school-age children in B.C. or who don't provide children's health records will be required to speak with public health staff as part of a new, mandatory immunization reporting program beginning this fall, according to the education ministry.

B.C. continues push for measles vaccinations amidst global increase in cases

Health Minister Adrian Dix says a requirement for parents to report students' immunization records in September is expected to further increase vaccination rates in a province that has seen 29 cases of the infectious disease this year.

Measles warning rescinded for Victoria Montessori school after tests come back negative

Island Health has confirmed that lab reports from a suspected measles case in Victoria have come back negative.

6th case of measles confirmed on Vancouver Island

A sixth case of measles has been confirmed on southern Vancouver Island, and health officials are warning people in Saanich that they may have been exposed.

SkyTrain, bus passengers may have been exposed to measles as new case confirmed in Lower Mainland

A new case of the measles infection has been identified in the Lower Mainland, bringing the total number of cases in B.C. to 22 this year.

B.C. poll suggests 'concerning' levels of belief in anti-vaccine conspiracy theories

Despite piles of evidence debunking any link between vaccines and autism, eight per cent of British Columbians who responded to a new poll still believe there's a connection.

Second case of measles confirmed in B.C.'s southern Interior

The Interior Health Authority has confirmed a new case of measles infection in 100 Mile House, B.C., nearly two weeks after a first case of measles was discovered in the Cariboo community.

Province launching measles immunization program in B.C. schools

The Ministry of Health is rolling out an immunization program in schools beginning in April to help B.C. families ensure their children are protected from measles.

Vancouver health officials say there's no shortage of measles vaccine and urge people to get immunized

The MMR vaccine which immunizes against measles is still available at a number of locations in Vancouver including community health centres, primary care centre, walk-in clinics, family doctors’ offices and pharmacies.

17th measles case confirmed in Metro Vancouver

Fraser Health says the person was already in isolation after being exposed to the highly contagious disease, and also quashed rumours of a measles outbreak in Tri-Cities schools.

Don't try to reason with vaccine-skeptic parents. Scare them: Robyn Urback

Bombarding vaccine-wary parents with stats about safety and sterile messages about herd immunity isn't working. Facts don't move people the way that an appeal to emotion — fear, specifically — does.

'Dangerous' claims that homeopathic remedies prevent infectious disease under review by feds

As Metro Vancouver contends with a spreading measles outbreak, Health Canada is looking into a handful of B.C. homeopaths who offer an unproven and unapproved treatment they claim can prevent infectious diseases.

What parents need to know about the upcoming vaccination registry in B.C.

Both provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix have said B.C.'s model will closely follow Ontario's immunization program for children attending school.

Baby quarantined after measles exposure scare now in the clear

A baby who was living in quarantine after possibly being exposed to measles at B.C. Children's Hospital is out of the woods, safe and "doing great."

Not just apathy: a short history of B.C.'s anti-vaccination movement

Vancouver’s recent measles outbreak has pushed the anti-vaccine movement to the forefront of public discussion but “vaccine hesitancy” is nothing new in British Columbia. It has a long, colourful history.

Vancouver Coastal Health confirms 2 new cases of measles

Vancouver Coastal Health has confirmed two new cases of measles, bringing the total number of cases to 15.

B.C. is in the middle of a measles outbreak. Here's how to figure out if you need to get the vaccine

Officials say anyone who's already had the measles should be safe, while those born before 1970 are assumed to be immune. For everyone else, it depends on your age and where you grew up. The best protection against the disease is two doses of the MMR vaccine.

B.C. aiming to make vaccine reporting mandatory by September, health minister says

A mandatory registry model is already in place in Ontario and New Brunswick.

Health authority confirms 2 more measles cases in B.C. Lower Mainland

Vancouver Coastal Health says there are two more cases of measles in the Lower Mainland. The two cases are not related to the outbreak at Vancouver schools.

When it comes to vaccinations, belief systems can overrule evidence, says author

The author of I’m Right and You’re an Idiot: The Toxic State of Public Discourse and How to Clean it Up says it’s difficult to find common ground between supporters and opponents of vaccinations because of the emotions associated with the issue.

Vancouver Coastal Health confirms 2 new cases of measles

Vancouver Coastal Health says there are now 10 confirmed measles cases in the current outbreak and there have been possible exposures in Vancouver, Richmond, Squamish, Whistler, and Steveston.

Mandatory vaccine reporting on the way for B.C. parents

B.C.'s provincial health officer says mandatory reporting of vaccinations is just another tool for public health officials to assess the scope of immunization — so they can respond to outbreaks more effectively.